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    STORY UPDATE!!!!!!!!


    The sand dunes glowed under the full moon tonight, almost creating the illusion of a rolling sea, but it would never look like it.
    My sight had been on the treeline for an hour now, my body stiff from sitting on the stone rail on my balcony. I held an apple in my hand, turning it over and over. The ghost of Lukas’ cool lips still on my cheek. I had been playing over Lukas’ kiss in my head since he ran.
    I had been completely oblivious of his feelings towards me. I tried to find when Lukas started to change. I went back weeks, even months and found it.
    A year ago, we were nothing but friends, companions, accomplices, amigos, nothing more. Over the next couple of months, there were slight changes, nothing obvious, but gradual. He wouldn’t be as sarcastic or snap at me as much. He would get quieter and a bit more mindful and, perhaps, wanted to say something but never did.
    Even a couple of days ago, he seemed a bit reserved. I had caught him staring at me but thought nothing of it. I had never imagined Lukas liking anyone, much less me.
    I closed my eyes and thought of Lukas’ smug smirk on his face and his mischievous eyes, of how his platinum hair just covered his pointed ears. I thought of the hours we had spent in the dungeon laughing at stupid Ever stories.
    I opened my eyes and saw that I had lost control of my magic again.
    Beside me was an exact replica of Lukas. My talent had felt me imagining something and made it appear. The only difference between this Lukas and the real Lukas was that this didn’t have the right texture of real skin and real clothes.
    Still, it was one of my best.
    Hey, the Lukas said in my head. If I created people, they tended to do this.
    “Hey,” I said aloud. He stared at me with those icy eyes of his, daring me to ask him my question.
    Well, what are you waiting for? I heard his deep voice.
    “Why did you run?” I asked quietly.
    Because I wanted to go home. Is that all you want to ask me, Sandstorm? I flinched when I heard that name. It had been a while since I heard it but I secretly liked it. It reminded me of when I had been caught in a sandstorm and meeting Lukas for the first time.
    “Why did you kiss me, you idiot,” irritation filling my voice.
    Well, when a guy likes a girl, he tends to develop strong feel– He stopped mid-sentence and looked away, laughing at the expression of sheer disgust on my face. I’m only joking, Sandstorm. You always take things too seriously.
    “If you won’t someone has to.”
    True, but, to answer your question, there is no answer. I’m not the real Lukas and you’re just imagining this whole conversation. Lukas gave me his all too familiar grin but kept his eyes on me.
    “I know you’re not real, but I also know that you wouldn’t be hear unless Lukas wanted to.” Only the best illusions of people happened when the other wanted to be there.
    Sandstorm… Lukas’ tone changed and his face was was serious, do you trust me?
    “What kind of question is that?” my voice was rising slowly. “You’re my only friend, I need at least one person to trust.”
    If you actually trust me, stop. Stop thinking of me. Stop trying to bring me back. I’m going to Good and you’re staying here. It was my last chance to tell you how I felt. Lukas eyes pleaded with me to give up and forget him but his face remained the same statue expression.
    A door from the courtyard below slammed open, breaking the illusion I had created. A tall shadow stepped forward. Jafar’s gruesome sneer peering into darkness.
    I cursed under my breath. He knew that I didn’t get in and I was going to pay.


    I kicked the trunk beside my bed, letting out a loud groan. My silver hair hanging in my eyes.
    I wished that I could stay here and not go to Good but it would be bad if I didn’t. I wished that I would be going there with Mist.
    Mist was going to be tormented by Jafar now. He wanted her to be the next villain to be in the record books.
    Mist wasn’t like that though. She tried to hide it but that is hard to do it from her best friend. She hated being Evil and she hated the idea of her dad making her be Evil.
    Lukas had ruined it now because he had kissed her. He wouldn’t be surprised if she hated him. She wasn’t the kind of girl who would be a princess and fall for a guy.
    Lukas looked around the cramped room, trying to pack stuff for Good but he distracted. There were so many things swirling in his head that wanted his attention. Finally he gave up packing and walked outside of the shack-like house he lived in.
    The full moon peeked between the branches of tall trees above him. Unlike Mist, Lukas lived in the actual woods part of the Woods. It wasn’t even that far of a walk to the palace Mist lived in.
    Mist. Lukas had left her alone with Jafar.
    I shouldn’t have kissed her. I shouldn’t have ran. I shouldn’t be leaving. Lukas regretted kissing Mist right before he was about to leave for Good. He wasn’t thinking. Lukas wanted to talk to Mist and explain. She probably hated him now.
    A small breeze blew through the trees, their branches swaying back and forth. An image bursted in his mind. He was sitting on a stone rail overlooking a ruined courtyard with a desert beyond, trees were in the distance. Everything was slightly faded to pale colors around him. Lukas knew immediately that this was Mist’s talent at work.
    Lukas looked toward his side and right beside him was his only friend.
    “Hey,” Lukas said, putting on his smirk he used around Mist. He also wanted to slap himself for going with a casual “Hey”.
    Hey. Mist wasn’t even fazed. She knew that he was here… sort of.
    Lukas’ couldn’t hold in his curiosity and pretty much dared her tell him what she thought of him now. “Well, what are you waiting for?” “What are you waiting for?” Perfect opening line.
    Why did you run? Barely audible to Lukas’ ears. He knew her too well to actually believe that that was what she wanted to say.
    “Because I wanted to go home. Is that all you want to ask me, Sandstorm?” Sandstorm? I haven’t called her that in years.
    Mist’s eyes widened slightly at the name. In Lukas’ eyes, she actually liked the name he used to tease her with.
    Why’d you kiss me, you idiot. Mist’s voice was the one she used before she magicked him into the desert.
    “Well, when a boy likes a girl, he tends to develop strong fee-” I had to stop because of the disgusted look on her face. He laughed while Mist scolded him. “I’m only joking, Sandstorm.” Again with Sandstorm. “You always take things too seriously.”
    Someone has to. Her voice was almost wistful and, not for the first time, mind you, Lukas wondered what Jafar actually did to Mist when he wasn’t around.
    “True, but to answer your question, there is no answer. I’m not the real Lukas and you’re just imagining this whole conversation.” Lukas tried to weasel his way out of explaining the kiss by hoping that she would actually forget that his conscience was there. He gave her his most mischievous smile.
    I know you’re not real, but I also know that you wouldn’t be here if Lukas didn’t want to be here. Mist quirked her eyebrows up, seeing right through his plot.
    “Sandstorm…” again with that nickname, it felt right though, “do you trust me?” My tone changed to one I don’t use often.
    What kind of question is that? Of course I do, I need at least one person to trust. Mist raised her voice towards me but it also showed that she hurt.
    “If you actually trust me, stop. Stop thinking of me. Stop trying to bring me back. I’m going to Good and you’re staying here. It was my last chance to tell you how I felt.” It was cruel telling Mist that she hadn’t been accepted into SGE, even though her father wanted her to go to Evil. She may deny this heavily, but, she actually wants to make Jafar proud of her. I morphed my face into a statue, not wanting her to think I wasn’t serious.
    “I’m–” Something banged open in the courtyard below them, causing Mist to lose her focus and cutting off their conversation.
    Lukas was left back in front of his house, completely alone. The moon was now behind the towering trees boxing in the small clearing.
    “I love you and I’m sorry.”
    Lukas went back into his house, his head suddenly clear of his earlier distractions. He now was determined. Not because if he failed in school, he would most likely be turned into a fruit bat, but because he wanted to come back. He wanted to see Mist again, even if he would be a prince then. He was going to graduate at the top of the class.
    As soon as Lukas was finished packing what he needed, he stepped back outside. It took a day of walking before he could reach the nearest Flowerground station. He took one last look at the house his parents dumped him at when he was five and a smile grew on his face.
    “I’ll see you later, Mist.”
    And the shadows swallowed Lukas into their dark mist.

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