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    raventhebad posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    chapter 4 of the snake charmer
    chapter 4 : voice’s i hear
    Toby didn’t recall most dream’s but this one is one that he always saw when we saw the small room and heard the faint screams of his mother’s last words played made him now it was the same nightmare he got every time he thought of his mother before bed he sat down he felt like he was going to cry ” Toby…” a cold voice called Toby sighed ” what’s wrong Toby…” a voice chirped ” YOU ARE FAKE YOU ARE FAKE YOU ARE FAKE.” Toby screamed at he then noticed something new happened her heard someone’s deep breathing so he went to mess with them before stopping ” Toby.?” a voice called he turned to see her … ” Maddie is that you.” Toby said the girl gave a slight nod ” Maddie.” Toby sighed hugging her and he smiled for the first time in a year ” but it can’t be you… your dead.” Toby said she looked at Toby and sighed for she had die three year before this Maddie was Toby’s older sister a best friend and now the reason for Toby’s sadness. all the same Toby was happy to see her even if it was just a dream that would soon fade “mad…” Toby asked ( Toby’s nickname for Maddie) looking down at the floor he heard her say ” goodbye little brother.” he looked up ” mad Don’t leave me not with the voice’s i hear.” Toby cried as Maddie faded to smoke tear’s streamed down his face but he sighed as he got back up ” i wonder what she was doing.” one of the voice’s said as Toby walked down the path he got to a empty room filled with writing on the walls that read ” i’m not crazy, why did they do this, where not human.” Toby paid no ind to the wall’s Toby smiled the dream was almost done he thought then there was laughter ” friend’s with that freak no way.” people where giggling and laughing at him. we woke up he him self was cold but his body was full with sweat.

        raventhebad replied 7 months, 2 weeks ago

        oops forgot tags @aloha101grl

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