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    popprincess posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 6 months ago

    hello the few people who actually read this
    heres a link to the story if u want: https://docs.google.com/a/wenoo.org/document/d/1Y-354rSMflfHwjK1dJhR2mPN_22iYT67pdkBSznAB9k/edit?usp=sharing
    Chapter 6:
    Taliana POV
    Ugh. Already!? It’s only beed like 2 months! Now we have to find Jennifer and calm her down… along with explaining what happened and possibly going to the endless woods…
    “Diana, get Dean Dovey here. Lily, get the security fairies. Natasha, ask around if anyone saw Jennifer,” I said, always on task. “The rest of us will clean I guess… “
    We started by cleaning up the laundry and fixing the furniture, but you don’t need to know that. Dean Dovey’s face was full of shock when she walked in.
    “Wha- What happened girls?” she asked.
    “We found the room trashed and Jennifer gone,” Beatrice answered. We continued by explaining what had happened and Dean Dovey’s face changed from shock to a determined face. “… What should we do now?”
    Her face was dead serious. “Lock up the school. If she is still here, we cannot allow her to run away on her own or go to evil. Write a full report on what happened, and someone tell Dean Sophie! If Jennifer does go to evil, she must be brought back to good,” she trails off as she exits the room for her exit. Fairies come in and take over fixing our room as we group together and write a report.
    “Are we really gonna follow what she says?” Olivia asked.
    I grinned. “Not exactly, but for now let’s just write this report.”

    Ayeee! Life was so dramatic then, but very exciting for us again. We decided that we were going to go after Jennifer, like any other Ever would. The plan was to go and run away from the school in pairs so we can cover up for each other if Dean Dovey asked where we were.
    The first to go were Diana and Natasha, so they began packing their basics: clothes, water filter, and lots of snacks. Lucky for us, I am a water, fire, earth, and wind speaker so I can get us water, start a fire, create shelter, and control the wind. As vegans, most of our food are made of rice and greens anyways.
    Diana POV
    Natasha and I set out to particularly nowhere. We had decided that we would leave the school and try to meet up at Mt. Hirane. It was the smallest mountain that was close to us. Taliana had created a shelter and light trail up there. In addition, we used a recent spell we learned to track where we were and where we needed to be as long as we had a map big enough.
    We pretended to be going to the blue woods to play or train. I had some chainmail on underneath my blouse. I packed a bag of rice, oats, basic clothes, and: Weapons. Everywhere. Like, I had daggers in each of my boots, along with this metal stick I sharpened and put in my hair, along with basic swords and bows and quivers.

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