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    popprincess posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 4 years, 4 months ago

    Balance: Water and Fire by Liz @popprincess
    Chapter 37 Sicily’s POV: Not Quite Success
    Heyo. If you were wondering… here are some huge secrets (I’m assuming). I am (drumroll please) Sarah Siren’s older sister, SICILY SIREN!!! And if you’ve read the Books of Bayern, we’re Selia’s cousins.
    I was always the chosen one in our family. I did all the evil, got the best servant jobs (yes, we did live in Kildereen), got some of the best education, and then we went off into the woods and became rebels. 🙂 Of course when I was 10, dad had to fall in love and had to get another daughter. Thankfully, I was still the best. Miss Sarah was miss pretty perfect, with her rosy cheeks, brown hair, and blue eyes. (If you were wondering, I have black hair [new pixie cut], brown eyes, tanish skin… regular stuff) When I found out that she was an ever, it was as if all my dreams came true. My dad turned his focus back to me, and I got to destroy Bayern. Not only did it kill my cousins’ nemesis’ friend, I also made my sister sad. Ha! So, that’s my story… now I’m in the dungen about to get out.
    “Hey you!” I snap to attention. A guard was speaking.
    “Yo, wazzup!?” I say casually. Apparently, my sister’s little friend fixed the castle and put more security measures on me. Who cares, I always get out.
    “The court is ready,” he replies.

    “Sicily Siren: Selia’s cousin, Sarah’s sister. What do you have to say?” King Gerric said, obviously angry. I did a devilish grin, but kept silent. “You have killed my friend- a friend to all of us- and a beloved father and husband. We are here to discuss your punishment.”
    “Really!?” I happily smiled. “Well, I guess it’s a shame I didn’t get to kill more. You can’t even handle one death!”
    “ENOUGH!!! THROW ARROWS AT HER!!! STONE HER!!! TORTURE HER!!!” He yelled. “So, should we kill her? A life for a life? Who’s with me?” No one agreed.
    “Kill her!? As long as it’s a slow death. Make her suffer,” I could literally see fire in one girl’s eyes as she glared at me.
    “Torture, not kill,” a girl similar corrected. Boo hoo for her, some boy wrapped his arm around her.
    “What if… we take away her food and water?” the boy suggested.
    “Excellent! One prince gave an idea! Tusken?” Crown Princess [AKA Queen Isi] said.
    “I agree… I don’t really want to force anyone to do evil and torture her… but if that’s what they want we can arrange it once a week. And… I don’t like thinking evil,” he said.
    “Okay, court over! Oh yeah, let’s make her cell smaller so that… there’s glass on the floor and spikes out the walls,” and with that, the court was over.

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        Awesome! 😀

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        I think it’s a little cruel, but oh well. Great chapter by the way.

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