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    ravenqueen123 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 6 months ago

    I am ready to present chapter three to Ya laddies. Hope you like the chapter

    Beneath the Soul ~ Chapter III
    The knock echoed in the dusty library, disturbing the familiar silence around Mist. Mist’s heart was racing. No one else had been down here in years.
    She had no idea who it was but there was only one logical person that it could be: Jafar.
    Another knock sounded in the small cavern-like library, beckoning menacingly to Mist.
    Oh, please let it not be Jafar, Mist prayed to the heavens. Mist approached the door slowly, not wanting to go near it at all. She reached for the handle and paused, seeing if she could hear anything on the other side. Nothing. She grabbed a hold on the rusted handle and turned it slowly, feeling like she was a princess in one of the horror stories Jafar’s minions used to read to her when she was little. The door broke free from the sagging frame it was in and moaned open but instead of her villainous father, her best friend stood in the corridor.
    Lukas Faust Gressmann had his signature silvery-grey hair hanging over his eyes in it’s usual roll-out-of-bed look, his stormy blue eyes glittered next to his pale skin, his pointed elf ears peeked out from beneath his hair, his almost nonexistent eyebrows were furrowed, and his thin, snake lips were pressed into a firm scowl.
    Lukas brushed passed Mist and started straight towards the middle of the library. Mist quickly shut the door and followed the boy, wanting to know why he was so mad. When Lukas reached the open floor in the middle of the library, he paced back and forth, knocking vases and statues in the process. Mist stayed quiet (even though her curiosity was killing her), knowing how not to say anything while he was mad. When Lukas had calmed down enough, he turned to Mist.
    “I got the letter,” was all Lukas said. Mist’s eyes widened to the size of apples, feeling like they would burst out of her head.
    “Oh, stop gapping at me, you idiot,” Lukas snapped. “There’s just one thing, I’m in the wrong school.”
    He flung a thick envelope onto the ground and continued with his pacing. Mist picked it up from the ground and saw the infamous swan crest and “The School for Good” in looping, gold ink. Mist flipped the envelope over and saw that the wax seal was broken from when Lukas had opened it. She pulled out the thick parchment inside and read all of it.

    Dear Lukas Gressmann,
    You have hereby been accepted into the School for Enlightenment and Purification, otherwise known as the School for Good.
    As an official “Ever”, you will learn many things that will quite possibly save your life in your fairytale.
    You will also encounter “Nevers”, throughout the four years of your stay here. You will treat them with the utmost respect and honor.
    Two days from now, you will arrive at the closest Flowerground station to your convenience at nine o’clock sharp. Your ticket had been enclosed inside.
    When you arrive, you will be handed your books and schedule (uniforms have been removed from your necessary school belongings).
    I hope you will enjoy your time at the School for Good and learn as much as you can. If you shall need anything during you time here, you may always ask a faculty member.
    Sincerely, Professor Clarrisa Dovey
    Dean of the School for Good

    Mist looked inside the envelope and saw a golden Flowerground ticket glimmering inside. She looked towards a frustrated Lukas and felt a twinge of jealousy.
    Her father had been hoping for her to get a letter inviting her to the School for Evil but none had come. She had been hoping for what Lukas had got, a Good letter. Turns out the letters had all been delivered but they had not come for her.
    “There must be a mistake,” Mist tried to say to Lukas. “They probably ment to send this to someone el-”
    Mist was cut off by a glance from Lukas. There was no mistake. He was going to Good.
    “Well,” Lukas said after awhile. “looks like I’m going to learn how to become a prince.”
    Lukas sounded miserable, he was always miserable but this was bad. This was worst than when Mist asked him about his parents years ago when they first met.
    “Did you get a letter?”
    Mist looked at Lukas, escaping the thoughts she was in. She shook her head no and looked down at her feet. She couldn’t imagine what Jafar was going to do to her because she didn’t get in.
    Lukas and Mist stayed down in the library the rest of the day. Mist wanted to read her books while Lukas made fun of her for it. They joked and laughed but underneath everything, they were both miserable. Lukas didn’t want to be Good but was being forced to; Mist wanted to be Good but instead she was going to be punished because of this.
    When it was time for both of them to leave the safe haven, they walked through the dungeon and palace together, being exceptionally quiet when they got near Jafar’s wing of the palace.
    They walked outside together in the cool desert air. The sun had just set and they both knew this was going to be the last time they would see each other.
    “You scared?” Mist blurted out.
    “Terrified,” Lukas said, starring over the rolling sand dunes, actually being serious, “but someone needs to do it.”
    Lukas was oddly vulnerable, dropping his whole “Evil” act. They stood there for awhile, imagining what was going to happen to them.
    Beside her, Mist felt Lukas turn. Before she could react in any way, he kissed her on the cheek and ran. Mist froze, too shocked by the kiss to do anything. Mist watched as Lukas’s figure smaller and smaller towards the trees of the Woods. She saw his silver hair vanish into darkness. She felt him hold on . . . then he let go.

    Thanks @Soulreaper for letting me use Lukas for my story. I hope that I don’t ***** up your image for him

        nimueofsilvercresent replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Hi RavenQueen, first time reading something of yours, but I love your story so far!

        arian2 replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Sorry Bri: catch up time @ravenquen123.

        soulreaper replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        hi :> it okay :> it amazing :>

        ravenqueen123 replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Thanks guys 😉

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