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    quill posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 6 months ago

    This is my first chapter find my bios @quill feedback is welcome, enjoy! (Sorry for any mistakes)

    Hirni sat on Zinnia Line patiently waiting for her friend to join her. The Flowerground was about to stop at Altazarra–the kingdom
    was made entirely out of honey and milk– and also happened to be where Deepti was vacationing. Zinnia Line ****** and two Evers were pulled onto the line. Deepti wasn’t among them.
    Hirni looked at her Flowerground pass, she was supposed to transfer to the Lilac Line now. Hirni crossed over and was greeted by a few excited Evers. Hirni looked around, and her gaze locked on a girl running with a large case, towards the Zinnia Line. “Deepti!” Hirni shouted. Suddenly the Zinnia Line recoiled and as Deepti lunged, she fell into squishy underbrush. The Lilac Line zipped forward to the School for Good, and Deepti was left behind. Maybe a Stymph will bring her instead. Hirni thought.
    Tears fell from Deepti’s eyes and she tried to dab them away without smudging her eyeliner. Deepti picked herself up and decided that she might as well just walk to the school.
    Deepti shuffled through her suitcase, finding a whistle and hairbrush being her most useful items in case of a tragedy, although if an evil witch or warlock was to confront her, Deepti supposed she could **** them over the head with her suitcase…
    Deepti lugged her suitcase for awhile, and the Endless Woods got darker and more endless with every step. Deepti was about to put her suitcase down, but she looked closely, and saw twin swan gates ahead.
    A smile lit up Deepti’s face and she started to run towards the gates of Good. “TTHHHWWAAPP!”Just as Deepti took five steps, a giant bony bird scooped her up. Deepti screamed and writhed in the bony birds talons. She even hit it with her case.
    Deepti noticed a boy in the other talon of the bird. In the darkness all Deepti could see was the boy’s creepy smile. The bird swerved over trees, and looked like it was going to crash land any second. With a demented caw the bird flapped wildly towards the School for Evil. When the bird was hovering right over Evil’s putrid river, the Stymph loosened its grip on the boy, but the boy smiled and held on to the Stymph’s claws. Then Deepti saw the boy swing, and kick the Stymph’s other talons. Instantly the Stymph let go, and Deepti fell into the polluted lake. As she fell, Deepti watched the boy climb up the Stymph’s back, and ride it over the the School for Good.
    Hirni was really worried at this point. She had exited the Lilac line three minutes ago, and there was no sign of Deepti. Maybe she’s inside, or in her room, Hirni thought. She walked through the entrance of the school, and scanned the hallway. No sign of Deepti.
    “Hello, do you have Deepti of Altazarra on your list?” Hirni asked a Nymph. The Nymph looked at her clipboard nodded, then handed Hirni her schedule and uniform. Hirni started to walk toward her room, Charity 46. As she walked away, Hirni heard a mini explosion. She turned around and saw a yellowish smoke shroud around all the faculty members. Then the Nymph pulled Hirni close and said,”There is no Deepti in this School, and therenever will be,” Hirni almost believed her for a second, but she knew that Deepti had a Flowerground pass and a certificate for the school. A sudden thought filled Hirni’s mind with worrry: What if Deepti died or got lost or kidnapped on the way here?! Hirni became slightly frantic, and she almost tripped on her way upstairs.
    When she entered her dorm room it was 1:00 A.M., and Hirni was exhausted so she collapsed on a pink lace covered bed, but before she did, Hirni saw two other name tags on the beds. One bed said: Deepti of Altazarra, but it quickly changed to read Anirea of Altazarra. The other bed was labeled Malandra of HeartHaven.
    Deepti swam through frigid water, she could feel her skin turn red from the cold. When she stepped out of the water, her purple overall dress was completely soaked with the sludge water and her suitcase was nowhere to be seen. “EEEEEP!” Deepti squealed. She hated water and mud, it reminded her how her parents almost died in their fairytale. Deepti massaged her Flowerground pass, hoping that when she presented it to the wolves they would let her return to her school and capture the villain that pushed her into Evil’s lake.
    Deepti went to the nearest faculty member, who happened to have a wart covered bald head. She asked him where she was supposed to go, and she tried to explain what happened but he didn’t listen, instead he gave her a dissaproving stare and muttered something about ‘not this all over again’. Deepti got a her supplies and read it through carefully. “Disguises, Curses and Death traps, Henchman training—” Deepti stopped herself. Maybe these classes could help her find the weakness of her enemies, or she’ll be able to use curses against Evil. The possibilities were endless… Deepti was scared, but now she was excited to actually learn defenses. But what if I get caught! A thought whispered in Deepti’s head over and over again.
    Deepti tried to put an Evil smirk on her face, by apparently it didn’t work because when she walked into Malice 89 two girls were staring at her like she was an idiot. Deepti dropped her grin and decided to scowl instead. Two of Nevergirls gave her a approving nod, until they saw her perfect hair and mucked up dress. Thinking quickly Deepti explained,” I was trying to maim some Evergirls so I disguised myself to fit in with them, unfortunately they got away though.” Deepti seemed to convince her roommates, but before they got skeptical again, she changed into her uniform, then covered herself in raggedy blankets and fell asleep.


    When Deepti woke up, she saw her two roommates. One was completely ignoring her, either that or she was sleeping. The other one seemed to be flipping through the pages of Recipes for Disaster. Suddenly the door burst open, and a girl with long hair up in a tall hairdo walked in. The girl pointed her sharp finger nail at Deepti’s nose.

    “Who…. Is this,” The girl said. Deepti frowned. “I am Deepti of Altazarra, and you are?” Deepti said, with a slight edge in her voice.”I am Loa of Taketha,” The girl said smiling cruelly. After that Loa turned her back and ignored Deepti like the rest of her roommates.

    A little while later, wolves gathered all the Nevers and dragged them to the Theater of Tales. Deepti walked through the dark, sharp-edged halls of the School for Evil. Just as she entered the Theater, a sulking girl tapped Deepti on her shoulder. “Your name is…. HEE…HEE… Lame. You sound like an Evergirl. HEEEE!” As the sulking girl talked, she hiccuped and laughed, making her sound like an overjoyed seal. Deepti made a mental note to make a concotion to fix her voice. Deepti wasn’t sure what the girl meant, but hopefully it would help her blend in with the Nevers. “Your new name is….HEEE….UH HEE… Defect. Yeah. That even sounds like your real name!” The girl hiccuped and wheezed some more, then almost fell backwards in her seat.
    Deepti sighed. She was now Defect of Altazarra. Oh how lovely…. Well atleast my ‘new name’ isn’t Wart or something worse…. Deepti thought.

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