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    randomascas posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 2 months ago

    Harris POV
    “This boy broke his bed,” Allie said, as she took a seat next to Harris in the kitchens.
    “All ready?” He asked, eyebrows raised. “These kids sure don’t waste time.”
    “You’re one prince of a guy, aren’t ya?” Allie snapped. “He fell on it.”
    “I like my idea better.”
    “I think you’re a pervert.”
    “I think you’re just hangry.”
    She smiled. “I am. You got any food up your magic sleeves?”
    “You only keep me around for this reason.”
    “You caught me.”
    He waved his hands, and two grilled cheeses appeared in front of them. “All the cooks would let me make. They wanted full pantries for the banquet. But, hey, thank god for the whole vegan movement in the royal families, amiright?”
    “Jesus H Christ, I don’t care how you got them,” Allie groaned. She grabbed one and took a massive bite. “Ugh, thank god.”
    Harris nodded, and took a bite of his own. “Your meds still working?” He asked.
    “Yes, Mom.”
    “Just making sure.”
    “Less talking, more eating.”
    Harris’s tool box was stored in the Disappear, and he confidently knocked on the door of the room that Allie had directed him to.
    “Everyone decent?” He called in. “I don’t care either way.”
    He opened the door before there was a response. The two boys inside both jumped. One, much to Harris’s delight, was standing shirtless in front of the dresser from earlier, his hair wet. Harris couldn’t help but notice that he had very nice abs.
    “Um,” The other one, who was sitting on his bed, said. His voice had a slight southern twang to it.
    “Did you not hear me?”
    The boy shook his head.
    “They must’ve soundproofed the doors this year, my apologies. I’m just hear to fix your bed.”
    “Oh, uh,” The shirtless one cleared his throat. “It’s all good. Thanks, dawg.”
    “2000s kid, huh?” Harris grinned. “How you doin’?” He asked, in his best Joey impression.
    Shirtless boy laughed, his cheeks flushing slightly red.
    “Was that a Friends reference?” He asked.
    “Yep. You watch it?”
    “I’m more of a Boy Meets World guy, but yeah.”
    “I haven’t watched that one. Maybe we should hang out some time and watch it together? I have a tv in my room. And clothing’s optional.”
    Shirtless boy went full red in .05 seconds. “Oh, uh… Uh…”
    Harris pulled his tool box out of nowhere and started working on the bed. “What’s your name?”
    “I’m… Anton. Yeah. Anton.”
    “Harris. It’s a pleasure.”
    He slid under the bed to study the box spring from the underneath.
    “And what about you, kid on the bed?” Harris asked. “Who are you?”
    “Jace,” The boy on the bed answered.
    “Is that a southern accent, Jace?”
    “Yessir. I come from a long line of cowboys back home-“
    Harris stuck his head out from under the bed. “So you have rope.” Anton choked, but Jace just looked confused.
    “Of course?”
    “I may need to borrow some at some point for a friend.”
    “Oh, of course!”
    He slipped back under the bed and quickly located the broken spot in the supports. With a quick patch job it’d be good as new.
    He pulled out his supplies quickly, and gets to work, wrapping the support and resetting it.
    “Can one of you give me a hand?”
    “I worked as a mechanic back home?” Anton offered.
    “You got a wrench?”
    “Can you help me then? I won’t flirt with you, I promise.”
    There was some clanging, and then a still-shirtless Anton slowly climbed in next to Harris. “Here,” He said, holding out his lug wrench.
    “That is a lug wrench.”
    “This is not a car.”
    “Oh, my bad.”
    “It’s fine. Just, here.” Harris grabbed Anton’s hands, and guided them to the wood that he’s fixing. “Hold these, right here?” He could feel Anton’s pulse, which was elevated. Cute. “I’m gonna finish patching this right now,” He explained, as he did just that. “But tomorrow, while you guys are in class, I’ll replace it, sound good?”
    “Cool beans.”
    He finished pretty quickly, and slid out from under the bed. Anton followed. “Alright, bed’s fixed for now. I’m happy to test it out with either or both of you,” He raised his eyebrows and smirked, which got another flustered Anton and confused Jace, “but we all have important plans for tomorrow so it’s probably best to leave it for a weekend. See you later, boys.”
    Harris snapped away his toolbox, and then himself.

    (i’m so sorry this exists i’m so sorry you had to read that with your own two eyes)

        zeegrey replied 1 year, 2 months ago

        I love this. **** this is my new favorite thing in life. I will read thiz whenever I am sad

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