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    raylaofwoodsbeyond posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 11 months ago

    *le gasp* Chapter One! 😮 A title will come later on in the story 🙂 I wrote this quite late so I’m really sorry if it’s bad/weird/short idk ^^
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    “Darling,” pooh-poohed Sophie . “Adjust this mirror to the right would you?”
    I smiled slightly and tilted Dean Sophie’s mirror to the right.
    “Now the Right Mascara Brush please!” She called out.
    I ran to her vanity table and selected the mascara with the silver word “Right” on it. Doing this, I stared out of the window. After King Tedros had regained his part as the rightful king of Camelot, the School Master’s tower disappeared, leaving the Storian floating mid-air. When the faculty tried to get it, they couldn’t. Some other-wordly power had put a force-field around it! Sophie wasn’t too fussed, and she moved her headquarters to Lady Leonora Lesso’s previous room.
    “I’m so happy that my darling Ray got accepted into SGE!” Sophie squealed after her vigorous beauty routine had concluded.
    “I could still switch to Evil,” I offered.
    “Oh, NO, honey, with parents like yours? Aggie and Teddy are Good through and through, and so are you,” Sophie simpered. “Now run along, and jump out of a window. A stymph will catch you!”
    And with that, the greatest witch of Evil let me jump out of a window. Fun!
    Grinning wildly, I jumped with absolutely no hesitation, awaiting the stymph’s bony wings.
    A skeletal stymph swooped under me and soon I was riding on its back, wind whistling in my ears. My hair whipped backwards and my dress became windswept but I didn’t care. It was the thrill of the ride! I rode all the way to…Evil?
    Face ******* up in confusion, I plummeted into the black sludge of Evil’s moat.
    “What the-”
    “Hey, aren’t you Rayla?” Said a voice. A voice that , that sounded so much like…
    “Nora?” I cried, trying to get up in the mud.
    “Rayla!” She shouted , recognising me. “Why are YOU in Evil?” she said quizically.
    “No idea,” I replied.
    Nora’s eyes brightened with an idea.
    “If you’re Good, the barrier will let you pass!”
    Realisation dawning on my face, I bid goodbye to my friend, the daughter of Hester, and tentatively took a step to the Good side. I felt nothing, the barrier letting me pass. Already, clouds and fog were closing, blocking my view of Nora and my other Evil friends.
    “Wait!” I cried, but it was too late.
    “I’ll see you at lunch then, ” I sighed.
    Biting my lip, slowly, very slooowly, I lifted my head to greet the castle of Good.
    “It was beautiful,” sighed my mother, Once Upon a Time.
    Well, Good had kept its beauty. Lush, jade-green grass tickled my feet as I trudged to the castle, with snowy-white flags flying high and proud, and crystalline windows on rose-pink and sky-blue turrets.
    Here was my new home for the next few years.
    The School for Good.
    I’m so sorry of that sounded a bit too formal! :/ [ signing off ]

        raylaofwoodsbeyond replied 11 months ago

        Starred out word is s.crewed 🙂

        sallysallysally replied 11 months ago

        Please tag me! So many amazing details!

          arcticsorcerer replied 11 months ago

          Yes I agree! Plz tag me!

        star123 replied 11 months ago

        this is great and I love the way that beginning starts out and how it ends :). I have a fanfiction about the daughter of Sophie and Rafal if you would like to read it

          raylaofwoodsbeyond replied 10 months, 4 weeks ago

          OOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yes please! 😀

        bunnyboo2424 replied 11 months ago

        Rayla from The Dragon Prince!! (if you got that reference you are hereby decreed a wonderful person)

          raylaofwoodsbeyond replied 10 months, 4 weeks ago

          xD My brother watches that, and I do to! ^^

        merqueen23 replied 10 months, 4 weeks ago

        Please tag me, that was really good!

          raylaofwoodsbeyond replied 10 months, 4 weeks ago

          Ok, sure! 😀

        ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss replied 10 months, 2 weeks ago

        tag me!

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