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    quill posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 8 months ago

    Hi…. Um I’ve done some rp in the past, but none here. Can someone explain how it works?

        arian2 replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        Well then, a very big

        Mountain View

        to you! Allow me to introduce myself and the level. I’m *****, one of the three Elders here on level 0. People also call me Leo (my real name), Cheshire or Chess (my character’s name), Librarybug (my crazy nickname) and Mushroom (my haircut). I prefer Leo, on a daily basis. 😉 Elders are basically here to help out, give advice, write well and lead stuff. Being an Elder is a kind of title: if doesn’t mean we’re old! Now…to begin, you create your character bio. Remember, you can make as many as you like, but other people might also volunteer their bios, or you can ask for them. Make sure you can handle it all! Once you have all your characters, you can gather them together and get writing about your time at SGE! You may want to write in different POVs: point of views. Your storyline can be as crazy and wacky as you like, but most of our stories take place either before or after Sophie and Agatha. It doesn’t really matter, though! You can write a chapter at a time, just straight into the box or copied and pasted from a document like I do. RPing can take place on your own or in a group: up to you! Also, tagging. To tag yourself, or someone else, just do @ and then the username. If you go to their report card, you can click on “activity” to see all their posts. Finally…have fun! If you need any help, it’s what we’re here for!
        Here’s my bio, to get you started. Remember: you’re just a beginner. It doesn’t have to be as long as mine! 😉
        Name: Cheshire (his real name is ***** Cat, but he prefers to go by his mother’s name: Cheshire…or at least her nickname, ‘Chess’)
        Parents: The Cheshire Cat and Peter Pan
        School: Good for Boys
        Age: He doesn’t remember. The Cheshire Cat always sent him to the unbirthday parties, so it all kind of got mingled together. He’s pretty sure he’s 13, but it might be 15. Or was it 14? Maybe…
        Talent: Can ripple away, teleport, disassemble himself and become invisible like the Cat in the stories. He also has his own, unique power: the ability to weave magic threads into ridiculously impossible spells. He can can even tap into (and manipulate) the quantum threads: the strings of being that run through the baseline of existence. Fate, Relationship, Love, Legacy, all are examples of these abstract threads. However, Cheshire’s control over these are limited: sometimes their power proves too much for him to handle.
        Appearance: Cheshire has two fluffy cat ears that practically drown in his sea of wild, untameable, curly blond hair. One of the ears is chipped from a fight that he refuses to talk about. His eyes sparkle emerald green, and his skin is lightly tanned. Cheshire’s face is smooth and well-formed, his nose is straight and small, and his frame is willowy, with slender shoulders, and a scrawny chest.
        Clothing: Cheshire hates the Everboy uniform, and instead “customised” his to be a studded linen jacket with cute square buttons and funky zig-zags sewn all over the fabric. Underneath, he prefers snug cotton shirts (zesty orange in colour) and green braces hooked onto the back of his scuffed yellow jeans. He wears jabberwocky-skin boots and often complements it with a tartan fedora, circled by a long, fluttering red ribbon (it once belonged to the Mad Hatter).
        Personality: Cheshire possesses an incredible sense of humour, that somehow manages to both devastatingly annoy his friends, and lighten up the grimmest of situations. His joke-styles range from corny and cheerful, to cynical and satirical. He often uses his humour as something to protect him in awkward, shocking or dangerous conversations and is very easygoing, not caring much what other people think. Bold and rebellious, Cheshire considers himself a free spirit and is a great lover of parties and young children. It takes a lot to provoke him and it is not often he shows real anger or fear. He prefers to fight with words before swords, but is fiercely loyal to his friends and is an excellent fencer (taking after his father Pan). Happy, optimistic, creative and loves to prank around. But look past the eccentric joker, and you’ll see a sensitive, thoughtful boy, who cares fiercely for his world, and would defend it…at all costs.
        Friends: Laurence (@peppy), Dawn (@hesteandanadil99chocolatedot), Orion, his father’s cocky talking sword, Trace and Esmerelda (his half-siblings, @Arian2) and Aron. His cousin too: the Monkey King.
        Crush: Lydia, though it takes ages for him to realise it
        Weapon: as the former weapon of Peter Pan, Orion the talking sword has worked up an extremely high reputation for himself, and won’t let anyone forget it. Arguably even more cocky than his master, Orion’s has a thin fencing blade nestled in a redwood basket hilt carved with dancing fairies. He’s a very useful friend to Cheshire, and extremely useful in battle, capable of a wider range and many more feats than an ordinary sword…just not so useful when he decides to sulk in the middle of a fight.
        Secret fear/Fatal Flaw: Cheshire has a mild case of anatidaephobia: the fear that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, a duck is always watching you. This stemmed from an incident at a picnic back in Wonderland…but it’s not his greatest fear. Cheshire has another secret: the most terrifying, underlying, ever-present burden that he’s been carrying from birth.
        The fear of being evil.
        Cheshire can’t bear the thought of corruption. His passion for his homeland and friends is so great that he constantly strives to protect. If he succumbed to evil…his beliefs, his life, his world, HIMSELF…all would disappear. This is Cheshire’s most dreaded thought: his darkest, truest fear.
        Fingerglow: shimmering silver
        I hope that this introduction to our world was helpful to you. Happy writing! 😀

          quill replied 4 years, 8 months ago

          Thank you

        fairytaleendings replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        Basically you can create a bio for a character at SGE and then you can make a RP about their time there. If you want, you can do a Good student’s perspective and and Evil student’s but it’s up to you. Happy RPing.

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