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    popprincess posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 6 months ago

    Hey hows life? anyways i wrote:
    Chapter 1:
    I woke up to the sun kissing my lightly tanned face. The birds chirp as they wake up in their shady nests. Beyond the walls, a city being rebuilt: People buzzing around the streets, buying food and goods. Another summer day.
    “Taliana! Tali!,” My cousin came screaming into my room. She was a close family friend, Leilani Green. Her father was my parents’ friend when they were growing up in the forest. Leils had beautiful and rare green eyes with golden hair and freckles. Her looks certainly suited her flowery name and background. She truly looked as though she was a nature girl.
    “What’s this riot?” I asked as she jumped onto my bed and curled up on me.
    “Do you have to go? Can you just stay here for the rest of our lives?” She complained. At first, I didn’t know what she was talking about. Then, I remembered.
    ********** I got up and began checking my luggage. I was going into the School for Good and Evil, in my second year. Realizing what I had said, I turned around. “Don’t ever say that word, okay Leils?”
    “Okay,” she replied. She was too adorable and innocent to say bad words. In fact, I usually never say bad words myself. In that instant, I felt bad about going to that school instead of watching her grow up.

    As I walk down the stone bricks of the grey hallway, I realize it is eerily quiet. Normally, there are lots of people shouting and meetings everywhere. The sound of conversations everywhere was part of my life at home. But, of course, I’m still figuring out where home is: at the S.G.E. with my friends or where I grew up with my family.
    Anyways, I continued through the long, empty hallway until I reached the ballroom. I could hear numerous whispers of conversations. One person said, “Should someone go get her?” Normally, this would sound exceedingly quiet, like a normal conversation among thousands. However, it sounded like someone screaming across the castle.
    I continued walking, hoping that they would not realize it: they were planning a surprise party or surprise something for me… right? I went to the kitchen, hoping to snack while I “accidentally” walk into the ballroom.
    When I walked near the ballroom again, Leilani came out of the room. “Oh there you are! I’ve been looking for you,” she said, grabbing my arm. Excited, she pulled me into the dark hallway with a smile as big as the moon.
    “Surprise!” people shouted, all at once. As I predicted, there was a surprise party, a beautiful one. Streamers in all the shades of blue were decorated all around the room. Countless people in some of their best clothes were walking around the numerous tables filled with my favorite foods. In the center of the room lay a chocolate cake with layers of rich chocolate ganash.
    “Oh my goodness!” I cried. “It’s not even my first time I’m going to be gone a year!”
    “Oh, we know,” Prince Tuskin said. “We just wanted to give you an early birthday party.” He sounded so cheerful, like a little boy 10 years younger than him.
    “Wow, that’s in another 3 months,” I sarcastically replied.

    The train was scheduled to pick me up at 1 pm, and the party began at 11 am. Believe me, the 2 hours were wayyy to short. To be honest, I think eating all those sweets was the worst thing I did before getting to a school that encouraged healthy diets.
    I got on the train, looking for my friends, as usual. However, the train was designed differently this year. Instead of separating boys and girls, the train let us sit wherever we wanted. In addition, it was modeled after a human train that the readers recently built. Of course, we naturally separated. Except for the couples making out… That’s when I saw Christopher again.
    His hair, eyes, and skin all looked golden and appeared to light up the room. He was planning to spend the summer with me after my father died in an attack. Except, of course, everyone at his home wanted to see him. Also, it was getting awkward between him and everyone in the castle, like when a father tells his daughter’s boyfriend stuff about not breaking her heart and leaving her and a bunch of stuff. So, he left to go see his family.
    When we saw each other, we ran across the train and embraced each other. He pulled me into a train car and kissed me. “How are you!” he cheerfully said. He looked so much more mature and older – as did I.
    “I’m glad to be going back… I guess,” I replied. “Just promise me there will not be drama… I want to have a year as normal as it can get.”
    “I’ll try,” he promised. We go to a train car with our friends from before and catch up with each other, like normal people.

    Chapter 2:
    “Hello Taiana!” a familiar nymph said. She handed me my schedule and basket of textbooks. She squinted at my schedule. “Oh sorry, it’s Taliana. My bad. Due to years of complaint, the good dean decided to have no uniform. However, you must wear this uniform to occasions such as inter-school assemblies.” She directed for me and my friends to go to a room full of mirrors and racks of a blue and white uniforms.
    “Thank goodness,” moaned Olivia. “I can’t stand those pink uniforms. Ugh.”
    “Righttt?” I agreed and chose a size small uniform. It consisted of black leggings and a white blouse with a small blue floral design.
    After we all chose our uniform, we compared our schedules:

    Taliana Kalidra Enna-Isilee
    Charity room #21
    Society in the World
    Defence Against Evil
    Class captain- special class: go to Clarissa Dovey every day
    Elective: Band
    Surviving Fairy Tales #1
    As I predicted, I had some classes with my friends. However, I was alone as class captain. In addition, my roommates were Beatrice and Olivia. Diana, Jenifer, and Christine were in a room next door. Finally, Hannah, Lily, and Natasha were the last trio in our room. The rooms in charity were grouped together like what readers call “apartments”. Our three rooms were connected with a lounge area, kitchen, and multiple big bathrooms.
    The kitchen was really convenient because we all enjoyed cooking. In addition, we were thinking about going vegetarian or vegan. There is no point in being good when your food was once living in bad environments and slaughtered for you, the “greater good”.
    Anyways, Charity and Honor were the only updated towers with apartments. In addition, only the top 60 got to reside in these new apartments.
    We began to unpack and so far, so good. No dramatic plot twists or fights.

    do u have any idea how hard it is to write no drama!? ugh.
    heres a like to what i wrote last year. its very long. and cringy

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          @swren is now @harleyquinn2003 or something

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        This is really good!!

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