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    queencyancobra posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 week, 2 days ago

    Name: Clare Fern
    Age: 14
    Appearance: tall and willowy, chestnut hair, green eyes, tan skin, long hair
    Gender: female
    School: school for good, school for girls
    Relatives: none that I know of. Orphaned when left in the blue forest as a baby
    Finger glow colour: green
    Personality: kind, helpful, reliable, strong willed, determined.
    Friends: all of the ever girls. And Hester,anadil,and dot. (They are my friends too)
    Enemies: Rafal, etcetera.
    Special Talent: control earth and trees(earth control)
    Weakness: fire

    I am earth based:) super kind and reliable.

        princessrachael replied 1 week, 2 days ago

        You can use these characters
        Name: Duchess Maria-Rose Tune of Luna Song Plains
        Age: 15
        School: Evil
        Gender: Female
        Appearance: light, hazelnut skin, silver oceans of mint-blue eyes (her eyes are tinted with silver) and black hair. A rose birthmark on her cheek (concealed by special make-up).
        Clothes: Off the shoulder tops in light blue, red or purple and jeans. A locket in the shape of a rose (with a ruby in the middle that is in the shape of a music note) that she has had since she was a baby and always wears. A white rose headdress. Red heels.
        Personality: Giggles a lot. Shy but brave when you get to know her. Gets bullied a lot because of her birthmark so tends to be quiet and doesn’t open her heart often.
        Likes: roses, jewels, nature, music
        Dislikes: bullies, boy’s (because they like her for how she looks and not for her personality)
        Pets: A red cub
        Family: Duke of Flower Plains and a baby half-sister named Orchid.
        Faction: Mother was half-fairy
        Occupation: Duchess, the soon-to-be queen of Moondale
        Backstory: Mother died in childbirth. Father remarried two days later. Maria-Rose’s stepmother wanted to get rid of her so she arranged a marriage with her cousin, the king of Moondale. Neither Trevor nor Rose were pleased.
        -Second Character-
        Name: Prince Trevor Antonio Luna of Moondale
        Age: 15
        School: Good
        Gender: Male
        Appearance: blonde hair, pale skin and silver-blue eyes.
        Clothes: blue shirt with collar undone and two buttons unbuttoned. Blue trousers.
        Personality: Flirty but hates being controlled. Carefree, reckless and vain.
        Likes: Being adored
        Dislikes: Being in a castle
        Pets: silver wolf
        Family: King and Queen of Moondale
        Faction: Dad is human and mom is a moon goddess.
        Occupation: King in training
        Backstory: Smooth sailing

        queencyancobra replied 1 week, 2 days ago


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