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    princessofthecoven posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Hey all! Liv here, with some exciting news! Some of you may already know, but @vaydacapricorn and I have started a story/short-story collaboration! (I meant to say collab but autocorrect corrected it XD)
    Anyway… I have posted me and Vayda’s bios, so check by activity by clicking my avatar or clicking here —> @princessofthecoven to read those. Here is your long-awaited prologue of…
    ‘It’s Okay To Be Afraid
    ‘Across the ocean, past the hills and the farm, and even farther than the mining caves, there was a school.

    A School no one knew about, unless you woke up there one day, with no memory of your friends or family.

    Kids would wander the halls, doing the bidding of the mysterious Schoolmaster, oblivious to the world around them.

    The schoolmaster was a mysterious man, and he always would appear different to each and every student.

    For one, he was a frail and timid figure, and for the other, a big and bulky man.

    But today’s story is not only about the schoolmaster.

    odays story is a tale of six wondrous students of this odd academy.

    Each equipped with their own strengths and fears.
    Now let us begin the tale…
    ‘It’s Okay to be Afraid’
    Please let either Vayda or I know if you want to get tagged!
    Let us know if you have suggestions/comments!
    We hope you enjoyed this chapter!
    🌸Liv + Vayda🌸

        coraem replied 4 weeks, 1 day ago

        woeug omg that was ahhh *speechless*

          delilahkitty replied 4 weeks, 1 day ago


        cocostar replied 4 weeks, 1 day ago

        Taggles and ha I already say this cos I spoed on one of you teehee

          cocostar replied 4 weeks, 1 day ago


          princessofthecoven replied 4 weeks, 1 day ago

          Haha XD

          cocostar replied 4 weeks, 1 day ago


        silver13 replied 4 weeks, 1 day ago

        ahh yes tag me please

          snakelover replied 4 weeks, 1 day ago

          TAG ME! And maybe use my Cynthia White bio if you want

        jafaristhebest replied 4 weeks, 1 day ago

        So cooool I can’t wait!!

        queenagatha108 replied 4 weeks ago

        Wow ‘gasps’ please Tag!!

        evergirl391 replied 4 weeks ago

        wow! super cool!

        rwbywingskeeper replied 4 weeks ago

        That was amazing! Thanks for tagging me!

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