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    princesslucyofplatiumsyreni posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 9 months ago

    “Lift up your arms, dear.”
    The young woman who had ushered him into this room slipped off his lavender sweater and promptly replaced it with a navy waistcoat. She quickly moved on to taking off the rest of his clothing.
    “Oh, umm… I can dress myself…” Anemone pointed out, but none of the maids seemed to have heard him. Before he could repeat himself a little louder, an older woman rushed out of the gold ornate dresser with a pair of matching shorts.
    “Don’t you think this would look fantastic on him?” She exclaimed and the others nodded. Anemone bit his lip. Isn’t that a little too childish? He thought as the maids replaced his black jeans with this silly piece of fabric.
    “Don’t worry,” another one called noticing the slight frown on his face. “We’ll get you ready in no time!”
    He smiled and mumbled a thank you.
    “Queen’s orders,” The last one shrugged, carrying a basket of bows and neckties. “Now let’s see, honey, which one would look the cutest on you?”
    She lifted a few up to his neck before deciding on a lacy white bow. She fastened the bowtie around his neck and giggled when she stepped back to look at it.
    “Her Majesty would love it!”
    “Is she going to laugh at me?” Anemone asked, tugging at the bow that now rested on his neck.
    The first maid chuckled. “Laughing’s better than throwing you in jail with the other two!”
    This took him off guard. “W-wait, why are they getting thrown in jail? They were just helping me find my mamma…”
    “They’re thieves.” The maid who gave him the bowtie replied curtly. “They deserve to be punish-”
    “Now, now,” The older maid interrupted. “What type of shoes should we give him?”
    The maids quickly hurried away, completely dropping the subject. After replacing his boots with knee-high socks and maryjanes, the maids powdered his cheeks with blush and combed his hair to perfection. After his makeover was complete, the maids gave him a bouquet of rose, before leading him back to the throne room.
    “Remember, dear,” The young maid said in a low voice while the guards announced their presence. “Do not upset Queen Rose for I fear what would happen if you do.”
    She gave Anemone a light shove on his shoulders before turning away. He stumbled in front of the queen, and quickly dipped a bow. Hand on heart to show allegiance. Look down to show inferiority. Bow until told to stop. Anemone silently repeated the lessons he learned from school.
    “You may rise.” The queen announced with a slight smile grazing her lips.
    He opened his mouth to speak, but then closed them. The roses first, he reprimanded himself.
    “Your majesty, roses to compliment your beauty.” He mimicked the phrases he’s heard millions of times spilling out of the mouths of princes from School.

    (Sorry if this ended in a weird spot, I wasn’t sure how Rose would respond to him ^^)

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