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    Here is chapter two for you guys. You get to meat my second character now and I hope you enjoy her


    Beneath the Soul ~ Chapter II
    Sophia looked over the edge of the cliff she was standing on, feeling a rush of excitement. She was two stories up and loved the view that was in front of her. Dazzling blue water stretched out beneath her, white beaches dotted the horizon, pods of dolphins and whales breached the water, and beautiful coral reefs could be seen underneath the surface.
    Sophia loved swimming and diving near her home. She loved the smell of the salty, ocean air. She loved swimming with schools of fish and pods of dolphins. She also loved showing all of the boys in the kingdom that she wasn’t just a damsel in distress.
    See, Sophia grew up in a big, dazzling palace with all of the clothes, jewelry, food, and man power she wanted. Sophia never cared for any of it. She spent most of her time training with her father’s soldiers, taking an interest in archery and hand-to-hand combat. Since the beginning of this, boys saw Sophia as a girl acting as a boy and tried to tell her that she wasn’t one by challenging her to archery contests. At the beginning, Sophia always lost and the boys would laugh at her, telling her that she couldn’t do it. Sophia considered quitting but her mom wasn’t going to have it.
    “Why are you quitting?” asked Sophia’s mom once when they were swimming.
    “Because… because everyone says that I can’t do it,” Sophia said, tears rising in her eyes. “They say that I should just stick to what princesses do best, waiting around until somebody saves them. Maybe they’re right. Maybe I can’t do it.”
    “Sophia,” her mom started, drying her famous red locks. “People will tell you to fall down and never get up but you have to get back up. It won’t ever help you if you do what others tell you. If I had listened to my father, I would have never gone to see Ursula, I would never had turned human, I would have never met your father, and I would have never won my faiytale.” Ariel told her daughter.
    Sophia always remembered her mother’s words. After Ariel told Sophia this, she trained harder than she did before. The next time a boy challenged her, she was ready. The boy made a perfect shot in the center of the target. When Sophia stepped up to the painted line on the ground a hundred yards away from the target, the boy and his friends taunted her, telling her that a girl could never make the shot. When they kept taunting, even after she pulled back the bow string, she turned around quickly, swing the bow around, hitting him in the face. He fell to the ground, shocked that she had hit him. When he looked back up at Sophia, he had a murderous look in his eyes, a red welt on his face from where Sophia had struck him. When he got up, he advanced toward Sophia but she predicted this. Before he could reach her, she already had an arrow loaded and pressed against his throat. The look in his eyes changed from anger to fear. Sophia spoke slowly to him.
    “Don’t you dare interrupt my shot again,” Sophia warned, danger riddled her voice.
    The boy only nodded, not being able to speak with the arrow pressed against his throat. Sophia lowered her bow and returned to the line. Sophia felt more confident then she had in a long time. When she pulled back the string of her silver bow, she took a deep breath, focusing on the target. She closed her eyes and let go. All that was heard was a crack and a thud. When she opened her eyes again, she saw her arrow had split the boy’s and was embedded deeply in the target. She turned around to five shocked boys with all of there mouths slightly opened.
    After that, Sophia built a reputation. All of the boys in the kingdom challenged her and they all lost. In her kingdom, the boys respected her now and they knew never to get her angry.
    “Sophia!” a voice called. Sophia’s foot slipped almost causing her to fall down the cliff. A figure wearing a breezy white shirt and black leggings stepped onto the beach.
    Jeez, Dad, Sophia thought to herself. Don’t do that.
    “SOPHIA!” her father called again.
    “I’m up here, Dad!” Sophia called down to the figure. He looked up at her and she could tell he wasn’t that happy, even from that far away.
    “Sophia!” he yelled at her. “You’re not supposed to be up there!” Sophia rolled her eyes but she didn’t move.
    “Sophia!” her dad yelled at her again.
    “Coming!” Sophia looked over the edge considered climbing up the way she came. It would take a long time and she could hurt herself.
    What the heck, you only live once, Sophia thought to herself. She felt her fear rise in her chest but it only made her want to jump more. She crouched a little bit, winding herself up to jump.
    “Sophia, what are you doing?” her father yelled, suspicions growing.
    Sophia jumped, feeling amazing. The wind whistles in her ears and blew across her face. Sophia performed a backflip and dived down into the water. When she surfaced her father was standing on the edge of the beach, giving Sophia a stern look.
    “Do you know how dangerous that was?” her father said to her. “You could have hurt yourself!”
    Up close, Sophia’s father was was way more intimidating than he was far away. King Eric towered over Sophia and his light blue eyes seemed to pop out of his head when he was mad. He dark hair was turning grey on the sides but it still had its signature whip across his forehead. There were subtle wrinkles around his face, especially around the dimples that appeared around his mouth when he smiled. He wasn’t smiling now.
    “Eric, Sophia is my daughter,” Ariel said to her true love when she walked up. “She never listens to anyone.”
    Sophia smiled sheepishly and silently thanked her mother. Eric didn’t look very happy that his daughter had endangered her own life but he could never argue with his wife.
    “Okay, now for the reason I wanted you,” Eric said, turning back to Sophia. He held out a letter in his hand that had a famous crest on it. The crest of two swans. One white, one black.

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        Well done

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