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    queenofsneaks posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 11 months ago

    YES!!!! Smeone finally gets where my username is from.
    The SistersGrimm is funny for me because my real name is Daphne. I was going to call myselh ‘Marshmellow’, but no one would get it. So I decided on @QueenOfSneaks.
    For the rest of you, I’d like to thank people for their characters (both form months ago and days ago)
    Thanks everyone! If you’d like to be in my story, drop your bio below. 😀
    Mirabella Slate: @Katie-Rose
    Reid Lockhart, Emerson Wood, Winter Charming: @ForeverEverNever
    Victoria Alessia Valentina: @Victoriaperrrea
    Sky Element: @Iceprinces
    Heart of Maidenvile
: @Heart
    Gracelynn, Rayna, Mason, Brady, Emerald (Izzy), Serena, Selena, Chris of Madinvail, Lucas: @GracelynnOfMadinvail
    Olivia: @Stargirl13
    Halle: @Kookiek
    Gabriella (Gaby) of Galdon, Jaxon of Galdon, Thalia Clearwater: @Athene
    Sophia-Rose of Camelot (Nicknames: Soph, Sophie or Rosey): @PrincessOfCamelot
    Cheshire Cat, Lydia: @Arian2
    Laurence Pendragon, Julie Of Camelot: @Peppy.

        queenofsneaks replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Err.. *from not *form

        iceprinces replied 3 years, 11 months ago


        sparrow replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        id love to be in your story! here are my main bios…
        Name: Cass Element
        Nickname: none
        Age: 14
        Gender: boy
        School: good
        Mother: unknown
        Father: unknown
        Personality: he can be clumsy, childish, and reckless. Sometimes he does things without thinking. Hes brave. Sneaky. He likes to ’play’ with sharp objects and fire. He likes to sneak around, spy on people, and discover secrets. He likes to be outside at night. Hes very energetic and stubborn. He can be loud and hes very talkative. Hes confident. Hes nice. Hes very loyal to his friends and the people he cares about. He will do anything to protect his friends and the people he cares about.
        Appearance: he has fiery orange hair and big golden-yellow eyes. His clothes are always burned because of his fire abilities. A lot of the time hes covered in dirt from spending time outside. He has a scar on his cheek. Hes tall for his age. He has tanned skin. He wears t-shirts, hoodies, pants, and thin jackets. He also wears colors like red, orange, yellow, green, and black.
        Finger-glow: bright red
        Talent: he can control fire and make 4 inch flames surround his body. Hes also immune to fire.
        Crush: Melody (Mel) daughter of Alice and the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.
        Pet: a raven named Ash.
        Weapon: a sword made from a red metal.
        Siblings: Apple, Hunter (@marcy), Sky (@iceprinces).
        Name: Melody Hatter
        Nickname: Mel
        Age: 13
        Gender: girl
        School: good
        Mother: Alice from Alice in Wonderland
        Father: the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland
        Personality: shes nice and sweet. Shes a bookworm. She follows the rules enless its absolutely necessary to break them. Shes very cheerful. Sometimes shes shy at first. Shes brave and she enjoys to run around and climb things. Shes creative and she has a big imagination. Shes very trustworthy and loyal. She trusts people to easily sometimes. She likes to draw and sing. She likes to explore and have adventures. Shes quiet.
        Appearance: she has long wavy brown hair with blue highlights on the edges. she has big sea green eyes. Her skin is very pale. She wears her hair in a braid, pony tail, or pink tails. shes occaisonally covered in leaves. Shes average height. She wears dresses, skirts, leggings, tank tops, and sweater vests. She also wears colors like pink, purple, blue, and green.
        Finger-glow: dark pink
        Talent: she doesn’t have any magical talents but shes very good at art and music.
        Crush: Cass Element
        Weapon: she has a knife made out of steal that her mother gave her.
        Pet: she has a small black rabbit named midnight.
        Siblings: none
        i also have another ever girl and a never girl at @sparrow 😉

        gracefulmagic replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        I’d love to be in your story! Here’s a bio!Name: Tyler
        Age: 14
        School: Evil
        Fairy Tale relation: Son of Ursula
        Appearance: Tyler has wild, scraggly gray and white hair that spikes up when he’s angry. He has deep black eyes and a pasty skin color between the white and the lilac. He has puffy black lips that make him appear to be pouting.
        Personality:Tyler is a huge trickster, always up to no good. He is sneaky and mischieveous, which makes him a teacher’s pet for many. He HATES having to wait and is always poking his nose in everyone’s buisness. Never alone, he is always flanked by his band of mischief makers.
        Talent: He can conjure electricity. He often uses that to take out the power in a specific Never room. He one gave up his power for a girl who didn’t even noticed him. He retrieved his power back, but he never made the same mistake again.
        Finger glow: A pale, sickening white

        jlb23 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        WHAT ABOUT ME.

          queenofsneaks replied 3 years, 4 months ago

          jackie…. your characters are mine!!!!!!

        kookiek replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Me too, here are the bios:
        Number 1
        The triplets of Ranndo( a kingdom that is months away from the school for good and evil.)
        Names: Gia,Lia and Mia.
        Age: 13 and 1/3.
        Personalities: Gia is the type of girl who knows all the answers but never shows it, she’s also the type of girl who can be popular and related to two of the weirdest people in the world at the same time. Lia is smart and sporty but also quite weird in the I don’t really care what you think kinda way.Mia is a full on freak and she knows it , she doesn’t try to fit in because she knows there’s no use.
        Apprerence: Each girl has different lengthed hair , Gia has Rapunzel long chestnut curls, Lia has medium chestnut hair that is pretty much always ******* in an Monday morning up do and Mia has short chestnut waves smoothed into a shiny bob.Backstory: These girls grew up in there home town of Rannod with their parents the king and queen of Ranndo( duh) Near their castle is a hot spring that they often visit to relax. Even though their life seems good these girls have gone though much more than any other group of princesses, though their father was good he kicked them out at the age of 11 , the girls traveled far and wide having many adventures along the way made their way to Testla a small ever kingdom east of Madinvale.After growing up with a nice lady named Allia their time had come.
        Finger glows: All different shades of purple.
        Hobbies: Gia’s hobbies include nail care, sewing and gossiping, Lia enjoys painting , dancing and annoying her sisters, Mia is a very private person who spend most of her time reading so her hobbies include reading and being by herself to think.
        Number 2
        My name is – Jadey
        I am a student at the School for Good
        I look like Sophie but with light blue eyes and freckles over my face and a few on my arms
        My fairy tale parent is my mother who is the Queen of Agloe which is a kingdom far west of Camelot
        I have a dare devil , fun sort of personality , Hate wearing pink and girly related things like corsets and heels I prefer to be comfortable and different than uncomfortable and just like the rest.
        My finger glow is a dark purple colour
        I enjoy playing my piano and laughing and talking with friends
        My talent is that I was born with magic and instead of just taking a chance when mortifying I can decide what I want to be and it works every time
        My past is filled with annoying my older sister , eating lots of food and dancing with my friends at parties , a small part of my past was filled with traveling around the kingdoms as well.
        Number 3
        Name is Sindy ( unknown last name)
        Fairy tale connection is her parents who are unknown.
        Apperence is long curly black hair that in the morning is a mop of friz and tangles.Dull black eyes that after her makeover seem to sparkle.Deathly pale skin but no freckles and a perfect princess body, tiny feet , skinny waist and thin calves.
        Personality is shy but once you get to her she is confident and enjoys joking around but can be easily used or betrayed.
        Finger glow is a shimmering bright gold that turns blue when she sad and pink when she’s excited.
        Age is an unlucky 13.
        Pets is a cream rabbit named Celica. The rabbit has been with Sindy for a very long time.she can be really awkward especially in front of boys and teachers .Talents are making potions I know its more of a witch thing but it just goes with her.

        aspin24 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        i love sisters grimm i just finished the series

        marcy replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        You can use my characters. They’re at @marcy in my activity.

        ashleyever2424 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        I would love to be part of your tale, here is the link to my bio.

        isabellucy0531 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Oooh the Sisters Grimm! I loooovvveee those books so much

        isabellucy0531 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Here are a few if it’s not too late 🙂 :
        Character name: Amber Lisa of Crystal-Rose Beach
        Nickname: Amberly
        Age: 13
        Gender: Female
        School: Good
        Parents: Amberly’s mom is a mermaid, and her father is the king of the Crystal-Rose kingdom (She grew up on land most of the time, but takes frequent trips underwater)
        Personality: When you first meet Amberly, she has this mysterious touch to her (being half mermaid and all). She’s honest and loyal, but mostly keeps to herself, and is super competitive. She cares about her appearance (since she’s a princess), but isn’t necessarily stuck-up.
        Appearance: Amberly has thin, dark blonde hair with streaks of blue and light blonde natural highlights. She’s tall and thin, tanned, and everything about her says “mythical and mysterious”. She has dark brown eyebrows, aqua colored eyes, and a small mouth with a little nose and defined cheekbones, often making her eyes stand out, so she wears lipstick that pops to keep the balance between upper and lower face.
        Clothes: She honestly doesn’t care what she wears, but she usually dawns a boho chic sort of outfit, with floral/and or tribal patterned shorts or leggings, a creamy white crop-top, leather sandals that usually go up to just a few inches below her knee, and a headband with some sort of leather accessory. As for makeup, she likes to keep it natural other than the lipstick, which is usually either a matte red or pink. Because of everything she wears, she’s often instantly labeled as stuck up.
        Finger glow: Aqua
        Talents: Amberly’s singing can do it all. She can use her voice to do lots of things, such as calling animals, and controlling people (though that stunt often leaves her very tired afterwards). Also being half mermaid, she can breathe and see clearly underwater. She can’t get a tail though, which disappoints her at times. Since she’s so competitive, her father suggested she learn martial arts and hand to hand combat, which she excels at.
        Friends/enemies: She hates her brother-in-law Dylan of Summerate Shores….at least she thinks she does.
        Character name: Dylan of Summergate Shores (his parents thought Dylan would be a fitting name since it’s Welsh for “The Sea God”, and they live by the ocean)
        Age: 13
        Gender: Male
        School: Good
        Parents: His parents are King Deron and Queen Cerylia of Summergate Shores
        Sibling(s): He has an older brother, Douglas, who also went to the School for Good.
        Personality: Dylan has a more mysterious, laid back, and to himself sort of personality. He’s always been the quiet one, unlike his brother, who could talk all day and is super friendly. It’s not that Dylan doesn’t like people though, he just doesn’t have a lot to say.
        Appearance: Dylan has thick and wavy brown hair that seems to shimmer gold in direct sunlight. He has slightly tanned skin, light green/icy blue eyes, and freckles. He’s also tall and muscular, but a bit lanky.
        Clothes: Dylan wears whatever. It doesn’t really matter as long as he looks good in it.
        Finger glow: Very light green
        Talent(s): Dylan is very talented in water bending, and can talk to animals. He’s also very good at archery and sword play.
        Friends/enemies: He might like Amber Lisa of Crystal-Rose Beach, but it’s hard to tell considering the fact that she doesn’t seem to like him.
        Character name: Nova of Silverash Meadows
        Age: 12
        Gender: Female
        Character School: Good
        Fairy-tale parents: Queen Alina and King Sol of Silverash Meadows
        Personality: Nova acts very sophisticated, but underneath she has a sweet, adventurous, and energetic personality which only the people she knows best have the privilege of seeing. She’s very smart with an IQ almost as high as Einstein’s, and she’s sensitive of other people’s feelings. She’s also prone to tons of daydreams, and has never seemed to like or follow rules.
        Appearance: Nova is short, skinny, and has waist length strawberry blonde hair (with thin blue and purple streaks). Her eyes are the color of a supernova, with tons of blues, greens, purples, and more. She just has that look about her that makes you feel like you could tell her anything, and she always likes to wear lip gloss. *starts singing Lip Gloss covered by Jordyn Jones in head* Clothes: As for her clothes, well, she’s never really followed the dress code at the School for Good. She usually wears flowy circle skirts with tons of colors, a simple white shirt, and sandals or flip-flops. She always wears some sort of purse of satchel as well. The reason? To carry a dagger with her at all times, just in case.
        Finger glow: Her finger glow is also like a supernova. There are always tons of colors.
        Talents (magic): Nova hasn’t found her talent yet, but she suspects she may be some form of seer since sometimes her daydreams (which can be pretty wild) come true.
        Talents (other): Nova is small, but she’s talented in many forms of fighting, and can wield a sword like nobody’s business. Her father felt best that she be ready for anything if her magic were to one day fail.
        Character name: Angelo of Cañón de las especias
        Age: 14
        Gender: Male
        School: Good
        Parents: Camila and Samuel (they’re just normal townspeople)
        Personality: Angelo has an honest and nice personality. He’s often sarcastic and smart alecky, but he’s trustworthy and loyal. Because his family was poor growing up, he takes life as it is. He knows life’s not fair, and he just deals with it.
        Appearance: Angelo has tan skin and short, wavy black hair. He looks younger than he is (often being mistaken for 13), and is a bit short. He’s strong from working out in fields and unloading wagons, and he has dark greenish-brown eyes, kind of like Rihanna’s.
        Clothes: Angelo just goes with the uniform given to him by the School for Good because his clothes that he wore back at home had lots of holes and rips.
        Finger glow: Emerald green
        Talent: Other than being strong, Angelo hasn’t found his special talent yet.
        Crush: He has an eye out for Nova of Silverash Meadows, but he doesn’t love her (at least that’s what he thinks.)

        stargirl13 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        LOVE the Sisters Grimm! Finished series and think it’s amazing!

        gracelynnofmadinvail replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Ok here are their bio’s:
        name: Gracelynn
        gender: Girl
        school: Good
        figure glow: sunset pink
        parents: Belle and Beast (beauty and the Beast)
        special talent: can make white roses appear out of nowhere and has some animal like instincts.
        magic item: a white rose necklace that has the spirit of a black lion that guides and protects her
        pets: Lassie (dog), Jack-Jack (horse), Max (black lion in her necklaces)
        appearance: ***** blonde hair usually in a ponytail, fair skin, blue eyes with a brown streak in left eye, and usually wears a purple dress with a brown belt, a white jacket, and black boots/flats, always wears white rose necklace, and has a knife hidden on her (just in case of an emergency)
        crush/boyfriend: Mason good son of Maleficent (everyone thinks he is an orphan raised by knights)
        personality: kind, fun, adventures, smart, doesn’t mind looks or nevers, can do magic, likes animals and reading
        Name: Ranya
        Age: 15
        Gender: Girl
        Fairytale parent: Ursula (the little mermaid)
        Finger glow: sea weed green
        Appearance: wavy brown hair, tan skin, sea green eyes, usually wears a black skirt and top or a black dress, deep red leather jacket, and black boots if she has legs, she can have legs or black tentacles
        Special talents: can do sea which magic (steal voices, make herself pretty, etc.), can have legs or 8 tentacles, can breath underwater and above
        Personality: deceiving, likes to make deals and con people in her favor, mischief, likes to trick people, only loyal and nice (sometimes) to friends
        Pets: Nessie (sea monster) Monty and Mike (Eels)
        Boyfriend/crush: doesn’t show it but she likes a boy named Brady son of the big bad wolf and if anyone finds out or tells she will get revenge and it will be bad
        Backstory: being raised by her mother Rayna wants to rule the sea and be queen of the ocean. She hopes that the school for evil will tell her the last thing she needs to complete her plane to rule the sea, so she won’t fail like her mother
        Other: her clothing is water proof
        Name: Mason
        Gender: boy
        School: Good
        Finger Glow: Earth Green
        Crush/Girlfriend: Gracelynn daughter of Belle and Beast
        Parent: Maleficent (everyone thinks he is an orphan raised by knights)
        Special Talent: Can do dark magic and is an excellent Fighter with or without a weapon
        Appearance: Brown hair that flopped to one side, Warm Brown eyes, Fair skin, usually wears jeans, Black shirt and leather Jacket, with black shoes
        Pets: Bandit (dog), Arion (crow)
        personality: Kind, Adventures, Witty, Smart, shy (when you first meet him then he Not), survival, secretive, loyal
        Other:he doesn’t want anyone to Know he is the son of a Never, he likes to magic, fight, and being outside
        Finger Glow:Silver
        Fairytale Parent: Big Bad Wolf (little red ridding hood)
        Crush/girlfriend: Has a secret crush on Reyna daughter of Ursula
        Appearance: a half wolf half human look, silver looking hair (looks like a wolf’s coat), fair skin that can sometimes look like their is wolf fur on it, gray eyes, wolf tail
        Clothing: jeans, black shirt and leather jacket, black running shoes, wolf tooth bracelet that his father gave him
        Special talents: can turn into a wolf and keep his clothing oh him when he changes into a wolf
        Weapon: a knife and his wolf like instincts
        Personality: witty, smart, con man, trickster, loyal to his friends (in my story that’s Reyna and Fillip), good fighter, wolf like instincts
        Pet’s: a small dog that her raised (Runt)
        Other: he has seen Reyna do her sea witch magic before they went to the school only she doesn’t remember him but he remembers him.
        Name: Emerald (she goes by her middle name Isabel or Izzy for short)
        Age: 14
        School: Good
        Finger Glow: bright orange
        Fairy tail parent: Calon (hunchback of notre dame)
        Crush/boyfriend: Dominick son of Esmeralda
        Special talent: can do gypsy magic (disappear and reappear with a smoke ball or cloth, can get out of things, etc.)
        Pet: pip (goat)
        Appearance: black curly hair that goes to the bottom of her chest, emerald eye’s (were she got her name), light Brown skin
        Clothing: red dress with a purple and orange cloth around her waist, purple cloth that keeps her hair back, and doesn’t usually wear shoes, but if she does it’s black flats, and a bracelet her father gave her
        Personality: fun, outgoing, trickster, kind, active, energetic,humble, loyal
        Other: she is an outcast as you may call her, very gypsy like, likes magic and shows, helps other outcast evers, is good friends with Gracelynn
        School: Evil for girls
        Fairytale Parent: the Siamese Cats (Lady and the *****)
        Finger glow: light Brown
        Special Talent: can speak telepathically to her twin sister (Selena), can turn into a Siamese cat like her sister, can hypnotize people.
        Crush/boyfriend: Luke son of a traitor to the merry men (robin hood)
        Siblings:she has 12 sister’s and 4 brothers but is closest to Selena her identical twin sister.
        Appearance: long, straight brown hair, tan skin, dark brown eyes, has a face that looks like a cat, she has cat ears, and her nails and teeth are like cat claws and teeth
        Usual clothing: tan colored tank top, brown leather jacket, black leggings and boots, hair is down, and has a necklace with a golden cat head on it.
        Talents (non-magical)/hobbies: is a great gymnast, very flexible, always lands on her feet, very good at stealing thing (she and her sister are some of the best thefts there is), great escape artist
        Other:people say that she and her sister are in perfect sync, they do everything together and do things at the exactly same time, in which they are right, talk at the same time, are almost exactly alike, and people always mix’s her and her sister up. Is the older twin.
        Name: Selena
        School:evil for girls
        Fairytale patent: the Siamese Cats (Lady and the *****)
        Finger glow: dark brown
        Special talents: can talk telepathically to her twin sister (Serena), can turn into a Siamese cat, and when she sings the Siamese song or sing in general she can make people see their worst nightmare and sometimes if she sings loud enough she can make a group of people see their fears as if it were real.
        Crush/boyfriend: Timothy a reader
        Siblings: same as Serena, only the one she is closest to is her Twin Sister (Serena)
        Appearance: same as Serena’s
        Usual clothing: same as Serena only instead of a necklace it’s a bracelet with a golden cat head on it
        Non magical talents and hobbies: same as Serena
        Other:Same as Serena only she is the young twin
        Name: Chris of Madinvail
        Nickname: Chip jr.
        Fairytale parent: Chip (Beauty and the Beast)
        Age: 13
        School: Good for Boys
        Finger glow: Rust Copper
        Special Talent: Can make ordinary household objects come to life (manly tea pots and cups) come to life for a short amount of time
        Appearance: short straight Blonde hair, golden brown eyes, fair skin, tall, muscular, skinny
        Clothes: white tunic, Jeans, belt, black jacket, sneakers or black riding boots, and a pocket knife
        personality: kind, shy, funny, hyper, helpful, protective, mischievous and humble
        Crush: Gigi Genie (Daughter of the Genie from Aladdin)
        Pets: lucky (dog), Maxwell (horse)
        Backstory: Chris is the trusted stable boy of the King and Queen of madinvail (Belle and Beast) and a friend of the King and Queens Children. He grew up in the castle and basically knows every crack and hidden place in the castle and is kind to all of the other staff members and is extremely close to his dad since his mom died when he was a little boy. He never imagined going to the school for Good and Evil and was extremely happy when he was going to go.
        Name: Lucas
        School: Evil for Boys
        Fairytale parent: Lucifer (Cinderella)
        Finger glow: Deep purple
        Crush: Shea Khan (Daughter of Sher Khan from the jungle book)
        Appearance: long wavy purple hair, tail, cat ears, tall, thin, pale, Sharp teeth, purple eyes, subtle yet handsome
        Clothes: white shirt, purple shirt, pants and shoes
        Personality: mischievous, charming, egomaniac, theft, protective
        Special Talent: can turn into a cat and back and keep his clothes on, has cat instincts, can talk and control cats
        Backstory: he grew up aloner and will always been one. He was always pampered by his mistress Lady Tremaine and his father so he knows the good life and the bad. He always expected to go to the school for good and evil.

          peppy replied 3 years, 11 months ago

          Great! 😉

        heart replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        You can press that link and see my bios with new characters 🙂 have fun using them

        cassidyofleighshollow11 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        I would like to be in your story. Call me Sage Potter. Do whatever you want with me, just I have brown hair in a braid and I am a hero. I’d also like some romance. 😉

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