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    phoenix posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 7 months ago

    Hello again- I deleted my last two post because a: I didn’t want to spam the forum with non-rp stuff, b: My bio had some typos and things I should’ve phrased better. I’m currently about halfway through reading all of the POV’s (I’ll probably be done by tomorrow or the day after). When I asked if anyone wanted to RP with me what I’d meant was “where can I jump into the story” I apologize if the phrasing made it sound like I didn’t understand the rules of the RP.
    Anyways, this post os way to long, but here’s my character bio. Keep in mind it’s kind of old, so if there’s anything I need to change for the current RP, please tell me.
    Name: Pluduex (pronounced Puh-loo-ducks)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Pronouns: She/her/hers

    Parents: An elf (mother) and a warlock (father)

    Appearance: Short, choppy, white blonde hair that ends around her chin and was clearly cut herself. ‘5’11”, lean and muscular. Slightly pointed ears. Pale skin, light blue-green eyes. A few scars on her arm, but nothing particularly noticeable. On her right arm she has a tattoo of a vine, starting at her hand and curling up to her elbow. This twists and moves when she uses her powers.

    Clothing: a black tank top, underneath a black long-sleeved shirt. Black pants, often ripped, and black combat boots with very slight heel. A belt that holds a small scabbard and a pocket that holds several seeds. Occasionally she has a vine wrapped around her belt to secure it.

    Armor: When fighting she can grow armor; it’s made up of thick vines that wrap entirely around her body, ending around her neck with a small vine circlet around her head that has a small flower positioned on her forehead.

    Ever/Never: Never; But she never attended the school’s. Her allegiance mainly depends on whoever’s paying her the most.

    Weapon: She usually relies on her powers in combat, but she has been known to wield daggers.

    Element: Earth

    Power: Plant manipulation. She can grow plants from anywhere there’s earth, control pre-existing plants, causing them to grow or wilt, and make plants do pretty much anything she wants.

    Weakness: Growing new plants can be more taxing on her strength then manipulating pre-existing ones. She struggles to control more than one plant at a time, and cannot grow plants if there is no earth around her. If she injures the tattooed part of her arm it will weaken/cause her to lose her powers until it is healed. Losing the tattoo would cause her to lose her powers.

    Occupation: Assassin

    Personality: When first meeting someone she is strictly business; little to know sense of humor and fairly emotionless. When she’s started to form a bond with someone or has known them for a long time, she is usually bitter, snarky, sarcastic and rude. She has a short temper, and is quick to threaten someone’s life if things aren’t going her way. She doesn’t exactly enjoy torturing or murdering, but she has used it to get out her anger and has no qualms with it as long as she’s being payed. She likes to unnerve people and often lurks in shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike.

    Relationship status: Single. For story purposes, she will probably remain single and of she were to start a relationship it would probably be with another OC of mine since it’s hard to write a romance with another users character. It is alright to have other characters flirt with her, but she would be annoyed at best and threaten their life at worst. It’s very hard for her to form attachments with people and she would struggle to accept the fact she was developing feelings for someone and probably wouldn’t act on them. Do NOT pair her with another character without my permission.

    Backstory: Her mother was part of a tribe of elves that rarely interacted with humans and was abandoned with her father at birth. Since then she was pressured into being her father’s protege and when she showed no affinity for magic, her father forcibly implanted powers into her via. Her tattoo. At age 14, she left home to find her mother’s tribe without telling her father. After weeks of fruitless search, she eventually returned home only to find that her house had been burned down and her father killed by witch hunters. Forced to survive on her own, she began selling her skills. In order to avoid attacks, she also slowly learned to use her magic in more violent ways. One day, she committed murder out of self defense, a man witnessed it, and hired her as an assassin. From then on, she worked exclusively in assassinations.

    Authors note: In order to insert Pluduex into whatever the current RP timeline is, I am wiping the slate on anything that has happened to her in previous RP’s.

        olivefaye replied 1 year, 7 months ago

        well uh we don’t really use armour, elements, weaknesses, and relationship status has changed to relationship preference (i.e. Ace, Bi, Straight) etc. Everyone except for Paloma/Molly group is at Old-Man Amos’s house so either write that Pluduex finds them in the morning or finds Paloma/Molly group at the Schools. The schools have been closed for the eternal winter too (We’re including Jack references but Jack doesn’t RP with us.)

        olivefaye replied 1 year, 7 months ago

        Also do you have instagram so we can add you to the groupchat? (Most of our accounts are private dw)

          phoenix replied 1 year, 7 months ago

          Sorry, I don’t have instagram

        zeegrey replied 1 year, 6 months ago

        Omg, all this time I had been reading your character’s name as Ploo-Dough, or like Pluto

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