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    popprincess posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 6 months ago

    Chapter 3:
    Just like last year, the girls and boys separated and prepared for the opening meeting as if it was a prom or wedding. Most girls wore elegant floor length dresses. Me? My friends and I wore simple dresses that matched each other’s. As for the boys, they did not do their sword fight again like last year. They simply casually entered in their friend groups. Although, they did put in the extra effort to show off their muscles and have a good look.
    “Welcome back everyone!” Dean Dovey says in the microphone. Everyone’s conversation stops and the Evers hushed the Nevers. “Since you already know the rules, this will be quick.”
    “First of all, uniforms have been taken away,” Dean Sophie begins. “But don’t let me catch you in light colors, NEVERS!”
    “This year will be more academic and hard. As you know, next year you will split into leaders, followers, and morgifs. And… I believe that’s it,” Dean Dover finishes.
    “Ugh that’s it. That’s the reason we had to leave and come to the Ever’s place!?” The Nevers grumble as they leave.
    “Jeez what’s their problem?” Diana questioned as we left. “Anyways, this summer was full of drama. This cute boy liked me and all my friends at home shipped us. It took a million years for them to understand that I have Christian here as my boyfriend.”
    “Wow…that’s a tough life,” Natasha responded.
    “Please, I don’t need any sort of drama for the next 3 years,” she prayed. “Last year was enough.”
    “Yeah,” I responded. “Last year was enough.”

    Chapter 4:
    For your sakes, let’s skip a month or so. Life was actually as normal as it could get at the School for Good and there was no drama. In charity, we learned about the different types of service and yeah. In society, we learned about the different places in the world. I can’t wait to learn about a reader’s world called Earth! Did you know that they don’t get married until they are at least 18!? I envy them. Defence against evil is basic counterspells and techniques to (can you guess?) defend yourself against evil. As class captain, I have a special class and field trips. Currently, I am working with a Filipino man. He is going to take me to the Philippines next week for a day. I learned this Filipino martial art called arnis. Super cool. When I do not have a special class, I can do whatever I want within school rules for an hour. Usually, I work out or go to the P.E. class with boys. Band? It’s okay. My original instrument was Bb Clarinet. I’ve learned Eb clarinet, piccolo, and I’m starting to learn percussion. Finally, surviving fairy tales. It is pretty easy and we are learning to summon storms and all.
    All was going pretty well until one day…

    I heard crying from outside our apartment room. It is fourth period and today it was a free period for me. I had decided to go to my bedroom and start a new vegan recipe I learned from society class. But as you can tell, I was not alone.
    I followed the crying to the bathroom and slowly opened the door. I recognized Jennifer in an instant. Her stylish black braids were messed up and her beautiful makeup was ruined by her tears.
    “Jennifer,” I calmly said with a soothing voice. She quickly turns around and points her finger at my throat. Realizing it is just me, she relaxed.
    Jennifer POV
    I was caught off guard. Taliana found me in the bathroom crying over practically nothing. “Nothing… I’m just… shocked I guess,” I answered. Of course, she can’t keep to her own business and she asked me what was wrong. I like how she got me to have a high rank, but sometimes Taliana and her precious friends can be simply annoying. “My parents were Nevers.”
    Of course, she was shocked. She simply did a good job of hiding it. “What does that have to do with you? Just because they’re your parents does not mean you will be exactly like them,” she said. Jeez I hate it when they say stuff you already know. Like, I know my parents and I are different. I’m just crying because my adoptive parents were killed by my parents this summer.
    To “make me feel better”, she hugged me and gave me sympathy. Except in this case, she could only have empathy.
    The only person I know that can provide sympathy is Sarah. Sarah Siren. The one who is related to Taliana’s family’s enemies. Oh, and Dean Sophie. Except the fact that the turned out like her mother- evil. Am I doomed to become evil too? No matter what we do, no one can change the purity of the soul.
    Diana POV
    No way! Taliana was explaining what had happened at lunch without Jennifer. She was still in our apartment, refusing to go down to eat. But I’ve been rooming with her the whole year. There’s no way that that girl could ever be evil. And it’s not fair that her adoptive parents had to die. Alas, I trust her with my life. We all do…

    Taliana POV
    We returned with heavy hearts of empathy to our apartment to help Jennifer. Instead, we found our room trashed. There was glass all over our kitchen. Our living room was full of our ***** laundry and all the furniture was flipped over. Fortunately, our rooms remained untouched. However, Jennifer McQuade was gone.

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        This is so good! Nice job!

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