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    princesslucyofplatiumsyreni posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 9 months ago

    Ahh, guys, here’s my bio~
    NAME: Anemone
    NICKNAME: Momo (by his mother and later by bullies at school)
    AGE: 16

    GENDER: Male

    HEIGHT: 4’9 (unnaturally short for his age)

    EVER/NEVER: Ever


    POWER: He has the ability to materialize things out of thin air. Only he can touch them and they disappear if he does not concentrate on them. Everything he makes is translucent smoky lavender, the color of his magic

    COLOR OF MAGIC: smoky lavender-blue

    FAIRYTALE RELATIVES: His mother was a water nymph. Not much is known about his father, hence his lack of a last name. Some speculate that Anemone was created by magic to sooth his mother’s loneliness

    APPEARANCE: He has fluffy white hair with a lavender tint to it that ends just above the bottom of his neck, round dark-blue eyes, fair skin with rosy cheeks,

    PERSONALITY: pure cinnamon roll, very optimistic and gets overly excited about the smallest things, lacks self-consciousness and doesn’t understand personal space, very gullible, hopeless romantic, insecure about his height and when he gets called childish and girly, illiterate and ignorant

    OUTFIT: He wears a button-up white shirt with a long-sleeved diamond-patterned lavender knit sweater over it, black jeans and combat boots

    OCCUPATION: runaway student

    WEAPON: a sword that he creates with his magic

    BACKSTORY: Anemone spent most of his childhood living happily with his mother in a secluded area in the woods. His mother taught him how to use his magic and how to manage household duties. Because of limited interactions with the outside world, he became the center of bullying at the School for Good for not knowing how to read and for not acting properly in certain situations. He also tended to get in trouble for trusting the wrong groups of people. Eventually, Anemone grew tired of school and decided to run away back to his mother.

        zarablueflower replied 1 year, 9 months ago

        Zara Blueflower/ Brown hair with blue tips/ Ever / Kinnda edgy no one really thinks she should be an ever. Father is head general guy to King Aurthor, Mother is Maleficent/ Kind, Sassy, Shy, Bold/ first year/ female/ Backstory: Father was killed by rouge mother’s dragon, everyone thought her mother killed him. Zara was taken away from her mother and was raised with nevers, that is why she is edgy, but she actually very nice once you get to know her/ Single, ready to mingle

          zarablueflower replied 1 year, 9 months ago

          Is also Bisexual(Meaning likes both boys and girls

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