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    Love Story
    Part Six

    “I don’t understand,” Lady Lesso mumbled to herself. “You were Good and now you’re Evil. I don’t understand.” I was in shock myself, wondering what I had done to cause such a dramatic change in my conduct. I replayed my last moments at Good over and over in my head, searching for the pivotal moment. Suddenly, I spoke up. “I snarled. I was cruel. I was cruel to an Ever but I don’t understand what that has to do with the school change.” Lady Lesso paled even further. “Alexandra,” she asked weakly. “What was life like before you came here?” Confused by the question’s relevance I answered. I told her how unlucky I always was, how whenever I told my parents about my bad luck they changed the subject, and that I felt like I was cursed. She did a quick spell and confirmed my greatest fear. “Alexandra, you are under a Curse of Indecision. Your soul can never choose. It cannot be Good nor Evil forever, as most souls are. Which makes it impossible for you to find love as you will be split between two boys, two worlds, two sides, forever.” At those words, I fainted.

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