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    OK! Next chapter. Catch up at @QueenOfSneaks
    Chapter 8: Here I Am Now -Enna’s POV
    Of course my parents went crazy. I’m going to Good.
    I just came through the Flowerground. It was… Scary. Very big, too colorful, and too many pretty princesses. Horrible.
    Now, we have to get ready, they said. For the Welcoming.
    I don’t wanna do this, I whisper to myself as I stumble into my dorm rooms. On the outside of the door is a plaque that says DESTINY BROOK & SIENNA FIR.
    In the dorm, there is a girl already there. She is beautiful, with large purple doe eyes and long, dark brown hair. She doesn’t look mean, and my heart, still burning from Hanna’s hopefully lies, perks up. Maybe she’s a friend.
    She smiles at me. Hello, I’m Dessa, she says, still smiling.
    Dessa digs into her suitcase, and pulls up a long, billowy white dress, with a gold neckline, and gold edging. Do you think this will look good for the Welcome? she asks me.
    I just nod, uncertain.
    She smiles at me again. What’s your name? she asks with a friendly smile.
    I am Sienna. I lower my eyes, nervous. In my past life, people made fun of my strange name.
    That’s a really pretty name, Dessa says, still smiling. She reminds me of the Chesire Cat. I saw his son ***** in the hall- Heard he goes by Cheshire.
    Just like that, I know that Dessa is my friend.
    We’re at the welcoming now, and I’m wearing a lean dark green knee length skirt made of silk; and a loose fitting light green top that buttons up, with a slight collar. Dessa curled my hair, and I have to admit, I think I look pretty good. I thought that we’d have to wear uniforms, but that has appeared to have changed. Whoo-hoo… Dessa was very happy about that, but I don’t see the point.
    Everboys charge in, swords flashing in and out, in and out, in a battle that seems like it will never end. I stare, awestruck… It is beautiful, that network of gleaming metal.
    A cute boy with hazelnut colored hair and warm blue eyes wins; barely beating the boy who calls himself Cheshire, and a lanky boy who’s name I don’t yet know comes in third.
    Do you know the name of the boy who won? I ask Dessa, who is sitting right next to me.
    Yes. That is Laurence Pendragon of Camelot. The boy in second is ***** Cat, and the last boy is Jacob Beanstalk, Dessa explains. I wonder how she knows all that, but I don’t ask.
    Then the boys all throw their roses. I find myself wanting one at that moment, but don’t have time to squash the feeling.
    Because a rose is being thrown at me.

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