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    raventhebad posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 7 months, 1 week ago

    chapter 12 : trust is nothing
    ” i wanna say I yes…. but you know me better then anyone your highness.” Jake teased ” well captain i think i can trust you.” she said pushing down his hat as he jumped up and helping Raven to her feet they looked around the room before sitting down again on the floor they started to whispered ” so what’s the plan?” she said “I’ll tell you tonight.” Jake sighed getting back up and leaving Raven gave a slight smile as she walked back to her dorm to catch a hour or so of sleep and she drifted off to sleep when she woke up there was pounding on the door she looked outside it was pitch black she walked to to door ” Jake is that you…” she sighed still tried and opened it ” i was pounding on the door for hour’s.” Jake screamed at her as he pushed his way in “s-s-sorry…” Raven said Jake walked in quick and slammed the door behind him and sighed deeply and sat down Raven “so… what’s the plan.” she yawned Jake looked around the room ” so Raven you trust me right?” he asked “yeah i do what is this about…” Raven yawned “… You trust all the wrong people…” Jake said raven yawned her eye’s started to close ” hey Raven… I don’t work for Bella she… work’s for me NOW.” Jake said smoke filled the room Raven reached her hand out to Jake “y-y-you… i t-t-trusted y-y-you.” Raven said Jake pulled out a mask ” see the gas it will knock you right out.” Jake said smiling at her putting the mask on his face ” Have fun.” he said waving at her as he left Raven’s breath’s slowed down ” she fell to the floor trying to cover her mouth with her arm “… T-t-trust is nothing.” Raven said to her self she heard the door close as the whole room filled with gas she started yawning before she was knocked out cold.

        ausha replied 7 months, 1 week ago

        :O I love the plot twister!

          raventhebad replied 7 months, 1 week ago

          thank’s i was just making this story then i was like WE NEED A PLOT TWIST

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