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    princessaddison12 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 4 years, 8 months ago

    Part 4:
    As I walked into my room the other girls knew something was up. But I wasn’t the kind of person that just said what happens. They kept guessing and begging me until they gave up and went to bed. But I did what I always did when something was on my mind, read. On the way back I was so excited about magic I grabbed a couple spell books from the library. I read about black out spells, freeze spells, heat spells, and mogrification! I was so excited I learned a whole years worth of spells! I went back on the roof and the gargoyle let me practice on him (now that he wasn’t scared of me anymore). Finally I went to bed, but stayed up so late I only woke up an hour later, but I wasn’t tired. I was to excited to be tired! I went to breakfast and are some strawberry a then quickly got dressed, put on makeup, and did my nails ( I wasn’t obsessed with looks but I’m still an Ever Girl). Me and Mia had Animal Communication 1st. So we walked to class and almost died of boredom as Princess Uma took up the whole time talking to “friends” and giggling like an idiot, not realizing she had a class. So I just read the whole time. “What are u reading?” Mia asked, my hair turned pink, “um, a book on posture.” I said quickly and hid the book before she could see the cover. Pollux said that only the best students could unlock their fingers by them selfs, she didn’t want anybody to be jealous of her! “Umm, ok,” Mia answered suspiciously. As the wolves howled the end of class I noticed Mia run straight to Loryn and Mari. I quickly walked to good deeds before they started asking me questions again. Thank goodness I had good deeds alone. And beautification, which was next. I learned the properties of a good deed, and I was trying to focus on listening but had so thoughts flying through my head I couldn’t concentrate. I this was the first day of school, she was going to explode by the next week! After good deeds, I had beautification, so I pushed away every thought in my mind for I had to focus on making makeup out of simple things in the woods. After I made red lipsticks and pink blush out of juicy and dried berries in under 5 minutes a gold “1” burst over my head, first ranking of the day and I was already first? This year was gonna be awesome if I just focus and concentrate like that everyday! I knew I only had Loryn in history of heroism, but my fear was that Grant would be in that class, it was my first boy and girl class of the day. I caught up with Loryn, she didn’t ask about last night, we just talked about our last to classes, I was excited to hear she got rank 1 in one class, but rank 2 in another. But still good! A we walked in I saw we were first in the classroom so I walked to a random desk and buried my face in my book, in case he walked in.

        agathaforlife123 replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        OMG I love it you are an AWSOME writer please wright more

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