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    princezzdot posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi! This is for @skyfire1‘s bio and first chapter competition!
    Name: Nisha Of Neverland
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Family: Nisha lives/lived with her grandmother Esmerelda and her father Todd. Her mother left her when she was young.
    Kingdom: Neverland
    School: Good
    Appearance: Nisha is quite exotic looking with bright green eye, flecked with gold and blue, chocolate brown skin, dark coffee colored hair,and very defined cheekbones. Kyra is very short, and known for her ****** expressions.
    Personalty: Nisha is fiery and fiercely loyal. She’s sassy, kind, and not afraid of standing up for what she believes in. Nisha has very strong opinions.
    Flaws: Can overthink things.
    Fears: Being left out, not being able to help.
    Backstory: Nisha loves going to the ocean, she spent a lot of time there. The rest is mostly generic family stuff.

    Chapter One

    Nisha hummed as she watched the sunset and busied herself with pots. The sun was a fat yellow yolk, dipping below the murmuring mountains. She scrubbed the last bit of potato of a pan and placed it on the windowsill to dry. Nisha hated dishes duty, but after being late to Beautification five times, she supposed she deserved. Nisha yawned, it was well past midnight. She made her way through the halls of Charity tower, before coming to a stop outside her room. Nisha’s sunk down into her bed, she hadn’t been given roommates yet – last ones had been sent home after setting the room on fire, leaving scorch marks on Nisha’s bed – so it was surprising when she was jostled awake at theocracy of dawn.
    Nisha blinked open her eyes, and saw a frock;ed face looming over her. Nisha groaned.
    “Who are you?”
    “Your roommate silly!” the voice responded.
    “Why diid you wake me up?” Nisha snapped, taking in the girls bright orange bob.
    The girl frowned, “You don’t remember? Today we have a special lesson in the great lawn. We’re learning how to defend ourselves. Theres gonna be Ever boys .” The girl said the last part with a dreamy voice. Nisha gagged and climbed out of bed, slipping on her shoes and throwing on her uniform. She barely rushed her hair before her new roommate ushered her out the door, saying that she would be right there. Nisha hurried down the marble steps, taking in the murals splashed on the walls representing princes fighting dragons, princesses calling birds, children outsmarting witches…
    It felt so artificial to Nisha, but for a second she got lost in then, her fingers brushing the paintings. It seemed real, but not.
    What surprised Nisha, was that there was no one else around. Surely they would be rushing to get to the special lesson? Unless… Nisha shook off the thought and rushed out onto the dark lawn. There was one one in site. No teachers no students, only Dean Sophie’s bright green eyes glowing from the School Masters tower. A shrieking alarm sounded.
    In one second, Nisha realized what had happened. She would be tai;\led and turned into a plant if she stayed. Her only instinct was to run. She did this, kicking up dirt as she ran into the Blue Forest, leaves and branches scratched her arms, adrenaline pulsed through her. Nisha had been tricked.

        skyfire1 replied 7 months, 3 weeks ago

        Cool chapter! Thanks for participating!

          never11ever8 replied 7 months, 3 weeks ago

          For your competition does it have to be a SGE story?

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