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    randomascas posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 1 month ago

    Name: Maria Wendla Robel, named for her father’s long dead friend
    Nickname: Wendy
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’
    Sexuality: Asexual Biromantic
    Time Period: Born 1912
    Power: she can make little plants grow when she wants. This usually results in her feet being surrounded by little forget-me-nots as she walks.
    Colour of magic: none
    Fairytale relative: Ernst Robel, from Spring Awakening (I’m using the musical spelling because that’s the version of the script that I have.) is her biological father. She also lives with his old flame, Hanschen Rilow.
    Appearance: Wendy has short curly brown hair. It usually flops in her face and floofs up when she takes baths. Her skin is usually breaking out, but she doesn’t mind all that much. She has really tan skin, that her father says is from her mother, but she tells others comes from the time she spends in the sun. She has plain brown eyes that sparkle a lot when she smiles and a plain nose that scrunches up when she laughs. She has light red lips and big eyelashes. She’s a but chubby and young looking.
    Personality: Wendy is the softest plant mom ever. She’s a wild soul – spending most of her time roaming. She’s always sweet to everyone because she doesn’t know what they’re going through. She’s not a brainiac by any means of the word but she tries really hard in school. She’s very sentimental, and wears a ring that belonged to Hanschen’s mother around her neck. She doesn’t like mean people, so really she doesn’t like a lot of people at the school for good or at the school for evil.
    Clothes: Wendy wears two worn knee length dresses. One is light blue, the other is brown. She usually has a forget-me-not flower crown and her ring on a necklace.
    Occupation: Wendy helps her father Ernst in a small flower shop in Brooklyn before attending the school for Good.
    Weapon: Wendy would never fight anyone
    Ever/never: Ever
    Background: Wendy’s earliest memory was on a boat for the United States when she was two. She later found out that it was because someone had reported the fact that her father and Hanschen were somewhat of a thing. They fled, child in tow. She never met her mother.
    She grew up in New York, among other immigrants, none of whom knew about her father. She was trained to think that it was safer that way. She lived in the flower shop that her parents owned, and by age 12 she was managing the books. Her family never had too much money, but she never felt bad about it. She was happy to grow up among the simple things, like flowers, and explore the most exciting city she knew. She wasn’t expecting to end up at the school, but then she did.

    (I made a new character boys)

        zeegrey replied 1 year, 1 month ago


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