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    raylaofwoodsbeyond posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 11 months ago

    Heya! I’ve decided to write a new fanfic, so here’s the bio for my main character! ^^
    Name: Rayla
    Age currently: *shrug* 14?
    Date of birth: 31st of December, midnight
    Kingdom: Camelot
    School: Good
    Fingerglow colour: Teal blue
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Fierce, loyal, caring, stubborn, sarcastic and kinda confident
    Looks: Wavy jet-black hair to her waist, blue, blue eyes like pools of crystal-clear water, tan skin, athletic
    Outfit that isn’t uniform: Usually a blue dress with embroidered diamonds and flats 🙂
    Pets: None
    Family: Tescos and Agatha are her parents, with numerous siblings that you will find out about 🙂
    Friends: To be determined in my story :3
    Weapon: She uses her talent to fight but if not, her weapon is a silver dagger similar to her father’s Excalibur, with sapphires at the hilt
    Talent: The ability to raise metal from the earth in a certain area
    Backstory: Rayla or “Ray” grew up in Camelot with her mother, father and many other siblings. She would often visit The School for Good and Evil and has a firm friendship with Dean Sophie, who seems to favour her out of the other Camelot children (possibly because she brought Sophie cucumbers) She also visited Gavaldon to learn “ordinary” skills from Honora’s sons 🙂 Other than that, she had a pretty normal life until the events of my story…
    Likes: Blueberries, fighting, adventure, Sophie, and anything fun
    Dislikes: Boring things, princes and boys (Ray wants to be an “independent woman” like Sophie ;D Tomatoes and mushrooms like Tedros
    Fears: SPIDERS. Her one major fear. You may think your scared of spiders loads, but when she even sees a picture of painting of one, she will run away screaming and stay under her bed for hourse. After, she has a hygiene routine to “rid herself of spider germs”
    Flaws: Impatience, stubbornness, can get angry easily, too curious and will do anything for loved ones
    That’s it for now! Chapter 1 will be coming out soon :3

        never11ever8 replied 11 months ago

        Tag me

          raylaofwoodsbeyond replied 11 months ago

          Ok! tysm xD I almost never have taggers ^^

        bunnyboo2424 replied 11 months ago

        Rayla as in Rayla from the TV show The Dragon Prince, perhaps….?

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