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    phoenix posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 7 months ago

    Anyways here’s a rushed, mostly backstory, back to third person, POV because I don’t have anything to do with the character but don’t want them to become irrelevant. I think this would take place somewhere between Chester and Sergi’s most recent POV’s.
    As Pluduex rode the stolen horse at dangerously fast speed the remaining 10 miles to Malabar Hills, only one thought was in her head.

    How could she have been so stupid?

    She should have gone with her original plan: kill everyone in their sleep, rob they’re corpses, burn the inn and ride off into the night. That was a good plan, a safe one, one that had worked in the past.
    But then Sarah just HAD to visit her room to tell her that Ivan- if that was even his real name- had decided to pay full price.
    Suddenly the group of grubby teenagers had become more than potential victims. They were potential employers. So Pluduex had hatched a new plan.
    The next morning, bright and early, she had checked out of the inn without even accepting her free breakfast. A few of the groups members were already on the tattered sofas, but they’d seemed too tired to notice her. Upon checking out, Pluduex had climbed into a nearby tree to wait for them to emerge. Her new plan had been hastily formatted- when they checked out of the Inn she would take Ivan captive, he seemed to be the leader, they would be forced to either hire her, give her all of they’re money, or watch their friend die. Not as good of a plan as the first one, but still a good one.
    She hadn’t anticipated the carriage.
    It was the most expensive thing she’d seen in her lifetime. Larger than her inn room, covered in gold, and led by. . .skeletons? Inlaid with emerald carvings and gold statues, Pluduex had almost fallen out of the tree trying to get a good look at it.
    Which had led to the newest and worst plan yet.
    Pluduex leapt from the tree, stabbing the nearest skeleton and kicking away it’s remains. So far so good. Hopefully they would be shocked and terrified enough to meet her demands-
    Which is where it all fell apart.
    One of the boys scratched his head. “She does know that she’s outnumbered, right? By a lot? By assassins? One of which is a werewolf?”
    Assassin’s didn’t hire other assassins. They certainly didn’t just hand over they’re money to other assassins either.
    Pluduex grabbed the dead skeletons whip. “If you take one step onto the carriage you will die.” She’d stabbed her dagger against the statues. Maybe she could still steal they’re carriage. That was, if they weren’t too stupid to realize what she was doing.
    They had been. Two boys and a girl charged at her. Another boy stopped them and they all started arguing. But Pluduex could see the situtation was going south. They didn’t care about the stupidly expensive carriage- they would charge her and she would be toast. As a last resort, Pluduex had stolen one of the horses and ridden off, which led to where she was now.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.
    Pluduex leaned closer into the horse, wiping dust out of her eyes. She had possibly made herself an enemy to a group of assassins and a werewolf, and even worse, she was broke.
    However, just at that moment, the beautiful kingdom of Malabar hills appeared before her, seeming to rise from nothing. Pluduex tried to force a smile on to her face. She wasn’t *******. She could still fix this, if she was careful. She dismounted the white stallion, keeping her head down as she eyed the crowd. “Horse for sale.” She cried, her voice almost immediately drowned out in the roar of the crowd. “Horse for sale!”
    If she saw someone who appeared to have even the slightest of cruel intentions she would offer her services to them. She could save this.
    But first she had to sell the stupid horse.

        zeegrey replied 1 year, 6 months ago

        Yay, a POV!! It’s great
        Aside from my obsessive need to just
        *their *its
        Please ignore this, I’m not trying to be rude, it’s just making me twitchy

          olivefaye replied 1 year, 6 months ago

          zee smh let her live it was rushed

          zeegrey replied 1 year, 6 months ago

          Lol, faye, that’s why I said ignore it.
          I was just fixating on it for some reason, and it was making me twitchy and I had to type that, even tho it’s really nbd

        arian2 replied 1 year, 6 months ago

        I get what you mean, Zee.

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