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    raventhebad posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    chapter 5 of the snake charmer
    tags @aloha101grl
    chapter 5 : two end’s met
    it’s a short chapter
    elia felt her heart sink deeper into her chest as she thought more and more about her dream from last night she turned to Ben who has coiled around the small mouse trying to leave his grasp but failed ” Ben what are you doing.” elia sighed watching her snake coil around the mouse before getting up walked out of her room she walked down the hall silently when she was about half way down the hall she ran into someone ” s-s-sorry.” Elia said ” ha so freak girl does talk.” Jack started pushing Elia to the floor ” AH…” she screamed a tall shadow past Jack Elia looked up ” H-help.” she said the man turned to her it was Toby ( woah it’s like i planned it) Elia started to scream for help Toby looked at Jack and sighed ” who would help a freak.” Jack teased her Toby towered over Jack and pushed him out of the way ” Jack go tease one of you friends.” Toby said pushing him away Elia looked up as Toby started to walk away ” hi i’m elia” she said he glanced at her ” Toby…” he sighed ” well can i be your friend.” she chirped ” no.” he said ” why why why why why why.” Elia screamed ” has anyone told you your annoying.” Toby said Elia nodded and laughed at him ” so thank you for helping me.” elia said ” not a problem” he said smiling at her ” we can be friend’s just don’t be annoying.” Elia nodded Toby thought of her like a little sister annoying the two became close friend’s ” Toby…. what are you doing.” Elia asked him ” nothing.”
    sorry the chapter was short

        raventhebad replied 7 months, 3 weeks ago

        this will be my last chapter for a while

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