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    popozozo123 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 4 months ago

    Hey guys! I’m kinda blank on ideas for a story, but tell me if you like this bio!
    Name: Kalien Traliner
    Age: Kalien doesn’t celebrate birthdays, therefore she doesn’t keep track of her age, but around 12
    School: Thinks she’s good, but actually kinda evil
    Family: Her parents dissapeared in a bad storm, so she lives with her opossum, Stelly
    Appearance: Chin-length unusual white hair with dark purple streaks, pale face, bright blue eyes
    Favorite outfit: White top with flowers, black skirt with cut small triangles at the side, black boots with white zippers
    Personality: Tries to be outgoing, but really, the only person she can have a real conversation with is her opossum. She usually is drawing instead of socializing.
    Talents: If you call sitting at home watching your pet eat food all day a talent, then let’s go with that. She stumbles when running, but can draw well.
    Hobbies: Reading, drawing, throwing food to the fish in the pond
    Fears: Being alone, getting sick, getting lost
    Flaws: A mix of Good and Evil, so they didn’t know to bring her to Good or Evil. But, Kalien won’t fit into the Good school quite enough, so she is put into evil. So, she is a pretty bad Never.
    Backstory: Kalien was born poor in a barn, and her first feeling of the outside world was the scratchiness of hay in a dug-out hole. Her mother and father had barely any money, so Kalien spent most of her time alone as a baby while her parents went to work as long as they could. When they came home, they would have as little as a copper coin and a loaf of bread. They fed Kalien little bits of their leftover crumbs, and she didn’t have much milk those days.
    Even though it might sound like their parents didn’t like Kalien, they cared about her much. So when they came home and found her lying on the floor, her hair as white as snow, they rushed her to the doctor as soon as they could. But it turned out that she was perfectly healthy, but her hair had just turned white for some reason.
    And that was the way she lived for years and years, until the day came.
    One day Kalien and her family were camping in the deep woods of the forest when it started to drizzle. Kalien’s dad said it was just a bit of rain, and it would pass soon. But it got harder and harder, and soon enough, a bolt of lightning came down, followed by a crackle of thunder. It wasn’t the best idea to be in the woods in a thunderstorm, so her parents tried to find a Forest Runner to get to shelter. But all three of them were taking too long, so Kalien’s mom said that Kalien should go off and find a Runner on her own. Kalien was doubtful, but obeyed her mother’s orders and ran as fast as she could.
    She did manage to find shelter, but her mother and father never came back to town after that.
    So Kalien was forced to live on her own since a young age, but she learned to cope with it. She woke up early in the morning to go to work at the bakery, she stayed late at work to get a decent amount of money, she minamilized her meals to feel her opossum, and she lived in a small house near the woods.

        evelynrose replied 2 years, 4 months ago

        Nice bio! But a little more detail would be good 🙂

        popozozo123 replied 2 years, 4 months ago

        OK, thanks!!! I will probably not do another bio for her, but I can explain more when I eventually write the story. Also, thank you for the constructive criticism! Some people are scared to give ideas on the story.

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