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    princessluna235 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 9 months ago

    The third part of Jasmine and Nora 🙂
    I’ve thought of the name but I won’t reveal it just yet, since it’ll spoil the surprise of the story.
    Nora’s POV
    Jasmine and I rode our uncontrollable bears to the opening of the forest. “Oh yes! Are we going to the School of Good and Evil? I’m going to be a P-R-I-N-C-E-S-S!!” Jasmine warbled hopefully. “I don’t think so. The School of Good and Evil uses STYMPHS, not BEARS,” I rolled my eyes and replied. “Still, maybe they changed transportation!” Jasmine giggled, unconcerned at our following situation. “Jasmine, look. You’re the LAST person I’d like to talk to, but we have to be a team now. We’re RIDING two CRAZY BEARS into the WOODS to WHO KNOWS WHERE, and you’re STILL thinking about whether the School changed transportation?” I snapped, trying to let her understand what was exactly happening now. “Nora, JUST GIVE UP ALREADY! We have brought ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with us, and our ONLY CHOICE is to let these bears guide us.” Jasmine snapped back. “Fine,” I lashed, trying to keep my cool, “stay on these stupid bears and don’t care if they bring us right to a man-eating monster.”
    I sighed and lay my head gently down on the bear’s broad back and stroked its smooth, velvety back. It purred like a cat and it was when I noticed the flicking tails on the bears’ bottoms. “Jasmine, these aren’t just bears! They’re…part bear, part cat and part pink or grey thing.”I smiled a rare smile, thinking this all quite amusing.
    Jasmine didn’t reply.
    “Nora…” She turned to me, eyes big and slightly wet. “Do you still hate me?”
    Tears stung my eyes as my mind replayed everything that happened between us.
    “No,” I answered truthfully, “but why did you do it?”
    The tears spilled out of my eyes like an overflowing jug of milk.
    “Why did you ever do it, Jasmine? It was the worst day of my life. Do you turn on your other friends like how you turned your back on me?”
    Tears ran down Jasmine’s creamy cheeks.
    “I…I thought you wanted to be with Hannah and didn’t need me anymore! So I wanted—I…I wanted to get Hannah away from you…” She sobbed, wiping away her tears with her free hand.
    “I didn’t! Jasmine, I would never give up on you! You were my best friend! I felt so happy with you!”
    Jasmine sobbed, unable to utter a word, shaking her head as if she didn’t believe me. I was sobbing too, tears streaming down my **** face.
    I changed hands, my left arm now holding onto the collar and my right arm outstretched toward Jasmine and her bear-like thing.
    Jasmine took my hand smiled, although tears were still on her face.
    And the we spent the rest of the unusual trip hand in hand, both smiling blissfully in bashful silence.
    Jasmine’s POV
    We rode deeper and deeper into the forest, my hand feeling safe in Nora’s, until we reached two tall oak trees, one in perfect condition and blossoming perfect pink flowers, one ***** and gnarled and withering. Two signs, one pearly and pink, one rotted and black, were nailed on both of the trees.
    “The School for… Fair and Vile?!?” I read aloud in shock. “What is that…?”
    The truth dawned on me.
    “Fair and Vile…” Nora muttered thoughtfully.
    We both knew who was fair and who was vile without doubt.
    The bear-like things spread out their giant wings and we both jumped in shock.
    “Part bear, part cat, part pink or grey thing and part EAGLE?” Nora cracked. “What ARE these things? Are they gonna stand up and start SINGING?”
    The bear-like things soared into the sky without difficulty thanks to their huge wings, and hoovered above two schools.
    Two schools.
    Just like the two trees.
    One pink and perfect for the Fair. One black and rotten for the Vile.
    But the surprising thing was that Nora was hoovering above Fair and I was above Vile.
    The bears are going to switch spots, I thought confidently. I’m in Fair. Nora’s in Vile.
    But as soon as I finished thinking these thoughts, the bears made a giant nose-dive towards the schools and I screamed as Nora free-fell into Fair while I fell into Vile…
    That was all I remembered before I hit hard ground and everything was dark.
    Woohoo! Twice in a day! 🙂

        sapphy replied 1 year, 9 months ago

        Oh! Is this the same school or has something warped it?

          spyingclimber replied 1 year, 9 months ago

          Is this like when it changed into girls and boys then young and old?

          princessluna235 replied 1 year, 9 months ago

          I was planning for it to be a completely different school 🙂

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