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    queenofsneaks posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 11 months ago

    Heyheyheyheyheyheyhey!!!!!!!!! *gasps for air* I need bios! I already have some given to me BUT I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!
    So please drop your bios in the comments if you want to be in my story.
    Here is my story, from start to where-I-am-right-now.
    Prologue: Eternity
    The woman cried silent tears. Saying goodbye is always hard. Shadows danced across her back as she whispered to the tiny baby on the marble step of the Lord’s castle.
    “Faith.” The woman crooned to the small child longingly, her voice full of sorrow and hope, her frail body shivering; her soft hands clutching a silver locket with thorn engravings.
    “I can’t care for you and myself, and create a good life for the two of us. I’m sorry. The Lord and Lady want a child, and will love you as I would have.” She murmured to the darked-haired baby.
    Moonlight glistened on the marble steps of the castle, that lead to a granite castle. The castle was strong and elegant, with three towers and two buildings. The woman and the child Faith were on the front steps, the grand entrance.
    All the woman’s whisperings woke the once sleeping little girl, her doe eyes blinking. Violet pools of wonder looked back at the tired young woman, wonder at everything the world had to offer.
    The woman stared at the child with love and sorrow covering her beautiful features. Those eyes were forever.
    “You are my forever. My eternity. My eternity. My Eternity. Destiny.” She carefully wrote the child’s name inside the locket within her clutch.

    Destiny Eternity Ema Thorn. Keep her safe. I love you Dessa.

    Crying now, the woman closed the locket, whimpering hushed goodbyes. She rose, knocking using the silver knocker, then ran. Away as fast as she could before anyone saw her.
    At the doorstep the servants appeared, whispered messages already being sent to the willing Lord and Lady.

    Chapter 1: Forever- Dessa’s POV
    Hi. My name is Destiny Eternity Ema Thorn Brook. I’ve lived with Lord and Lady for my whole life, but they aren’t my real parents. My mother left me on the Lord and Lady’s steps because she couldn’t keep me safe enough. So here I am.
    Life here isn’t bad or anything. I mean, I have friends and my adopted parents love me. I just wish I know who I really was.
    All I have left from my parents is a locket with roses and thorns painstakingly etched into it. That, and a note. It says my name, to keep me safe and ‘I love you’.
    When I was younger, some kids bullied me about having no parents. I must admit, they hit me hard and deep. It’s a scar now, just a memory, but their words will stay with me forever.
    “You don’t have parents ‘cause they didn’t want you. They must have hated you.” It wasn’t much, what they said to me, but I let it hurt me. But I now know that I have to be strong, and someday I’ll find them.
    My name means forever. Destiny Eternity. I hope she named me forever to mean something like ‘I’ll love and remember you for Eternity’. Which is silly, I know.
    Then again, no one ever calls me anything like Destiny or Eternity. I’m Ema. Just Ema. With all my family and friends, little of them use my real whole name. Most don’t even know my full name. And the only person ever to call me Dessa is Gilda, the baker.
    Gilda feels special to me, like a second mother. Sometimes I even daydream she’s my real mother. When I was littler I asked if she was my mother, she laughed. Most days I go to the bakery to help out and just be with her.
    Other children laughed at my older friend. I didn’t care. I still don’t. Gilda isn’t actually that old. She probably around 35.
    Gilda is frail looking, but she is very strong for her size. She has dark green eyes, sun-tanned skin and hair that is dark like mine; but hers is thicker and more coarse. She is always smiling and is friendly to all. She also lets me have free bread or cookie scraps when I work in the bakery. Which is delicious.
    It’s night right now, and I’m standing on the balcony remembering my life here in Brook Book. Because I might not be here for long. I’m 12, and just next week the School Master will come, and I may be on the list for taking.

    Chapter 2: Glida- Dessa’s POV
    It’s the next morning, and the sun is shining. I have to do needlepoint. Which sort of stinks. It’s one of those days where all you want to do is play outside and laugh and eat fresh bread and drink lemonade. But I’m stuck with needlepoint.
    I get up with a little moan. Getting dressed quickly, I hurry out the door. I head through the castle and sigh. I’ve reached the garden door, and the sun peeks out from the door. I never miss a class, but I’ve never wanted to.
    I pass the door with my head down, and enter my private needlepoint class.

    I’m out early. The teacher saw my boredom and let me out of class earlier than usual.
    The first thing I do is run down the village cobblestones, my hands thrown out and my hair flying behind me in it’s usual braid.
    I’m proud to say I’m pretty fast, and was at the bakery in no time.
    “Guess who it is…” I sing as I saunter in Gilda’s Bread & Bakery.
    “I know! It’s the cobbler.” She replies. It’s a little game we play, silly of us but it makes me feel so much closer to her.
    “Guess again!”
    “The baker?” Gilda has appeared from behind the counter, and she has her hand clamped on her forehead and a comically silly look on her face. “Oh wait. I’m the baker.” Gilda then swoops me into a hug, dusting me with flour. I giggle with happiness. I have entered the paradise called Gilda’s Bread & Bakery.

    3 hours later I am covered with flour and sugar.
    3 hours later I am filled with love and happiness.
    3 hours later I am filled with cookies and glee as well.
    Yup. That’s Gilda for you. She isn’t that old, but she’s very kind and treats everyone nicely and with lots of love. Because that’s Gilda.
    Sometimes travelers ask if we’re related. I work with her a lot, and there is definitely that mother-daughter feel between us sometimes. We even look alike.
    We both have long dark hair, and deep eyes that see through your soul and we read people very good. We both love animals and the same small, delicate nose and laugh like wind chimes.
    Sometimes our alikeness scares me, and I almost believe she is mother. But one thing always stops me.
    Would Gilda give me away?

    Chapter 3: Running- Sienna’s POV
    Running forever and ever. That’s what my family does. All the time.
    We’ve been in lots of places. It can be fun, traveling around so much, but there is a dark side to our seemingly carefree travels.
    We’re running because we don’t belong. Because we’re elves. Not human, you heard me. Elves. Which isn’t usually a bad thing. I look pretty human, so whenever we go to a new place, my parents keep mostly to their job while I do the shopping.
    It’s time, my mother said to me earlier. They’re getting suspicious. Let’s not wait for the torches and pitchforks, honey.
    Mom, I have friends here. Maybe they’ll allow us here.
    It won’t work, Enna. People here weren’t put in the School for Good for nothing. They might do Good things, but they are scared of magic. That includes our kind.
    I opened my mouth, and then shut it. It would do no good to argue.
    It’s two days later, and we’re packing to go to Klaf. For the choosing. Of the Schools for Good and Evil. At Klaf, a small village, I might be chose for the Good School. Klaf doesn’t produce Princesses very well, so my parents are hoping I’ll be the best choice there.
    I don’t care much if I don’t make it. My parents do though. I want to be accepted as a human, and not feared. My parents want education.
    Okay, the Schools aren’t really… Educational. They teach you to be a princess or witch, not important life lessons! Not that I care. Much. I don’t know… I don’t think I want to go there. I can’t be sure. I… Don’t know what I want.
    Wait… I know what I want.
    I want a true friend.

    Chapter 4:Dreams of Me, and Names – Dessa’s POV
    I dreamt last night. Of a girl. A Elf. She had waves of dark hair like mine, but thicker and curly. She beckoned to me, but when I got close, she disappeared into nothingness as I woke, 3 songbirds on my windowsill.
    Gilda calls dreams like that ‘Dreams of Destiny’. So I call them ‘Dreams of Me’. Gilda laughed when I first said that, a wonderfully happy sound that rings like a bell.
    Sometimes I want to cry about our alikeness, it scares me.
    I shudder, remembering the dream. Something about that Elf…
    It’s noon, and I’m eating in the garden, little animals gather near me, begging for scraps. It’s like I’m Snow White or something.
    “Ema!” I turn to see one of Gilda’s child employees Lilly running towards me. “You forgot this at the Bakery.” She held up a bracelet I had taken off to work.
    “Oh. Thank you.” I stand and curtsy politely, accepting the neat gold chain. Lilly curtseys messily, then turns and runs.
    I start to think about what she called me. Ema. My name here. I sometimes want to throw off my ‘Ema’ name and take Destiny as my common name. Ema can be too common. Whereas Eternity can be beautiful. But here I’m Ema, just Ema.
    Sometimes I wish to be called Celestial. It’s such a strangely beautiful name. Other names I like are Ena, Margretta, and Violeta. They each strike something in me.
    But I think I’d like to be known as forever. Eternity. Me. The real me.

    Chapter 5: Leaving- Sienna’s POV
    Going tomorrow, I tell Hanna, the cobbler’s daughter and my friend.
    Oh, she says. Well, my Papa said your parents are goblins in disguise, anyway.
    What! I yelp. That’s not true, I protest. Hanna sighs.
    You don’t have to be so defensive, Sienna. Hanna laughs sweetly. We all know, she purrs.
    Liar! I shout. Hanna’s cheeks turn red.
    I am not a liar. You are. We all know the truth, we’re just giving them a chance.
    I fall silent at her words, and try my hardest not to cry. Why does it have to be this hard? I ask myself, my core burning and feeling all rotten.
    Because they aren’t giving us a chance. It’s a lie. She isn’t giving me any chances. It’s fake, they didn’t know about us being Elves… Or do they? My heart is being torn apart painfully at Hanna’s hopefully lies.
    I’m ready to go, Mom. You were right, I say, soft as a bird’s feathers once I’m home.
    Enna, I’m glad to hear you speak sense. Now, please go pack your bags. Mom speaks gently.
    I just shuffle off regretfully.
    Right about now a friend would be nice.

    Chapter 6: Prince of Vegetables- Jacob’s POV
    I’m Jacob Beanstalk. Yes. You heard me. Beanstalk. I’m the eldest son of Jack Beanstalk. Well, yeah, he only has two sons. Anyway…
    Wait a moment… I’m a Prince. I should act a bit more dignified.
    I am Prince Jacob Beanstalk, Heir to King Jack and Queen Caron, more commonly known as the Princess of the Pea, and Good (hopefully, you Never know).
    Was that better?
    I’ve already spoiled it. I might as well be me.
    Anyways, the time has come. Tomorrow.
    Tomorrow I find out if I’m truly Good.
    Tomorrow they give the invitation to the School For Good and Evil.

    Chapter 7: Good or Not? -Jacob’s POV
    Hello. It’s dusk, and everyone is waiting. For me to wake tomorrow morn, and announce to the world: Prince Jacob is going to the School for Good.
    It’s not going to happen. I’m a ordinary boy! I don’t want ‘true love’ or even a ‘fairy tale’. I can be a Good King without a fairy tale, right?
    But then again… I don’t even want to be a King, let alone a hero. I’m not like the legendary Tedros, let alone my own father. Sooo. This is the biggest night of my puny little 14 years. Pathetic.
    I lay in bed, warm sleek covers over me. The mattress is warm and without any peas, and… zzz…
    I’m out of bed. Very slowly I stand… And there it is. The nightmare is real.
    A Flowerground pass.
    Enna’s POV
    In Klaf, everyone is rude, harsh and I wonder how the School Master will know who is the rightful Evil, there is so many.
    But it’s morn, and I need to see… Did I get the pass?
    I did.
    Dessa’s POV
    Oh. A slip of paper on my desk… FLOWERGROUND PASS.
    It’s beautiful.
    I am Good.
    “Lady! Lord!” I run out of the room breathless.

    Chapter 8: Here I Am Now -Enna’s POV
    Of course my parents went crazy. I’m going to Good.
    I just came through the Flowerground. It was… Scary. Very big, too colorful, and too many pretty princesses. Horrible.
    Now, we have to get ready, they said. For the Welcoming.
    I don’t wanna do this, I whisper to myself as I stumble into my dorm rooms. On the outside of the door is a plaque that says DESTINY BROOK & SIENNA FIR.
    In the dorm, there is a girl already there. She is beautiful, with large purple doe eyes and long, dark brown hair. She doesn’t look mean, and my heart, still burning from Hanna’s hopefully lies, perks up. Maybe she’s a friend.
    She smiles at me. Hello, I’m Dessa, she says, still smiling.
    Dessa digs into her suitcase, and pulls up a long, billowy white dress, with a gold neckline, and gold edging. Do you think this will look good for the Welcome? she asks me.
    I just nod, uncertain.
    She smiles at me again. What’s your name? she asks with a friendly smile.
    I am Sienna. I lower my eyes, nervous. In my past life, people made fun of my strange name.
    That’s a really pretty name, Dessa says, still smiling. She reminds me of the Chesire Cat. I saw his son ***** in the hall- Heard he goes by Cheshire.
    Just like that, I know that Dessa is my friend.
    We’re at the welcoming now, and I’m wearing a lean dark green knee length skirt made of silk; and a loose fitting light green top that buttons up, with a slight collar. Dessa curled my hair, and I have to admit, I think I look pretty good. I thought that we’d have to wear uniforms, but that has appeared to have changed. Whoo-hoo… Dessa was very happy about that, but I don’t see the point.
    Everboys charge in, swords flashing in and out, in and out, in a battle that seems like it will never end. I stare, awestruck… It is beautiful, that network of gleaming metal.
    A cute boy with hazelnut colored hair and warm blue eyes wins; barely beating the boy who calls himself Cheshire, and a lanky boy who’s name I don’t yet know comes in third.
    Do you know the name of the boy who won? I ask Dessa, who is sitting right next to me.
    Yes. That is Laurence Pendragon of Camelot. The boy in second is ***** Cat, and the last boy is Jacob Beanstalk, Dessa explains. I wonder how she knows all that, but I don’t ask.
    Then the boys all throw their roses. I find myself wanting one at that moment, but don’t have time to squash the feeling.
    Because a rose is being thrown at me.

        dani07 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        i sent a bio already! i still have to make my tale!

          esuchy replied 3 years, 11 months ago

          Go here @esuchy and go to activity and scroll down until you find it

        katie-rose replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Here’s one:

        Name: Mirabella Slate
        Age: (However old you are when you go into you first year at the School for Good and Evil)
        Parents: Goldie Slate and Mitchell Slate
        Appearance: Black hair to the middle of her back with no bangs and brown eyes. She isn’t deathly pale or extremely tan. She is shorter than average.
        School: Good
        Personality: Shy and smart but outgoing and fun once you get to know her
        Fingerglow: Aqua Blue
        Likes: Books, bunnies, and other stuff that I can’t think of
        Dislikes: The dark, lighening storms, snakes, and spiders
        Special Talent: When she gets angry at someone she puts them to sleep. She is he only one that can put them awake again
        Other: She wonders weather she is good. She befriended a fairy named Lily. She mostly keeps to herself.

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        foreverevernever replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Name: Reid Lockhart
        Gender: Male
        Age: 14
        Parents: Gerda and Kay (The Snow Queen)
        School: Good
        Finger Glow: Half brown and half blue (like his eyes!)
        Appearance: Light Blonde with pompadour haircut (looks like there is a wave on his head). One of his eyes is deep brown and the other is ice blue. He has an extreme jaw. He is 5’8. He has fair skin and light mussels.
        Personality: He is very vain and has a “superior” attitude, but he is rarely number one is classes (which makes him mad). He believes that he deserves everything, but makes friends with the people that support him. Naive, reassuring, talented, vain cooperative, cheerful, light, brave, and little bit obnoxious. His opinion of Nevers is quite disgraceful. He cares not for their well-being, and he wants the school to be only good. Any Ever that shows dark and evil qualities, will become his enemy. He often dramatizes the situation. He has an image of the perfect “damsel in distress” in his head; weak, beautiful, helpless, stable, and timid.
        Clothes: He adds anything gold and expensive to the Ever boy uniform. He has standard taste in clothing, but likes to show is expensive taste when he can.
        Background: Have you heard the story of The Snow Queen. No? (There was this mirror that broke that could make a person only see the evil in someone. This boy named Kay got some of the mirror in his eye. He was captured by the Snow Queen. His friend, Gerda, saved him!) His mother died in childbirth. Because Kay had some evil in him, Reid was given some evil when born. Growing up without a mother made him rely on the idea of women from his stories; weak and helpless.
        Talent: His breath is ice cold and can freeze most anything (I guess you might say he has a frozen heart…).
        Fear: Nevers gaining control

        foreverevernever replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Name: Emerson Wood
        Gender: Female
        Age: 14
        Parents: Pinocchio and unknown
        Good or Evil: Good… Maybe
        Finger Glow: Brown
        Appearance: 5’5. Her hair is wavy and ***** blonde. She either wears a side braid or lets her hair fall down. Her eyes are the darkest brown. She has big light eyebrows. She has tiny features that gives off a very “feminine” appearance. Her skin is quite pale and has a slim bodice.
        Personality: If you’re looking for that mean girl kind of character, Emerson is your girl. Her good qualities mainly shine through when it’s perspective. Emerson is considerably confident. She thrives off of her etiquette and follows the rules to the best of her ability. There are two sides of Nellie: the conceited and predictable side, and the empathetic and caring side. She gives people the benefit of the doubt but is honest and true to her word. Emerson will accept any challenge, but tends to only make it worse. She becomes irritated very easily, but will act as if nothing is wrong. In a way, she prefers popularity over intelligence. She can often be considered “foolish” and “dim-witted” because she only cares about her appearance.
        Dislikes: Other confident girls, athletic challenges, filth, being disliked by others, and having to fend for herself.
        Interest: Princes, animals, proving people wrong, attention, and being rescued.
        Clothes: A white and brown floral dress that falls to her knees. Black flats.
        Talent: She is a great liar.
        Background: Emerson grew up with only her father. Her mother left her at a very young age. She lost her father, Pinocchio, at the age of seven. Their house caught on fire one night. Pinocchio got his daughter out, but couldn’t leave without the necklace that belonged to Emerson’s mom. He was caught in the fire, but the necklace was saved. She went to live with her Grandfather, Gepetto, and he taught her all he could. She was spoiled by her grandfather and is now prone to being vain.
        Fear: Fire

        foreverevernever replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Name~Winter Charming
        Finger Glow~White
        Home~She lives in the Castle of Snow. This castle is on the North side of the Forest. Snow is very common here. Winter grew up in the snow, so she loves the cold.
        Parents~Snow White and Prince Charming. Snow white is caring and beautiful, but wants herself reflected in her daughter. Prince Charming grew up spoiled, so he expects big things from Winter.
        Talent~ Extreme communication with animals.
        Appearance~Winter has dark brown hair that waves down all the way below her shoulders. She braids white flowers into her hair. Her face is somewhat pale and she has full lips. She has tiny features, but the most beautiful part of her is her eyes. She has dark brown eyes with long eyelashes. She has small eyebrows that match her hair. Overall she is very feminine. She is short, and is often made fun of.
        Personality~She hates the whole “princess” act. She could care less about etiquette, but is often characterized as feminine and weak. She truly is brave, but due to her name, she is not taken seriously by other people. She is impulsive, resentful, reliable, impetuous, and diligent. She is hesitate to adventure from her normal state. Her academic and princess life is suppose to be her top priority, but with a little… persuasion from others, she will adventure into the world.

        victoriaperrrea replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Name: Victoria Alessia Valentina
        Age: 13 (b-day-5/25)
        Gender: female
        School: Good
        Fairy tale parent: The Canary Prince
        Pet: fat ginger tabby cat named Fish (that her dad hates)
        Personality: a stubborn pain in the **** perfectionist who likes her sense of independence but isn’t isolated from having friends. A very intelligent young lady with a great sense of humor and is super sweet at the same time and cares too much for her own good, mature and takes things seriously when she needs to
        Appearance: medium beige skin, long wavy dark brown hair, almond eyes and grey and gold speckled irises , full lips, slightly upturned pointed nose, 5’3 height, looks older than she really is, wears a rose gold colored off-the-shoulder bohemian blouse dress that goes to her knees and small wedged lacy white flats
        Finger Glow: canary yellow
        Talent: drawing,singing
        Crush: Alexander (Alex for short) Russian Prince (knyaz) age 14, he has pale skin, black hair, blue eyes, 5’8 height, tall lean and muscular (think swimmer physique)
        Other: her mother passed when she was at a very young age so majority of her learning of the feminine practices was taught to her by her chambermaids. This is why her father taught her how to ride a horse and sword fight, as it was their way of bonding. Friends with witches bc in her parents story, the witches helped them

        Name: Alexander(Alex) Vashchenko
        Age: 14 (b-day 12/28)
        Gender: male
        Fairy Tale parent: Vasilisa the Beautiful and the Tsar of Russia
        School: Good
        Pet: a light golden brown and white Fennec Fox named Fenton
        Personality: he puts up a facade of being all that and looking important as his father had taught him, but when around people he was used to and comfortable with, he was calm, easygoing, humorous, sarcastic, hardworking, sincere, honest, and loving. All of these are qualities he got from his mother (a merchant’s daughter). He tends to give great attention and time and holds great responsibility for the things he cares deeply for.
        Appearance: he has pale skin, dark wavy and shortish black hair, icy blue eyes, 5’8 height, tall lean and muscular (think swimmer physique), small beauty mark(mole, but I prefer the other word) on the right of his face slightly beneath the corner of his mouth (near his chin), strong jaw, slightly pointed nose, usually wears a red, black and gold coat and slacks and a gold embroidered fitted black waistcoat with shiny black boots w/ gold embellishments and in the cold he wears a dark grey and brown fur trimmed bearskin cloak with a gold chain (the Russians were excessive 😉 ) His other common outfit is the same but in light grey, ivory, and silver.
        Finger Glow: ruby red
        Talent: pro at knife-throwing, exceptional memory and great time management skills
        Crush: Victoria Alessia Valentina
        Other: he is the oldest of six sons and is used to taking care of his younger brothers when his parents aren’t around. He feels pressured sometimes to be his best self so he can be an example for his younger siblings. He finds his escape from the world in the forest and enjoys the cold, snow, and doing practically anything in the candlelight. Although he is kind and sincere, he does have an ego and makes sure to flaunt himself to impress certain people *cough* Victoria *cough cough*

        iceprinces replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        i have some bios that you could use…
        Name: Sky Element
        Nickname: none
        Age: 14
        Gender: girl
        School: good
        Mother: unknown
        Father: unknown
        Talent: she can fly and control air. She can also sometimes make and control lightening.
        Appearance: she has long straight white hair the color of clouds and bright blue eyes the color of the sky. She has a small pointy nose a d she has a scar under her eye. Her hair has a wind blown look from spending so much time high up in the sky. She has freckles on her cheeks. She wears sleeveless jackets, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, jeans, and short dresses. She also wears colors like blue, white, purple, and pink.
        Personality: she loves to use her powers to fly and to be near the sky. Shes very out-going and unique. She loves to make new friends and meet new people. She likes to do things that no one has ever done before. She likes to do things that other people say are impossible. She can be very stubborn. She likes to prove people wrong. She hates being wrong and being tricked. She likes to discover new things. Shes a book worm and she loves to learn. She loves to learn new things and she loves giving her ideas.
        Finger-glow: sky blue
        Pet: she has a pet falcon named Dash but she calls it Dashy
        Weapon: she has a sword made of lightening.
        Crush: none
        Siblings: Hunter (@marcy), Cass (@sparrow), Apple (@sparrow)
        Name: Maylynn Dovey
        Nickname: May
        Gender: girl
        School: good
        Age: 14
        Father: unknown
        Mother: the fairy godmother (professor dovey)
        Talent: she can grant wishes. Shes really good at magic. She has wings that allow her to fly. She helps people has a daily activity. Shes great at sword fighting and she really enjoys sword fighting.
        Appearance: she has long straight midnight black hair that goes down to her waist. She has big intense hazel eyes. Pale skin. She has a pointy nose with freckles on it. She has small ears that twitch when she gets annoyed. Shes tall and skinny. She has freckles on her cheeks and nose. She likes to wear old-time-y clothes but not dresses. She likes to wear pants, shirts, and hoodies. Shell only wear a dress if its absolutely necessary. She wears colors like pink, red, blue, and purple.
        Personality: shes ********. A great leader. She can get stressed easily. Shes super nice. She doesn’t like small spaces. Shes very clever and smart. She gives herself high expectations. Sometimes she follows her own rules. She tells herself that one of lifes greatest joys is doing what other people say is impossible to do. She likes to have fun and she wants to get the most out of life. She can be stubborn. She likes to form a plan before charging into something. Shes easy to talk to.
        Finger-glow: bright pink
        Weapon: a sword made of silver with a gold handle that has her initials carved onto it.
        Pet: none
        Crush: Rallen son of the Evil Queen
        Siblings: none
        Name: Rallen Queen
        Nickname: none
        Age: 15
        Gender: boy
        School: evil
        Father: unknown
        Mother: the evil queen
        Talent: he has an effect on people that makes them believe him no matter what he says but it starts to wear off the more he uses it on one person so he doesn’t use it often. Hes a great archer. Hes good at making weapons, surviving alone in the wild, and he knows how to hunt.
        Appearance: he has *****, messy, dark chocolate brown hair. Small light brown eyes. Tall. Tanned skin. He has a button nose. He has a signature wicked grin that makes people think he did something bad. Hes strong. He likes to wear leather jackets, black clothes, clothes made from animal skin, and hoodies. He also likes to wear colors like red, blue, green, and black.
        Personality: he jokes around a lot. Hes clever and smart. He likes to pull pranks on people and joke around. Hes sarcastic even in serious situations. Hes very Very VERY stubborn. He doesn’t like to do what other people say and he loves to prove people wrong. He can be self-obsorbed. He loves to go near the sky and into high places. He falls asleep during class a lot. Sometimes he zones out without even realizing it.
        Finger-glow: turquoise
        Pet: a crow that he named Star.
        Weapon: he bow made out of bamboo and arrows made of iron.
        Crush: Maylynn (May) daughter of professor dovey.
        Siblings: none

        heart replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        You can use my 2 Nevers and 3 Evers.

        Name: Heart of Maidenvile

        School: Good

        Age: 13

        Gender: Female

        Personality: gentle, kind, shy, loyal, generous, adventurous, likes to take risks, has a short temper, fun and crazy (once you get to know her), funny, she doesn’t like people seeing her cry, makes people think that she can handle myself but sometimes she can’t, gets easily irritated when someone cries because of a simple thing (but she doesn’t show it because she doesn’t want to hurt her friends’ feelings), ready to help a person in need, has a soft heart for children, has a great sense of fashion
Appearance: layered black hair, light chocolate skin, black eyes, beautiful but only if i get to where make up and a pretty dress ( not pretty at first sight like Agatha), long eyelashes
Hobbies: singing, reading and designing dresses and rooms, writing, painting,

        Pet: Dove (Eric)

        Finger Glow: Red
        Talent: I can play tricks in the mind (like hypnosis, i can also talk to people by thought, i know what the person is thinking, what the person really wants)
        Parents: Granddaughter of Cinderella and she has a twin who’s Evil
        Creature sidekick: Snake
        Others: She and Eric were childhood best friends but then he left her all alone (you guys can make any kind of reason why) so she hates him. Because in a ball for Eric’s sister since she’s going to the School for Good, Eric promised to never leave her alone but he did so she really hates him and was surprised when she sees him again in the School for Good.

        Name: Rose
        School: Good
        Age: 14
        Gender: Female
        Parents: Beatrix and Chaddick
        Personality: Kind, understanding, gentle, fun, crazy and silly when you get to know her, hyper (sometimes), funny, loves children, average, sometimes a bit bratty and annoying, sometimes a flirt,
        Appearance: beautiful, has wavy gold hair, has a slim body like Heart, a bit tall, absolutely flawless
        Pet: a baby bunny named Katie
        Hobbies: reading, drawing
        Finger Glow: Orange
        Talent: she can make trees and plants live where ever she goes even in the desert. She can sense if there’s life anywhere.
        Creature sidekick: a hawk

        Name: Eric or Enrico
        School: Good
        Age: 14
        Gender: Boy
        Appearance: tall, has brownish hair, has a skinny but healthy body, black eyes, white fair skin, handsome
        Personality: 50 serious, 50 playful, patient, very funny, average, adventurous, likes to take risks, very competitive, loyal, energetic, brave
        Finger Glow: A mixture of yellow and orange (sunset orange)
        Hobbies: Horseback riding, eating, sleeping, reading (sometimes), swimming,
        Talent: He can turn invisible and also anything or anyone he touches when he’s invisible.
        Pet: Dove (Heart)
        Creature sidekick: Horse
        Other: He and Heart are best friends but he left her and he really hates himself for it. But it wasn’t his fault that he left her. (You guys can make any reason why he left.) He left without telling her and he was so surprised and ashamed when he saw her face in the School for Good.

        Name: Jade
        School: Evil
        Gender: Female
        Age: 13
        Parent: Granddaughter of Cinderella and she has a twin sister who’s in the School for Good.
        Appearance: She looks like Heart, except she has red eyes, red straight hair and pale skin.
        Personality: Mean, very confident, the leader type, despises animal, risk taker, adventurous, has a short temper, hates crybabies, likes fashion like her sister, silent, likes creeping up on people
        Hobbies: Hunting, cutting the animals in half, reading stories about torture, climbing trees
        Talent: Talent borrowing and talent switching or giving (She’s trying to improve her talent by making her talent borrowing into talent taking. She doesn’t want to just borrow a talent she wants to take it from the person. So she has that talent and the person will have no talent at all. The talent can be given back if she wants to but the talent will never be given back if she dies. The talent switching or giving means she can take Heart and Rose’s talent and she gives it back but she will give Heart Rose’s talent and visa versa. She can only do this when she masters the talent TAKING not borrowing.)
        Finger Glow: the same as her sister, Red
        Creature Sidekick: a stymph (she’s the very first Never who has ever had a stymph and trained it well)
        Other: She has a huge crush on Ugiel but she doesn’t like to show it nor does she like anyone to know except her twin. She was the black sheep in the family (the evil or bad one) and her parents tried hard to understand but they didn’t and they always end up fighting, she feels like nobody understands her except her sister who keeps on encouraging her to be the best Witch she could be. So she has a soft for her. Although sometimes she feels jealous of her because her parents love her sister more, show her off with a lot of people and worse compare her sister with her.

        Name: Ugiel
        School: Evil
        Age: 14
        Gender: Male
        Parents: Sophie and Hort and he has 2 siblings. One girl and one boy.
        Appearance: He has brownish hair, pale skin, amber eyes and a has bit of a scrawny body, tall
        Personality: at first angry and distant but when you get to know him, he becomes nice with you but has the same attitude to other people, he’s sort of a wimp that’s why he’s being bullied, competitive, low self esteem
        Hobbies: just throwing rocks in the lake or pond
        Finger Glow: Purple
        Talent: Gray, clay dolls magically show up and then the dolls will have the same faces and clothes as the person whom he wants to fight. He controls the doll and the person that looks like the doll will have the same movements. In short Voodoo Doll.
        Creature Sidekick: Ogre
        Others: At first he was scared of Jade but then he began to like her. In his family, he’s the eldest and he tries to be the best he could be but he couldn’t help being bullied because of his scrawny body and because he doesn’t fight back.

          heart replied 3 years, 11 months ago

          I forgot to add that whenever someone asks Jade who her parents are she just ignores them or says, “What’s it to you?” You can change whatever she says. The point is that she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s the granddaughter of a great Ever.

        gracelynnofmadinvail replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        You can use My bio’s:All of my Bio’s
        name: Gracelynn
        gender: Girl
        school: Good
        figure glow: sunset pink
        parents: Belle and Beast (beauty and the Beast)
        special talent: can make white roses appear out of nowhere and has some animal like instincts.
        magic item: a white rose necklace that has the spirit of a black lion that guides and protects her
        pets: Lassie (dog), Jack (horse), Max (black lion in her necklaces)
        appearance: ***** blonde hair usually in a ponytail, fair skin, blue eyes with a brown streak in left eye, and usually wears a purple dress with a brown belt, a white jacket, and black boots/flats, always wears white rose necklace, and has a knife hidden on her (just in case of an emergency)
        crush/boyfriend: Mason good son of Maleficent (everyone thinks he is an orphan raised by knights)
        personality: kind, fun, adventures, smart, doesn’t mind looks or nevers, can do magic, likes animals and reading
        Name: Ranya
        Age: 15
        Gender: Girl
        Fairytale parent: Ursula (the little mermaid)
        Finger glow: sea weed green
        Appearance: wavy brown hair, tan skin, sea green eyes, usually wears a black skirt and top or a black dress, deep red leather jacket, and black boots if she has legs, she can have legs or black tentacles
        Special talents: can do sea which magic (steal voices, make herself pretty, etc.), can have legs or 8 tentacles, can breath underwater and above
        Personality: deceiving, likes to make deals and con people in her favor, mischief, likes to trick people, only loyal and nice (sometimes) to friends
        Pets: Nessie (sea monster) Monty and Mike (Eels)
        Boyfriend/crush: doesn’t show it but she likes a boy named Brady son of the big bad wolf and if anyone finds out or tells she will get revenge and it will be bad
        Backstory: being raised by her mother Rayna wants to rule the sea and be queen of the ocean. She hopes that the school for evil will tell her the last thing she needs to complete her plane to rule the sea, so she won’t fail like her mother
        Other: her clothing is water proof
        Name: Mason
        Gender: boy
        School: Good
        Finger Glow: Earth Green
        Crush/Girlfriend: Gracelynn daughter of Belle and Beast
        Parent: Maleficent (everyone thinks he is an orphan raised by knights)
        Special Talent: Can do dark magic and is an excellent Fighter with or without a weapon
        Appearance: Brown hair that flopped to one side, Warm Brown eyes, Fair skin, usually wears jeans, Black shirt and leather Jacket, with black shoes
        Pets: Bandit (dog), Arion (crow)
        personality: Kind, Adventures, Witty, Smart, shy (when you first meet him then he Not), survival, secretive, loyal
        Other:he doesn’t want anyone to Know he is the son of a Never, he likes to magic, fight, and being outside
        Finger Glow:Silver
        Fairytale Parent: Big Bad Wolf (little red ridding hood)
        Crush/girlfriend: Has a secret crush on Reyna daughter of Ursula
        Appearance: a half wolf half human look, silver looking hair (looks like a wolf’s coat), fair skin that can sometimes look like their is wolf fur on it, gray eyes, wolf tail
        Clothing: jeans, black shirt and leather jacket, black running shoes, wolf tooth bracelet that his father gave him
        Special talents: can turn into a wolf and keep his clothing oh him when he changes into a wolf
        Weapon: a knife and his wolf like instincts
        Personality: witty, smart, con man, trickster, loyal to his friends (in my story that’s Reyna and Fillip), good fighter, wolf like instincts
        Pet’s: a small dog that her raised (Runt)
        Other: he has seen Reyna do her sea witch magic before they went to the school only she doesn’t remember him but he remembers him.
        Name: Emerald (she goes by her middle name Isabel or Izzy for short)
        Age: 14
        School: Good
        Finger Glow: bright orange
        Fairy tail parent: Calon (hunchback of notre dame)
        Crush/boyfriend: Dominick son of Esmeralda
        Special talent: can do gypsy magic (disappear and reappear with a smoke ball or cloth, can get out of things, etc.)
        Pet: pip (goat)
        Appearance: black curly hair that goes to the bottom of her chest, emerald eye’s (were she got her name), light Brown skin
        Clothing: red dress with a purple and orange cloth around her waist, purple cloth that keeps her hair back, and doesn’t usually wear shoes, but if she does it’s black flats, and a bracelet her father gave her
        Personality: fun, outgoing, trickster, kind, active, energetic,humble, loyal
        Other: she is an outcast as you may call her, very gypsy like, likes magic and shows, helps other outcast evers, is good friends with Gracelynn
        School: Evil for girls
        Fairytale Parent: the Siamese Cats (Lady and the *****)
        Finger glow: light Brown
        Special Talent: can speak telepathically to her twin sister (Selena), can turn into a Siamese cat like her sister, can hypnotize people.
        Crush/boyfriend: Luke son of a traitor to the merry men (robin hood)
        Siblings:she has 12 sister’s and 4 brothers but is closest to Selena her identical twin sister.
        Appearance: long, straight brown hair, tan skin, dark brown eyes, has a face that looks like a cat, she has cat ears, and her nails and teeth are like cat claws and teeth
        Usual clothing: tan colored tank top, brown leather jacket, black leggings and boots, hair is down, and has a necklace with a golden cat head on it.
        Talents (non-magical)/hobbies: is a great gymnast, very flexible, always lands on her feet, very good at stealing thing (she and her sister are some of the best thefts there is), great escape artist
        Other:people say that she and her sister are in perfect sync, they do everything together and do things at the exactly same time, in which they are right, talk at the same time, are almost exactly alike, and people always mix’s her and her sister up. Is the older twin.
        Name: Selena
        School:evil for girls
        Fairytale patent: the Siamese Cats (Lady and the *****)
        Finger glow: dark brown
        Special talents: can talk telepathically to her twin sister (Serena), can turn into a Siamese cat, and when she sings the Siamese song or sing in general she can make people see their worst nightmare and sometimes if she sings loud enough she can make a group of people see their fears as if it were real.
        Crush/boyfriend: Timothy a reader
        Siblings: same as Serena, only the one she is closest to is her Twin Sister (Serena)
        Appearance: same as Serena’s
        Usual clothing: same as Serena only instead of a necklace it’s a bracelet with a golden cat head on it
        Non magical talents and hobbies: same as Serena
        Other:Same as Serena only she is the young twin
        Name: Chris of Madinvail
        Nickname: Chip jr.
        Fairytale parent: Chip (Beauty and the Beast)
        Age: 13
        School: Good for Boys
        Finger glow: Rust Copper
        Special Talent: Can make ordinary household objects come to life (manly tea pots and cups) come to life for a short amount of time
        Appearance: short straight Blonde hair, golden brown eyes, fair skin, tall, muscular, skinny
        Clothes: white tunic, Jeans, belt, black jacket, sneakers or black riding boots, and a pocket knife
        personality: kind, shy, funny, hyper, helpful, protective, mischievous and humble
        Crush: Gigi Genie (Daughter of the Genie from Aladdin)
        Pets: lucky (dog), Maxwell (horse)
        Backstory: Chris is the trusted stable boy of the King and Queen of madinvail (Belle and Beast) and a friend of the King and Queens Children. He grew up in the castle and basically knows every crack and hidden place in the castle and is kind to all of the other staff members and is extremely close to his dad since his mom died when he was a little boy. He never imagined going to the school for Good and Evil and was extremely happy when he was going to go.
        Name: Lucas
        School: Evil for Boys
        Fairytale parent: Lucifer (Cinderella)
        Finger glow: Deep purple
        Crush: Shea Khan (Daughter of Shrae Khan from the jungle book)
        Appearance: long wavy purple hair, tail, cat ears, tall, thin, pale, Sharp teeth, purple eyes, suddle yet handsome
        Clothes: white shrit, purple shirt, pants and shoes
        Personality: mischievous, charming, egomaniac, theft, protective
        Special Talent: can turn into a cat and back and keep his clothes on, has cat instincts, can talk and control cats
        Backstory: he grew up aloner and will always been one. He was always pampered by his mistress Lady Tremain and his father so he knows the good life and the bad. He always expected to go to the school for good and evil.

        athene replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        I have some bios @athene I would love if you could use!

        stargirl13 replied 3 years, 11 months ago


        sunlight68 replied 3 years, 11 months ago


        stargirl13 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        You must be full on bios but here it is:
        Name: Olivia
        Age: 13
        Gender: Female
        School: Evil
        Fairy Tale Relatives: No one notable, born of two commoners in the Murmuring Mountains.
        Finger Glow: Blue
        Appearance: Olivia has long, blonde hair, a fair complexion and blue eyes.
        Personality: Daring, Clever, Creative, Fun.
        Backstory: Olivia wants to be in a fairy tale, unlike her simple parents. Unlike most Nevers, she is very creative and fun to be around. She loves fashion, like Sophie. Don’t underestimate Olivia, though, for she is clever, daring, and finds joy in Evil. She is resourceful and quick-witted.

          stargirl13 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

          Talent: Magic(with her finger glow)

          kookiek replied 3 years, 11 months ago

          Since she seems quite pretty is she like Sophie , beautiful but still evil??

        queenofsneaks replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        *gets overwhelmed* thanks guys!

        kookiek replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Here’s your bio!
        Name: Hallie
        School:Good,but still 100%Evil
        Talents: Able to pretend to be good, evil,boy,girl,old,new.
        Apperence:long sliky black hair and deep blue eyes
        Fariy tale connection- Mother- Queen of Defina which is a Never kingdom
        Finger glow: Gold
        Personality: Meancing and loves a good prank.
        Back story: As a young child she was taken away by the an evil deeper than her own.
        Age: Days away from her 14 birthday
        Hope you like it!

          kookiek replied 3 years, 11 months ago

          By the way you can use my other bio too if you want!

        princessofcamelot replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        I have some at @princessofcamelot
        Hope you like them.

        queenofsneaks replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        *Gets even more overwelhmed*

          queenofsneaks replied 3 years, 11 months ago


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