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    raventhebad posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    hey guy’s it’s been a very long time but i will be started back up my old fan fic story’s. yay?
    chapter 11 : Can i trust you
    (( last time on my story Elia fell out off a window and Jake was smiling.))
    Raven watched as Elia she fell all the way down there was no way she would have lived “No no no no.” she yelled yelled Jack watched as as she fell ” It was never meant to go this far.” He sighed Raven turned to him ” w-w-what…. you worked with her…” raven cried ” yeah i guess i did she was meant to not harm anyone she said that Elia was her best friend and needed to come back.” he said Raven grabbed him by the neck ” I trusted you Jack i trusted you… with my life” she yelled her voice echoing around the room ” Raven…. i s-swear i din’t mean for this.” Jack said his breath becoming very faint ” But you lie all the time.” she said softly letting him go then pointed to the door “leave.” Raven cried in a hurry he got up and ran out off the room tear’s felt like they burned as if they where leaving scar’s on the skin of Raven she started to talk to her self ” Dear dead friends.” she would start ” that’s no god.” she said under her breath as she walked around she sighed and sat down it was close to midnight when she drifted off to sleep she got up her long hair a mess she brushed it down and left to get something to eat she sat down on the floor picking at her food as Jake sat right next to her ” Jake i said Leave.” Raven said ” No i have a plan to Kill Bella though” he said Raven smiled ” can i trust you?”

        raventhebad replied 7 months, 3 weeks ago

        tags @ausha

          ausha replied 7 months, 3 weeks ago

          It’s really good! I forget tags sometimes too.. 🙂

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