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    penguin24 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 months ago

    We know Katniss and Peeta’s story, but what about Johanna? Here is the next chapter of my HG fanfic, Unpredictable! And I’m so sorry this took so long, I’ve been very busy with school!
    Title: Unpredictable
    Chapter 2

    The train ride to the Capitol might be the most exciting part of my life so far, and this time I’m serious. I know, I know, I, Johanna Mason, didn’t use sarcasm for an entire sentence. Do I get a medal or something?
    I sit on a soft leather chair that’s just a few feet away from Grove’s. In my opinion, that’s a little close.
    Our mentor Blight sits in a chair identical to ours in front of us, and has been trying to explain to my genius friend Grove how a bow and arrow works for the past two years. Yep, the sarcasm is back.
    “No, you pull back the string and let go.” Blight explains. “When you let go, the arrow flies forward.”
    “But it doesn’t make sense. If you move a string, how can that move an arrow?”
    You don’t even know how badly I want to slap the confused look on Grove’s face right now.
    “No, no, you hold both the end of the arrow and the string at the same time, so when you let go, the string will push the arrow forward.”
    “But if you pull the string towards you, it will stay there unless you move it. Strings aren’t alive you idiot! They can’t move!”
    I can see Blight is beginning to get frustrated, which happened to me the moment Grove opened his mouth.
    “But the string is tight,” Blight says, the annoyance in his voice filling the room. “so it wants to stay straight. When you pull it back, it wants to go straight again, so it does, but it brings the arrow with it and pushes it forward.”
    “But that isn’t how the world works! Have you ever heard of gravity? It pulls things down. Down, as in D. A. U. W. N. E. Wouldn’t the arrow just fall to the ground?”
    I stare at the idiot long and hard, resisting the urge to strangle him. It’s like he swallowed a mountain of garbage and it comes out of his mouth with every word he speaks. Hey, I have a good idea: don’t swallow garbage!


    “I’m telling you, nobody needs hair! Just cut it off!”
    Those were the very last words I ever spoke.

    Okay okay, that was a lie. I just wish it were true.
    “HOW DARE YOU!?” Shouts one of my surprisingly hideous stylists whose name I don’t care enough to remember. “A tribute without hair is like a human without a brain!”
    ‘You say that like I’m not a human’ I think.
    “Oh really?” I begin “If you think humans need a brain, you obviously haven’t met Grove Acacia. You’ll start to doubt yourself after just one conversa-“
    “Oh I’m sorry, did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?”
    Less than a second later my **** stylist is running out the door screaming.
    That was my fourth stylist and, unfortunately, not my last. Preparing me for the tribute parade is harder than you’d expect.

    Three stylists and a lot of screaming later, I am ready for the parade. As usual, the District 7 tributes are dressed as trees, which made Grove look even stupider than usual.
    As we prepare for the parade, I can’t help but stare at the other tributes. District 1 gets to dress in sparkling gold, 4 gets beautiful blue outfits that almost look like they’re flowing, and I am dressed like a tree. I’d like to stab my stylist with my branches.
    My eyes wander over to the District 2 tributes, and the boy meets my eyes. I can’t stop the fear from spreading across my face, and he just smiles, deciding I’ll be easy to kill. I’m not sure he’s wrong.
    “Hurry, get in the chariot, it’s about to start!” Blight says, pushing Grove and I towards the chariot. We climb in quickly (as quick as we can in our huge tree costumes, anyway).
    As each chariot passes through a large archway, we hear the loud cheers from the audience.
    “Now, most people think the tribute parade is just some kids in fancy costumes, but it’s really much more than that.” The loud voice of Caesar Flickerman fills my ears. “This parade is a chance for all the tributes to make an impression on thousands of Capitol citizens, attracting potential sponsors. Make sure to take a hard look at every one of them, see how much confidence you can find tonight.”
    Finally, my chariot is far enough forward that I can see the audience. They all cheer as loud as they can, but of course they aren’t looking at me. All eyes are on the more confident tributes who aren’t dressed as trees. Occasionally I’d get a glance, but no more than that. Everyone hears stories about the best tributes, the ones that get all the attention and eventually win the games. That’s not me. I’m the girl everyone expects to spend her training time at the camouflage station. The girl that foolishly runs straight to the cornucopia but is stopped by a career. The girl who’s last words are “please don’t kill me”. That’s who they expect me to be.
    It’s a good thing I like to do the unexpected.

        penguin24 replied 2 months ago

        ****= u.gly

        clarad575 replied 2 months ago

        Oh my gosh! This is incredible! I absolutely love this! It is amazing!

          penguin24 replied 2 months ago

          Thank you so much! I hope she seemed enough like Johanna. Also, I just read your latest chapter and thought it was amazing!

        sophiethequeengoddess replied 2 months ago

        Taggles! That’s awesome!!

          penguin24 replied 2 months ago

          Of course, and thank you!

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