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    purpleunicorns8 posted an update 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Since you wanted wanted one, recap of CG!
    The first major thing that happened was technically a bunch of characters met but they were never mentioned again so…
    next thing that happened was the Skia landing on earth. They choose to have their meeting in an old, burnt, run down supermarket. Why? I don’t know. the most notable Skia are Lieana, Nick (at least I think that was his name), I forgot this girls name so lets call her… Sally IDK, Heather, Myra, and Nate.
    During this meeting, A teenage girl named Kimberly Imbara finds them. Lieana and Nick are sent out to go and take care of Kimberly. After many failed lies, Nick realizes that Kimberly has a Krystallo amethyst necklace. After more failed lies, the two Skia decide that they have to kill Kimberly. They fight and Kimberly ends up winning, knocking them both out and leaving them on the side of a street. This is also when it’s revealed that Lieana can control plants, Nick and control metal, and Kimberly can fly.
    Kimberly fly’s to the roof next door to watch the rest of the Skia meeting. The king and queen of the Skia lay out the plan, the teenager Skia are going to overtake all the schools while the adults are going to take care of… other things. Lieana goes outside to try and cope with the fact that she’s going to have to overtake another planet and she spills her guts out to her plants.
    Kimberly, who now feels bad for Lieana tries to comfort her. Lieana is now terrified of Kimberly and starts to freak out, but then Kimberly was all like “I’m not gonna kill you if you don’t kill me.” and Lieana was like “bet.” So now Kimberly and Leiana start flying around and somehow, they kiss. they are now dating.
    Lieana is all like “yeah I have to go back now i’ll meet you here at midnight.” and Kimberly was all like “bet” and then she heads out to the skate skate park so she can roller skate.
    meanwhile, on the other side of town, Robbie and Kris are flying to the skate park using Kris’s telekinesis powers to lift them.
    while at the skate park, Robbie is contentiously running into walls. This gets the attention of Jaxon, the boy that Kris just so happens to have a crush on. It also grabs the attention of Kimberly, who is still over the moon about her new alien girlfriend. they just sorta vibe at the skate park and laugh at Robbie smashing into walls until Robbie accidentally reveals that he can read minds to Kimberly. Kimberly then pulls him outside to basically interrogate Robbie. she then reveals to him that she has powers and then she goes back inside after he confesses that he has powers and that Kris also has powers.
    Robbie runs into another wall and almost dies. They have now moved outside to underneath a tree. Robbie wakes up and then Kris and Kimberly lift up everyone with their powers. Kris yeets Robbie into a wall and Robbie gets upset and he’s all like “yo jaxon, kris is gay and he has a huge crush on you!” and then Kris ran off into a forest. jaxon was like “*** robbie” and then he ran off to go find Kris followed by Kimberly.
    Kris and Jaxon have a heartfelt conversation about love and stuff while kimberly awkwardly third wheels. she leaves to right before Kris and Jaxon kiss and start dating.
    Kris and Jaxon get cornered on the street by two human girls while kimberly meets one of her childhood friends and some other girl who can teleport. Kris Jaxon escape the two girls and they and up going back to Kris and Robbies house. they Kiss a bunch. meanwhile Kimberly is with her secret alien girlfriend. Robbie sits alone and feels bad about himself.
    the next day, Kris and Jaxon are sitting on a roof when Kimberly shows up with her suspicions about Robbie being one of the Skia. but then guess who shows up, Robbie! he was acting kinda weird because he had ran into a wall. When he finally snaps out of it, Kimberly starts interrogating him. again. Jaxon passes out then both Robbie and Kimberly are like “oh no!” and they go to make sure he’s not dead. Robbie then reveals that he’s not and evil alien, but he is an alien. Robbie and Kris are Krystallo, a race of aliens that was almost wiped out by the Skia. Robbie then runs away but he passes out on the sidewalk. that one heather girl that I mentioned before comes and battles them. She can shoot string out of her hands. The good people gang end up capturing her but then Sally shows up and starts beating the $h!t out of them. Kris legit goes insane and starts throwing missiles at people. sadly, Sally has the power of force fields and she blocks the missiles.
    Sally and Heather leave and the gang all run back to skate park where the lock themselves in a closet but wHoOpS Heather got there first! Heather locks them in so they call upon Kimberlys friend (who just happens to be able to teleport) to get them out. They run off to a park where they meet Nate. A skia who plans on stealing all the necklaces that give all the non-aliens power. turns out heather works for him. they fight but some little kids (who just so happen to have necklaces) show up and stop it. Sally is now on the good guys side. Kris, Robbie, and Jaxson all yeet over to the grave yard because one of the kids, Ben, can talk to dead people. Kimberly then almost gets kidnapped by the last Skia, Myra, but then Heather is all like “no let’s go torture Nate for some reason!” and Myras all like “oh okay pause the kidnapping” and they go to beat up Nate. after thoroughly beating up nate myras just like “yup okay back to kidnapping now!” and runs away with Kimberly. then the doc got deleted. all I have to say is, thank you for creating the best roleplay i’ve ever been a part of, even if it only lasted a week.

        jellyfish-syllia replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago


          purpleunicorns8 replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago

          YOU’RE EPIC

          jellyfish-syllia replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          AH NO YOU *uno reverse card*

          purpleunicorns8 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          oh yeah kimberly also ate a lip balm once
          and robbie got coffe-high and from what i’ve heard started saying some weirdly flirty things (im sad i missed that part)

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