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    queenofsneaks posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 11 months ago

    And another chapter 🙂
    This is the first one from Mar’s POV, a Never.
    Chapter 10: Burning Beautiful -Mar’s POV
    This is beyond ridiculous. Those stupid, silly, outrageous Evers… Even though School hasn’t even begun, I am obviously the Leader.
    I narrow my eyes at my roommate- A ***** girl. One look at me and she’s hightailing it to the Common Room. I stretch myself out, I have work to do.
    I stride outside the room, out into the hall, striding down to the Common Room. I begin to sing a silly little ditty called ‘Everybody Loves a Princess in Pink’ (one of Sophie’s personal favorites.) Even if no one gets why I sing it that way, I am having the last laugh. They say SOPHIE is Evil… Well, anything she can do, I can do better. I mock her by singing this song, challenge her even, and I am showing off my strength. Win-win.
    Students stare at me, dumbfounded as my Talent kicks in…. They turn on each other, and ATTACK. There is blood, fire, ice… All caused by me, on my first day.
    Who would want Sophie when you could have ME?
    I stop singing. The other students freeze, shocked. My dress is smoking from the fire that had exploded near my dress. I have blood splattered onto my hands. I am burning with the beauty of Evil, Pure Evil.
    I tilt back my head, surveying them. I glare at them with all that I have.
    My silver and black eye combo is intimidating them, I can tell. I harden my gaze. Slowly, they drop down, heads ducked, shoulders rounded, and one even bows.
    It’s not hard to see that they are commoners, and I am their Queen.
    Hmm…. The food here is revolting, and will do no Good to my figure. Perchance I should enchant a student into making something better… yes, that will do.
    I sweep my eyes around the room… And settle on the ***** girl from my room. I sing a high, high, high note, and the girl begins to stand, glassy eyed. All of the Nevers look at me nervously out of the corners of their eyes. Yep, I’m easily the Queen.
    “Darling, please call off your enchantment, although it is wonderfully Evil.” A beautiful voice says.
    When I turn around I see someone I have both envied and hated my whole life… I see Sophie Of Gavaldon, otherwise known as Evil’s Former Queen.
    I narrow my eyes. She raises her powerful green ones to mine, and our gaze locks. After a moment, I back down. I need more training to be Evil’s New Queen, I realize. I pull my enchantment off the girl, who is almost to the kitchens by now. Her eyes widen in shame, pale cheeks burning red.
    I laugh at her embarrassment and fear. How wonderful it is when no one challenges me, the little wimps.
    Sophie narrows her eyes at me. “I shall see you all in class tomorrow,” she addresses us Nevers. “And I expect to see Evil from each and every one of you.” The Dean swished off, high heels clicking against the floor.
    I now know: I’m not Evil’s currant Queen… Because the first Queen Never gave up her throne.
    I am going to have to fight for that crown.

        tripleflip replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        I love it

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