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    Chapter 7:
    Diana POV
    As we successfully left the castle and reached the end of the blue woods, we approached a thicket full of thorns. I turned to Natasha and raised my eyebrow.
    “Umm,” she thought. She and Taliana got along well because they were gifted with the ability to have great ideas– I mean, they are simple but no one else would think of whatever they did. One time Taliana had the simple and life saving idea to use a ponytail to tie Olivia’s sandals to her feet in swordfighting.
    Natasha pointed to a tree above us. “What if we used a rope or vine to connect that branch to a tree outside the thicket?” she suggested. That actually was not bad. I was thinking something like finding a stick and using it to do a pole vault or something. I did not have a horrible idea, just a 70% chance that we would fall too hard or in a tree and die. And the fact that I only successfully did a pole vault like 50% of the time.
    Anyways, I got vines as she climbed up a tree. When I joined her, she pointed to a tall and strong looking tree. “Get the vine around a branch lower than we are now. That way, we can use our bows to slide on,” she explained. Damnnn she was good.
    Following what she said I swung the vine to a tree. We were pretty high up, so of course I missed. I tried again. This time, the vine swung around the trunk of some tree. She pulled on it to make sure it was strong enough to carry us. Just like that, we went zip lining.
    At first, it was fun and scary. I held onto my bow because my life depended on it. Suddenly, the vine thicket grew higher to try and trap us. I gave Natasha a kick so she could at least make it out. Luckily, the thorns only grew enough to scrape my calfs. Not so luckily, they did and I really felt that painful sting as they cut my legs. As I approached the end, Natasha quickly got out of the way. The plan was to use our feet to stop and slow us. As my legs were bleeding, I spread my legs out and ended up leg-hugging the tree. Anyways, that was bad enough until someone else came…
    Dylan POV
    Okay, if you forgot who I am, I am Prince Dylan, Diana’s boyfriend. When I saw them going to the blue woods, I thought, well why don’t I follow them and surprise Diana? But then, they kept walking until the end. They were going to zip line across the thorn wall! Now, I know Diana is like one of the best fighting Evers, but I was not just going to let her go into the endless woods without me. So, I got a stick and went zip lining like them. Diana was so close to reaching the other side when the thorns scraped her in the last second. I was able to lift myself up so that it did not reach me.
    But then, I had a new problem: where was I going to land? I know DIana was injured and she did not know I was behind her. So, like a complete idiot, I let go. I thought I was able to go onto the field or ground and land on my feet. Instead, I landed on a branch. I know girls do not have as much problems with landing on a branch between your legs, but guys do! It hurt.
    “Fuuuuu,” I said. Natasha was helping Diana off the tree when she heard me. Once Diana was sitting safely on a branch, she turned around and had a dagger at my throat. “No! It’s just me- Dylan!” I yelled a little too loudly. She put her dagger down and went back to Diana.
    “What the heck are you doing here!?” Diana whisper-yelled. Her beautiful green eyes became ice cold with a look that showed she was clearly annoyed “And shut your trap, we don’t know what might be here.”
    “Well, I was going to surprise you but then you came out here, so I wanted to make sure you were safe,” I explained. Her face relaxed and I jumped off the tree. Natasha ripped off the bottom of Diana’s leggings where the thorns scarred her. Like a good boyfriend, I took off my vest, tore it apart, and wrapped it around Diana’s scared legs.
    “You really got yourself into all this trouble for me, didn’t you?” Diana asked later. We had set up a camp about 5 miles from the school and Natasha was off on a perimeter check.
    “Yeah…???” I said confused. Of course I would do anything for her. Within reason. Why would she think I would totally follow her for a reason other than her. “I love you.”
    “Aww I love you too” she replied. Now, I know it’s weird but we never kissed even after “being together” for almost a year. But, there was our moment. I kissed her next to the fire, a beautiful scene. It was not too long but not too short, filled with love but not that passionate. I almost forgot Natasha was there until we saw a flash. We turned around and we saw she took a picture of us…

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