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    Love Story
    Part Eight

    Alarmed at the colors of my dress, I ran to my closet to search for something else to wear. To my utter dismay, everything was black and pink. I ran to the window and called to the teen in the other tower. “Hey!” I yelled “Hey!” He slowly turned, like he didn’t have a care in the world. “Hello.” His voice was that of the Mystery Man last night. “You,” I said, breathless with surprise. The teen was the one who had lulled me to sleep. Looking at his face, the events of yesterday came pouring back. It was such an information overload that I fainted, but the teen caught me. I woke up in his arms what I took to be 5 hours later. In the middle of the night. He was watching me with such intensity that I squirmed. Finally I couldn’t take it any more. I jumped up from his arms. “What?” I asked insecurely. “I’ve never seen anyone with your certain affliction.” He said, staring unabashedly. That’s about when I came to my patience’s end. I had woken up with this guy hugging me and studying me like a bug. I felt myself swelling with rage. My shadow got bigger and bigger till it took up the whole room.”GET OUT!” I yelled at the masked teen, who shrunk with fear and fled through the window. Just like Tedros. I collapsed in tears.

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