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    peppy posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 3 years, 11 months ago

    Hello! I’m Peppy, usually from Level 0, but I have decided to join Level 3 also and divide my time between the two forums. So, I made a bio. Hope it’s good enough! 😉

    Name: Patrick Piper of Hamelin

    Alias: Patch – given to him by his fellow students to spite him, as Patrick was very unpopular at the School for Evil, and he detests the name.

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    School: Evil

    Status: Never

    Fairytale Relations: His father is the Pied Piper from ‘The Pied Piper Of Hamelin.’

    Fingerglow colour: A crimson, blazing red.

    Talent: Patrick can whistle to create a shrill, piercing melody causing the people within a 25 metre range to only hear Patrick’s tune and unable to hear anything else, meaning they can only hear Patrick’s orders. On the other hand, it only works properly when powered by emotions, so his whistle can work only when Patrick really feels the need to control or is in a very desperate situation.

    Backstory: Patrick grew up in a dank hut on the top of a mountain in Hamelin, starved and unloved, trusting nobody. The people of Hamelin tried to hunt him down, steal Medusa – his living pipe, and lock him up, as to avenge the children his father kidnapped. His father visited every year, once, and Patrick saw real sunlight only once a year. He longed to leave the hut, but his father forbade him too with threats of terrible things happening to him, which Patrick believed none of. He was so lonely, he befriended his worst enemy: rats – which haunted the mountain hut. His closest friend was a rat, which he named Grime. He was cruel to him, but Grime liked his owner anyhow.

    One day, when the Pied Piper visited, Grime bit him ******* the hand so he couldn’t draw out his pipe to enchant Grime. Patrick snatched the pipe and dashed away. He had intended to leave Grime behind, but the rat slipped out anyway and followed Patrick without Patrick’s knowledge of this. Patrick slept on the streets, stole food, and discovered Grime when Grime tried to steal a piece of stale bread.

    Patrick was fuming. He picked up Grime by the tail and flung him far away. Grime was furious, and came back to hurt Patrick. He came back with a whole horde of angry rats to get Patrick. They fought a vicious battle, and Patrick managed to escape unharmed except for his scar on his left cheek. It was then when he discovered his talent, his captivating whistle, which he used to escape. He fled to the Stymph Forest, a place that rats hated, because of the Stymphs.

    Even though Grime was scared, he was relentlessly loyal to his master, and crept to the Stypmh Forest. That was when the Stymph swept down and scooped Patrick up, with Grime clinging on for dear life. They were dropped in the sludge of Evil’s moat. Grime revealed himself to Patrick that very day. Although Patrick was livid with rage that he’d been outwitted and stalked by a mere rat, he felt the slightest pinch of gratitude, for Grime had come back to him, and he allowed Grime to stay.

    Throughout all this, Patrick had thought of his father and remained fiercely loyal to him, and longed to avenge him. He wondered why he had felt this. After all, he was a Never, he didn’t love, and his father had imprisoned him for almost 15 years! Patrick thought he really should hate his father. He didn’t know that the Pied Piper had cursed him in his sleep to stay faithful to him at all times. The curse had backfired in a way Patrick, nor the Pied Piper would have ever expected. The curse was meant to control Patrick to remain loyal to his father at all times, but it was a really the ability to love – which the Pied Piper had taken for everlasting thirst of revenge and loyalty to him. Only, it wasn’t proper love, just an obsession which can have dangerous side effects. Anybody Good would have fled from the sheer idea of being cursed with a tampered love, which is made from pure Evil. This has caused Patrick to be a disturbed Never, who can never tell whether he loves something sincerely or if it is just a fantasy of the curse.

    Patrick thought he would be glad to leave his mountain hut and converse with others as Evil as him, but he found human beings nosy and annoying. He detested the first few days at the School for Evil, but he settled in eventually. But this never stopped his intense loathing of humans, causing him to be despised by the other Nevers.

    Pet: A filthy rat called Grime.

    Weapon: Patrick treasures his father’s pipe and uses it seldom. He has named it Medusa – seeing as it turns out female and talks – and takes immense care of it. The pipe has it’s normal purpose, when used to play different tunes can force people to follow the tune, but Patrick prefers to use it as a threat to people who do not keep their word to him. The pipe will lose it’s magical power if used to often.

    Personality: Patrick is always infuriatingly calm and rarely loses his temper. He is very short and cool with the people he dislikes and keeps his feelings to himself. The only time when he reveals his thoughts is when his father or Medusa is offended and cannot keep control of himself, however hard he tries. Patrick thinks the world of himself, and is very vain and boastful, and can hold grudges permanently. He is one of the most spiteful Nevers ever, and always need to have the last word and manages to get it most of the time. Patrick is blunt, saying what he feels like whenever he wants too, and is very distrustful of everyone, since his father never was paid his rightful money. He has an awfully wicked tongue which can barely say a nice word and malice and hostility is always slipped into most words he says. Inside, he longs to avenge his father, and will keep going, whatever the cost. Patrick will easily break his promises – if he doesn’t think they are worthy of keeping, and is a great rumor and spreader of lies. He is always willing to pretend he trusts somebody, then betray them at the last moment for fun. He cares nothing for anybody, and seems as though his only feelings are anger, bitterness and resentment. However, he is sly and cunning when he really wants something.

    Appearance: Patrick is whippet-thin, petite – due to malnutrition, and his skin has a grey tinge to it. His skin is also sickly pallid and waxen, with a gruesome slash in his left cheek – he got it from an encounter with rats. He has a gaunt figure and a shock of spiky ivory locks, and his eyes are almond-shaped, ice-blue and striking. His stare is penetrating and frosty. Even in the most warmest of rooms, Patrick’s breath comes out as misty and rooms always turn chilly whenever he enters them. His ears are pointed sharply at the tips and his lips are thin and cracked.

    Crush: Patrick would usually never understand the concept of love, but ever since his father cursed him, love has been a sore subject with him.

    Clothing: Patrick wears long, black, elfin boots with a slight curve at the toe. He wears narrow russet breeches and a grubby, carrot-coloured polo shirt. In hail, rain, snow or shine he always wears the same trailing jacket with a black hood and crimson back. The front is a platinum yellow.

        zeegrey replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Good bio! Does he have a weapon?
        Also, the School was destroyed a while ago. Mainly by Jack’s Army and Ivy Rose’s Army, so you just say Good/Evil/Neutral, and no need for a fingerglow.

          peppy replied 3 years, 11 months ago

          Alright! Yes, he does have a weapon, it says in the bio: his father’s living pipe he calls Medusa. :mrgreen:

        arian2 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        JACK? He was the one who used Lincoln, that Son of Cheshire?
        FANTASTIC BIO, PUPPY. Glad to see you finally join. 😀

        ariniegold replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Very nice.
        very very nice dear.

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