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    princesslexi posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 5 years, 4 months ago

    Love Story
    Part Seven

    When I came to, I was secretly hoping that the school switch/curse thing was just a dream. Then I opened my eyes and ruined the beautiful fantasy. “I’m really Evil,” I mumbled sadder than I thought possible. I shed some tears and equally forgave and cursed Tedros. Even though though I didn’t realize it, my dress changed with each of those actions. Suddenly I couldn’t remember what I was crying about. Why waste perfectly good tears on something I couldn’t remember? “Why am I crying?” I asked no one in particular, not expecting an answer. “No reason my dear. You shouldn’t be troubled by it,” said a male voice I didn’t recognize. “Really?” I asked wishfully. “Really,” he assured me “Now get some rest. You have a long day ahead of you.” Suddenly, I was on a bed that seemed vaguely familiar, like someone had described it to me in a dream. “Sleep, my dear, sleep.” And then it was black. The next morning I looked out my window to see a 300 foot drop to halfway bridge. Out my other window I saw another tower with a floating pen and a man, actually more like a teenager, in a silver mask. I quickly backed away from the window without the boy noticing me. In my haste I knocked over a full length mirror. I picked it up and blanched. My dress was pink and black.

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