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    Hello to my fellow Ever Never army I have a book of my own that I would like to show to you I’m only tagging a few people in this so if you know anyone who would like this Please tag them I’d really like it if you would.
    So here’s my tags:
    Now for the book warning it is quite long. Also I welcome and would love any and all suggestions


    Chapter 1

    ‘’We gather here today to mourn the loss of Tylar Crystal. Beloved son to Steven Crystal, now deceased, and Rachel Crystal, now deceased, and beloved friend to Lucas Hart. This young man has passed on, but he is still with us. His body may rot, but his soul will live on.”

    Lucas tried to listen and to not fall apart right then and there. He didn’t want to cry in front of all these people. But he couldn’t stop the tears that fell and the thoughts that came with them. If you hadn’t mopped floor Tylar wouldn’t have slipped on the stairs! If you hadn’t of invited him to live with you he wouldn’t have even been in the house! He tried to block the harsh words from his mind. He tried to tell himself that it wasn’t his fault. But no matter how many times he told himself this the thought lingered in the back of his mind telling him again and again “It’s your fault, it’s your fault and you know it!”

    He just held back the tears and suffered through the rest of the funeral. With every time someone stopped him to tell him how good of a person Tylar was and that it wasn’t his fault it felt as if his heart shattered even more. He didn’t let himself cry until he was in the safety and solitude of his small navy blue car. He sat there until he was sure no one was around then he finally let the tears that he had been holding back pour. He sobbed and sobbed until he fell asleep.

    It was Friday morning and Lucas hadn’t been able to stay asleep so he decided to use this time to mop the floor of the two story house he and Tylar had shared for a year now ever since Tylar lost his parents in a car crash when he was eighteen. Tylar was just getting up and Lucas could hear his music playing through the door of his room. Looking at me by Sabrina Carpenter? Now that’s just sad. Lucas thought. He sighed and rolled his eyes. Tylar then swung his door open and moved his one person dance party into the hallway. His shoulder length teal hair was a fuzzy mess and his gray eyes were shining almost as brightly as his smile. He blew a kiss jokingly to Lucas and moonwalked his way across the floor. Lucas was to busy laughing to notice how close Tylar was getting to the stairs and before either one had time to blink Tylar’s foot hit the slick stairs and he went flying backwards.

    Lucas woke up and tried to jump to his feet. Forgetting he was in the car and hitting his head. He looked around it was pitch black outside. What time is it? Lucas pulled his phone out and checked. “Ten PM” he muttered.

    He started the car and drove home. He then unlocked the door and went inside. He hung the keys on a hook near the door. He just stared at the second floor and the stairs that led to it. It had been two days since the accident but he still couldn’t bring himself to go up the stairs. He instead set himself down on the couch and closed his eyes.
    He wanted to try to go back to sleep but his head was pounding. So he just laid on the couch with his eyes shut.

    “Hey, what’s wrong?”

    Lucas’s eyes shot open with terror. That voice!! That was Tylar’s voice!!!

    “Yes that was me. Why are you freaking out?”

    “No i-it can’t be!”

    “And why not? I’m right here in front of you.”

    “B-because…..” Wait a second he would know this, wouldn’t he? “Tylar is dead and you are just a voice in my head.” Lucas spoke.

    What is the point of this? There’s no reason to believe he’s still here. I mean you did watch him fall! He cringed at the horrific memory. His eyes started to mist over as he let himself begin to sob. He felt a hand on his shoulder which scared him more than just hearing Tylar’s voice. “It’s really you isn’t it?” Lucas Asked hope and sadness blending in his voice. He looked towards his shoulder and saw nothing but the empty couch cushion. He felt the grip on his shoulder tighten. “If you’re actually there why can’t I see you?”

    “I don’t know! It’s probably some Harry Potter magical, hocus pocus, sorting hat, finger glow, believe you can stuff like that.” Tylar spoke with out any understanding of what he had just said.“Tylar th-that isn’t, you now what it doesn’t matter. You are legally dead so the only way I could see you is if I were to dig up your body! And I can assure you that I will never do such a thing!” Lucas began to cry as he tried his best to push the memory of the accident to the very back of his mind. “L-Lucas, please, don’t cry. I’m right here. Please just try the whole believe that you can thing.” Tylar’s voice sounded so distant.

    “Ok I guess.” Lucas dried his tears with his sleeves. He looked to his side where Tylar’s voice was coming from. He sighed and closed his eyes tight. He start to think of all his favorite memories of him and Tylar. His seventh birthday when Tylar had to through the whole tray of cup cakes at an angry mob of pidgins to get them to leave. Ha, my mom paddled him good for that. When he and Tylar where twelve and Tylar had gotten in a fight with the school bully after he had hit Lucas. Tylar jumped in the fight and got a sucker punch to the eye. We had matching bruises. He smiled as the memories came and went until the memory of the accident slammed into his mind.

    His eyes shot open and began to mist up. He let himself sob this time though it didn’t hurt to cry it felt good. Like a weight taken of his chest.

    “Hello? Hey? Lucas can you see me or not?” Tylar asked really hoping it worked. Lucas dried his eyes and glanced beside him and his eyes widened with surprise and his eyes began to mist over again. For right beside him sat boy with fuzzy shoulder length teal/mint hair, sparkling gray eyes, and beautiful bronze skin. Lucas stared at Tylar as he sat there his grin as wide as ever. “Guess you can see me just fine now, am I correct?” Tylar asked already knowing the answer. He smiled at Lucas. “I swear I’ll never do moonwalk ever again.” He laughed as tears rolled down Lucas’s cheeks.

    “That’s not funny!” He said between sniffles. I can’t believe it, h-he’s back! This is amazing! But how is even possible? Dead people can’t just come back as ghost this isn’t a story book that people read with their kids at night. This is reality! Tylar then grabbed his hand and stood up, well it was more like floated up. “Come on.” Tylar said as he walked through the house with Lucas. “Hey Lucas if I’m a ghost then how come I’m able to hold your hand?”

    “I don’t know, maybe you’re a poltergeist.” Lucas looked at the stairs hesitant to go up them. “What’s that?” Tylar asked as he went up two steps at a time. “well, a poltergeist is like a ghost that can touch and move things.” Lucas was happy to be having this conversation with Tylar since it kept his mind off the accident.

    Tylar was the first to make it up the stairs he waited at the top for Lucas. Once he got to the top they walked through the hall to Tylar’s room. The door was still wide open. They went in and as Tylar grabbed a change of clothes, Why would a ghost need new clothes?, Lucas looked around the place. Three of the walls were covered with very nice portraits that all had Tylar’s signature in the bottom left corner. The wall above Tylar’s bed was full of photos and drawings of him and Lucas. Tylar was standing at the only dresser in the room. It was covered with stacks of comic books, action figures, and crumpled drawings.

    “Tylar?” Lucas noticed that Tylar had stopped rummaging through the dresser. He was just standing there reading off a sheet of paper. “What’s that?” Lucas placed his hand on Tylar’s shoulder and looked at the paper. It looked like an unfinished sketch. He could make out two people and one of them he recognized as himself but the other he wasn’t sure of.

    “Tylar who is that?” Lucas pointed at the second person. Tylar jumped and looked towards Lucas. “Oh I don’t know it might have been me at some point, I wasn’t even looking at the drawing though. I was looking at the date. The day I died. The day I left you behind.” He stared at the floor. “I-I’m sorry” he looked up at Lucas. “But as long as I’m still here, sort of, I’ll never leave you again!”

    “Is that a vow to haunt me?” Lucas laughed. Tylar laughed with him. “Yep, and don’t even think of getting an exorcist!” Lucas almost doubled over with laughter. Tylar grinned at him. Some how even if Tylar was a ghost Lucas could manage to smile as long as he was with Tylar.

    Tylar set the sketch down and moved away from the dresser and towards the closet. He opened the door and started digging through shirts and hoodies on hangers. He finally settled on a pale pink tee shirt, a dark gray low cut V-neck sweater, and a pair of torn, very short shorts.
    He turned to Lucas. “Do you plan on leaving or do you want to watch?” He asked with a sly smirk. Lucas glared at him and left the room, closing the door behind him. He wasn’t being serious was he? As if I would want to watch him change clothes! The nerve of him! He stomped to his room on the other side of the hall and went in. He plopped himself down on his bed and closed his eyes. “Please don’t let this be a dream. Please don’t let this be a dream.” He prayed this over and over again.

    He then decided to pinch himself. He got up and left his room. He opened Tylar’s door hoping that he would still be there. Luckily he was still there, but he was in only a pair of small ripped shorts. He turned to Lucas a very surprised and embarrassed look on his face. Wow Tylar’s skinny. Wait, what did I just think of how skinny he is? Nope. I’m going to forget I ever thought of that. Lucas turned around embarrassed and shut the door and sat against the wall. His face burning red.

    The thing is Tylar looked nothing like what Lucas had always imagined a ghost would look like. He looked just like he did when he was alive, well all except for the fact that he was now literally glowing.

    Tylar opened the door and came out. This time fully dressed. Both of them decided to forget what had just happened. “So, um, what now?” Lucas asked.

    “I don’t know. What you get some sleep. It’s pretty clear that you haven’t slept in a few days.”
    “No, no I’m”yawn”good.”

    “You just yawned. Go to bed you need sleep.”

    “No I don’t need to sleep.” Lucas argued. He placed his hands his hips. Tylar laughed. Tylar then hooked his arms through Lucas’s and lifted him up. “Put me down!!” Lucas kicked at Tylar in hopes that he would set him back on the ground and leave him alone. Tylar just laughed and carried Lucas back to his own bedroom. He laid him down and covered him up.

    Lucas glared at him and yawned. Then he rolled over and closed his eyes.

    Chapter 2

    He woke up the next day to Tylar leaning over him. “Did you know that you talk in your sleep?”

    “Why are you in here!?” Lucas asked as he pulled the blanket tighter around himself. “I found out that as a ghost I no longer have the ability to sleep.” Tylar answered with a smile. Lucas sighed and sat up on the bed. At least he didn’t try to change me into a pair of pajamas. Lucas thought as he looked at the clothes that he was still wearing from yesterday.

    “Of course I didn’t change you into different clothes. You were already asleep and I would never have done such a thing!” Tylar turned away as his face turned slightly pink. “So is that one of your new ghostly abilities, being able to read my mind?” Lucas asked as he got up and walked towards his mirror. Tylar nodded his head.

    Lucas looked in his mirror to see a messy version of himself staring back at him. His snow white hair was in a fuzzy knotted pony tail and his normally bright and piercing blue eyes were glassed over.

    He took his hair down and began to brush it out. Tylar came up behind him hoping to see what he looked like. He looked at where his reflection should have been. Instead the spot where he was the mirror began to fog up. Then it cleared showing an image that Tylar had only ever dreamed of. “What is it?” Lucas asked. Tylar looked away from the mirror then at Lucas. “Oh nothing.” He lied. He looked back at the mirror. It was empty.

    “Are you sure?” Lucas asked concerned. “You’re not usually this quiet.”

    Tylar looked at Lucas and nodded his head. “I’m good. But you might want to change clothes.” He then turned around and some what strutted out of the room. Was he blushing? No it must’ve been the light.” Lucas then grabbed a lavender hoodie of the floor along with a pair of jeans with rips on the knees. He changed clothes and went down stairs.

    He walked into the kitchen so he could at least drink some apple cider. Lucas had never been much of a coffee person, but he had always loved strong apple cider. Tylar hadn’t really liked coffee much either. He enjoyed a nice cup of hot coca, but it was always a specific way. Three roasting size marshmallows, a hand full of mint chocolate chips, mint hot chocolate, and a splash of milk.

    But what he saw in the kitchen left him speechless. Tylar was in the center of a chaotic mess of broken eggs, flower everywhere, and milk spilled on the floor. “H-hey…” he said as he looked up from the floor. WHAT IN THE EVER HECKING WORLD!! Lucas wanted to yell. Instead he decided to act calm. “What happened?” Lucas sighed.

    “I wanted to make you breakfast, but as you can see I can’t hold food apparently.”

    How strange. That doesn’t make any kind of sense. Just to prove this Tylar tried to pick up one of the eggs off of the floor which slipped right through his hands. It shattered and splashed against the floor. “I-I’m so sorry” He was truly upset with himself about the horrible mess that he had made. He wished that he could help clean up. “It’s fine. Really.” Lucas assured Tylar as he walked over to the pantry to grab the mop and broom.

    “Can you even eat though?” Lucas questioned now curious.

    “You know, I’m not to sure.”

    It took around ten minutes or so to clean up the mess. Tylar spent the whole time trying to see if he could float up side down. He could. He stayed like that the entire time. Causing his sweater and shirt to slide down now showing off his toned stomach. This caused Lucas to blush harshly. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! He screamed internally. You should NOT be blushing at him!! He is your best friend for Pete’s sake! You should just ignore him. Yeah that’s what you should do ignore the fact that right now he looks really hot. Shoot, I said ignore him!

    “Are you okay?” Tylar asked do to the fact that Lucas had been hiding his face from him. Lucas turned to him still blushing, at least he was right side up now, “I-I’m fine.” He lied.

    “No, no I don’t think you are.” Tylar spoke with a smirk. “ I heard what you were thinking of. Aw, you think I’m hot.” He sang.

    “W-WHAT!?!?” Lucas looked shocked, fearful, and embarrassed all at once. He turned away trying to cover his face which was turning an even brighter shade of red. Tylar just laughed and smirked. Nope this is NOT happening! Tylar giggled like a stereotypical school girl. He then kissed Lucas’s forehead and bolted from the room.

    Lucas stood there dumbfounded. His brain completely failing to even begin to comprehend what had just happened.

    Mean while Tylar sat in the corner of his bedroom screeching internally. “I did it! I actually did it!” He said over and over again. “ I die and then finally decided to kiss him!”

    He thought back to that image that he had seen in the mirror. He and Lucas kissing each other with their arms wrapped tightly around one another. Now that image didn’t seem as impossible as it had before.

    Then there was a knock on Tylar’s door. “Y-yes?” Tylar stuttered as he pulled himself from his fantasy.
    “W-why did you do that?” Lucas asked his voice full of embarrassment. Tylar walked over to the door and slid his back down the wall. “I-I don’t know. I guess that after eleven years of thinking about it I thought you know what how about I stop hiding myself in the closet and finally kiss my best friend.” He answered.

    Lucas once again stood dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe that Tylar had just said that. I mean he had always had his theories, but still Lucas wasn’t able to believe this. Tylar had just officially came out.

    Tylar opened the bedroom door so he could see Lucas. “Lucas, can I ask you something?” Lucas stepped in the door. “Yes, but I think I know what you are planning to ask.” Tylar’s glowing bronze face turned a few shades of pink as he hesitated to ask. “Is there… I mean could there be…. Do you like me the why like you?” Tylar asked sounding some what like an embarrassed child as his cheeks flushed even brighter.

    Lucas turned bright red. “I.. um… I………. yes.” The last part almost came out a whisper. His face was a burning crimson.

    They stood there in the most uncomfortable silence of their whole lives for a good three minutes. Tylar then leaned towards Lucas about to kiss him for real this time when there was a loud knock at the front door. This brought a look of disappointment to Tylar’s face.

    Lucas smiled and kissed Tylar’s cheek. “I’ll be right back.” Then he called out to the person at the door. He went down the stairs and opened the door, but nothing could have ever prepared him for who would be standing in the doorway. Tylar’s sister stood there with her eyes still filled with terrible sadness and tears.

    “H-hey, may I come in?” Angeline bowed her head down so Lucas couldn’t see her cry. Tylar came down the stairs just in time to see his sister as tears poured from her eyes. “Yes.” Lucas answered. He brought over to the couch “I-I just was wondering if you had time to talk?” She said as she wiped the tears from her face. “Yes, I have all the time in the world.”

    Tylar just stared. What else could he do? He wanted to run up to her and wrap her in a giant bear hug, but some part of him that he couldn’t. Deep down he knew that even if he were to hug her she wouldn’t feel it. He couldn’t do anything. So he sat down on the armrest of the couch and listened to the conversation.

    “What did you want to talk about?” Lucas asked after getting Angeline to sit on the couch. “C-could you….tell me how it happened?” She asked. She shuddered as she did her best not to cry. Ok you can do this. Just remember Tylar’s right here. You can do this. “Well it all happened like this….” He told her every detail as a few tears rolled down their cheeks. This was the first time Tylar had ever heard the story of how he died. It broke his heart to know just how much he had hurt his sister and Lucas.
    Lucas wrapped his arms tightly around Angeline as she sobbed.
    “I-I’m s-sorry.” She tried to dry the tears from her face but new ones replaced them almost instantly. Tylar couldn’t stand the sight of his sister crying. It broke his heart to know that he couldn’t help her.

    “I-I’m so sorry Angeline. After he fell I ran down the stairs with 911 on the phone. I grabbed him in my arms and cradled him in my arms until the ambulance arrived. When they announced him dead before they even laid him on the stretcher.” Lucas couldn’t bring him self to say any more because this part of the accident shredded his heart the most.

    He and Angeline both had tears streaming down their faces. Tylar’s heart just shattered at the sight of the two people he loved the most breaking down into tears because of him. “Please stop crying. Please.” Tylar’s voice was shaking.

    Lucas looked at him and smiled slightly. While Angeline jumped of the couch and against the opposite wall and made a cross with her fingers. Tylar looked at Lucas confused.

    “I don’t think she can see you.” Lucas answered the question in Tylar’s eyes. “Oh.” Tylar’s face fell. But some how he had already known this.

    “T-Tylar?” Angeline rose from her crouched position against the wall. “Yes!” Tylar jumped up and ran to Angeline just to remember that she still couldn’t see or feel him.
    “Lucas why do I hear him. H-he isn’t here. I mean there’s no way.”

    “Well, um, he is here. In a way. Just close your eyes and try to believe that you can see him.” Lucas took Tylar’s hand in his and smiled at him. Angeline closed her eyes and thought of all the times she had picked on and teased Tylar. All the times that they had played together. The time Tylar purposed to Lucas with a ring pop. The wedding was beautiful! She opened her eyes to see the person she loved the most in the whole world with his tongue sticking out.

    “I can’t believe that was what you thought of!” He said embarrassedly. His face shown bright red. His few freckles were the only part of his face that were the right color.

    It was Lucas’s turn to be confused “What? What did she think of.” Angeline lifted her round glasses so she could wipe tears from her eyes. “It’s nothing.” She laughed. “I can’t believe this. I mean I’ve studied this kind of thing, but still this is remarkable!” She exclaimed as she studied Tylar.

    “You’re quite a peculiar case brother.” Angeline said as she continued look him over.

    “What do you mean I’m a peculiar case?” Tylar asked. “And what do you mean you studied this?”

    She just sighed and rolled her eyes. “Darling brother, do you not pay attention to anything I read?” Angeline then pulled huge book from her bag. That must be around 100 pages at least. “This is a book of curses, potions, hex’s, jinxes, and miracles of magic.” She said as she pointed at the title.

    Ye Old Spells and Prophesies
    Of The Late Great Aric
    Of Darcello Grand Seer

    “So, do you just carry that around with you everywhere you go?” Lucas and Tylar ask in unison. “Well of course this is practically my bible!” She entirely serious.

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