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    Welcome To Amazeland! Chapter 1 (part 2)
    **@princessofthecoven for Chapter 1 (part 1)

    “Haaaay girl!” Kali exclaimed when she opened the door.
    “Hi.” Becca said, much more calm and composed.
    Without an invitation, Becca walked into Kali’s house. The walls were a creamy white, and a giant chandelier hung from the ceiling. Winding stairs curved up about ten feet from where Becca was standing, and there were four doorways leading to different parts of the house.
    “Mom!” Kali yelled.
    “Yes?” A cheerful and high-pitched voice replied back.
    “Bec’s here!”
    Kali’s mom came flying down the stairs. Literally. She was riding a hoverboard and had giant VR goggles on. She swerved around running into walls and stairs until she touched Kali’s face.
    Kali’s mother, Mrs. Brown was a kid in an adult’s body. She was childish and fun, almost the opposite of Becca’s mother. Mrs. Brown used technology and made all kinds of cool gadgets, including the hoverboard she was currently riding. Not only was she technological advanced, she never hesitated to get ***** or have a little fun. When Becca and Kali were little, Mrs. Brown would play in their make-believe games filled with dragons and castles, even when they all got a little… messy.
    “Can I get you girls anything to sink your chompers into?” Mrs. B asked.
    Kali and Becca stared at each other. Sometimes Mrs. B forgot that they were growing up.
    “Um.” Kali said, no emotion in her voice. “We will have to eat some Cheetos and, um, other things that are in this house.”
    “On it!” Kali’s mom exclaimed, and zoomed into the kitchen.
    Kali rolled her eyes. “I mean like, seriously. I feel like I am more mature than my mom.”
    Becca nodded silently. Kali had no idea.
    She followed Kali up the small and surprisingly tiring stairs. I really need to workout more.
    Becca thought. She used to workout daily, until she moved from Wisconsin to California, keeping up with her mom’s growing need for jobs.
    Kali walked into her room, with Becca trailing behind her.
    “Sit down.” Kali said, gesturing to one of the purple bean bag chairs behind her.
    Becca lowered herself onto the chair. Kali’s room hadn’t changed a bit.
    Royal purple walls with posters of her favorite movies, a giant bulletin board with pictures of her and Becca scattered around, along with a few pictures of Kali’s family friends. The floor had pink carpet and a pink bed frame. The cover of the bed was pink and decorated with little teddy bears. Her pillows were in the shapes of bears and pink tiaras, making the room seem like something a five-year-old would enjoy.
    “Mom says I can do whatever I want with my room next year.” Kali mumbled, probably embarrassed.
    Then she flopped onto the bed and laughed. “It can’t come soon enough!”
    Soon Kali and Becca were both giggling like little kids and throwing bear-shaped pillows at each other.
    “Hey…” Becca started.
    “Mmh?” Kali mumbled, face blocked by the giant pillow Becca threw at her.
    Becca laughed and detached the pillow from Kali’s face.
    “Uh oh.” Becca said.
    “What?” Kali said, obviously confused.
    “The pillow stained your face, um, I can try to get it off. I’m so sorry.”
    “WHAT!?” Kali jumped up frantically running for the mirror.
    Becca tried to contain her laughter.
    “Waaait a second…” Kali said, turning around slowly.
    Becca could hold it no longer.
    She burst out laughing.
    “Hmph.” Kali pouted. But when she saw Becca’s face, she couldn’t help but smile.
    When Becca finally contained her laughter, she started again.
    “Um, so, why-.” She started, only to be interrupted by Kali’s mom bringing in treats.
    “Girls!” She sang. “I have food!”
    “Ok thanks mom!” Kali said, ushering her mom out.
    “Let me know if your need anyth-” but Mrs. B was cut out by Kali slamming the door.
    The girls looked down at the plate of food.
    There were crackers, two kinds of cheese, purple grapes, green apples, Keebler Fudge Stripes, Cheetos, and… tickets to Amazeland?
    “Are those…?” Becca stuttered, pointing at the tickets.
    Kali smiled.
    “Welcome to Amazeland!” She exclaimed.
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