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    ravenclaw24601 posted an update in the group Book 6: ONE TRUE KING 6 months ago

    This probably means nothing but I was just rereading book 5 and not only did Hort and Nicola argue a bit, she also flirted with someone. Does this mean anything? Or am I just over thinking things?

        emilyy replied 6 months ago

        Who did Nicola flirt with? This is why I ship Hophie!!

        ravenclaw24601 replied 6 months ago

        “A gorgeous black boy reading the latest edition of the Foxwood Forum grinned at Nicola as she passed. Nicola smiled back. “This is why Nevers only date Nevers,” Hort crabbed, scratching his hair harder. “Nevers don’t flirt with boys on the street and they don’t turn down the chance to kill a king.” “Ten minutes ago, you were kissing me in the fitting room of Le Bon Marché and now you’re acting like I forced you to be my boyfriend,” said Nicola, noticing Hort clawing at his head.”

        emilyy replied 6 months ago

        Ohh.. well I guess it’s sort of flirting.

          ravenclaw24601 replied 6 months ago

          Sort of.

        hester112 replied 6 months ago

        Yeah. Maybe they’ll break up or something…

          emilyy replied 6 months ago

          Yeah, but that would be a bit sad. I guess I’ve always wondered wether nicola will die, so sophie and hort get together, I feel bad for thinking that though🙁

          glitter-popsical replied 6 months ago

          I wish that

        hester112 replied 6 months ago

        I do think that Hort/Sophie will get back together, though.

          emilyy replied 6 months ago

          Yep, definitely. Why else would they give the hints?

        ravenclaw24601 replied 6 months ago

        Sophie seems to notice him properly now.

        seleneofravenswood replied 6 months ago

        All she did was smile back at someone smiling at her. I guess it could be read as flirting but when it comes down to it, she actually did nothing wrong.

        hestergirl09090 replied 6 months ago


          ladyofthebooksge replied 6 months ago

          I think Nicola has a crush on Hort, as in QFG. But Hort will never get over Sophie and I think he and Sophie will get out. However, Nicola isn’t that bad, and she was flirting

        everimagine replied 6 months ago

        I don’t think Hort and Nicola’s relationship is meant to last, more of a fling, getting together to get together. I think Nicola is still figuring out who she loves and the relationship she wants, while Hort still knows deep down that he wants Sophie

        danielatheever15 replied 5 months, 4 weeks ago

        I kinda want hort to break up w nicola… I mean shes a first year. I want sophie to realize that hort is her dude and be with him.

          hester112 replied 5 months, 3 weeks ago

          Also most schools don’t allow teachers/students to date so they’ll probably have to break up as soon as they get back… or maybe this is a bad idea…

          everimagine replied 5 months, 3 weeks ago

          Good point…

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