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    queencyancobra posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 week, 2 days ago

    Hai I’m new!

        sydneywhite replied 1 week, 2 days ago

        Welcome to Role Play Level O! I’m @sydneywhite.
        I’m not part of the Welcome Commitee, but I’ll tell what you do. Here, people make up stories.
        First, you should do your bio (biography), which gives information about your main character. It should go like this:
        Finger glow colour:
        Special Talent:
        You can anything else if you want, but not too much.
        Aftet you create your bio, you can start posting your story here, chapter by chapter. If it’s still not clear you can check other writer’s accounts to see how they do theirs. Good Day!

          queencyancobra replied 1 week, 2 days ago

          Thanks so much!

        spyingclimber replied 1 week, 2 days ago

        Welcome to The School for Good and Evil RP Level Zero. I’m @Spyingclimber. First things first what is RP? RP or role-playing is creating characters to play and create a story about. We have four levels or RP. Level 0 (the starting point). RP Level 1 has more detail in their stories. (Generally stories are separate for 0 and 1, but there are sometimes collab.) Level 2 and 3 are big collabs, they work together on the same story. Here in our RP system we use chapters to create our stories. Often people write 1rst pov or 3rd pov. POV stands for point of view. Try and establish what pov you will be using. Some people have first pov but switch between their character. Do whatever works best. But before you start your story a bio (biography) is necessary. Why? Because this introduces us to your character and we are able to get inside information. Your bio may not be the most detailed thing the world but please do add as much as possible. We then will be able to dive deep into the story. A bio can often depend on the story. If you’re writing about SGE then you may want to include fingerglow and school. For others add what you need. In general this is what you need.
        Name: (What will you name your character?)
        Age: (How old will they be?)
        Appearance: (What do they look like? What clothing do they wear?)
        Personality: (How do they act? MUST HAVE FLAWS! No one likes a Mary Sue (perfect character.))
        Location: (Where do they live?)
        Family: (Who they are related to?)
        Strengths: (What are they good at?)
        Weaknesses: (What do they have a hard time with?)
        Backstory: (What happened to them before your tale?)
        You are welcome to add anything else to your bio, in fact we encourage it. Some examples are weapons, pets, friends, enemies, sexuality, and crushes.
        You are able to create a story about anything, but keep it PG at most. We have a HUGE age range of users. If you are going to post something with a higher rating please post a content warning. Next up are some rules and tips.
        You are welcome to ask questions. (related to the RP)
        If you give constructive criticism, please be kind about it.
        Please don’t most one-liners. (They drag the stories down)
        Be polite and courteous.
        When writing your story you may want to write in Word, Google Docs, or something similar. This way you won’t lose your work. When your writing please proofread your work for errors. This way it’s easier to read.
        Don’t PLAGIARIZE any work. We have a ZERO tolerance for bullying.
        More on the RP Levels, it can take a little while to really get the hang of it but once you feel comfortable you can move up. It really depends on how you feel. I still use Level 0 and Level 1.
        If someone likes your story they may asked to be tagged. What is tagging? You put the @ symbol in front of their username. I did this above when I introduced myself. If you have anymore questions you are welcome to ask the rest of the Welcoming Committee. The WC currently is comprised of me (a senior member) @evilerruler845 (a senior member) and @thecoven4ever ( a junior member). If there are site issues please post them in website central and tag Jun.

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