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    polabear11 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 5 months ago

    Falling in Love with the Enemy
    The Real Chapter 4: Unexpected Friendship
    Derek’s POV
    I can’t last. This is a generation where girls are tough and Brainy now, and I ain’t going to last a day within it. It’s time to return to evil. Who needs that Payton! I’m happy on my own, and this is for real this time, unlike my faking mother. She loves Hort. (#HOPHIE4LIFE!) However, they can’t have kids because they can’t be raised in school and so they abandoned me in the Blue Forest and Malum at Aggie’s and Teddy’s place. They spoiled Malum and tortured me. Maybe that’s why I wanted Payton so bad. Because I wanted someone who cared about me, unlike an evil person would. That would have my back. Why am I always alone? Why can’t I be accepted, why can’t I be wamted? I just need one. One person would be all it takes. I go to Halfway Bridge, but before I’m sent back to Evil, a voice shouts “Wait!”
    “Whaddya want from me, to gloat?” I scowled at Nolan.
    “No. I know you need a hand.” He read my mind. I’m bruised from head to toe, have two black eyes, and is scraped bad in the shoulder.
    Without an answer from me, he gives me his hand and I limp on him to our dorm. Is this…friendship?
    “Listen Derek, I’m sorry Paige removed your pride and popular reputarion, but, to be fair, you kinda deserved it, since you started it.” Nolan said. I hit him with this stick I was using as a crutch and fell to the ground. And yet he still stood above me holding his hand out for me to grab and pull myself up with.
    “Paige gonna be okay with this?” I asked weakly, flustered by the process of having a friend.
    “Of course.” Paige said, appearing out of thin air.
    I grabbed Nolan’s hand and pulled myself up.
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