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    reaperbethehero posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    Ok so 7th grade is almost over so i will be able to do my quotes more often than i have been doing so far. Also thanks for all of the new tags last time! I got i think 6 more new ones i was so happy (and still is). Ok enough of this time for the quotes:
    @HYLLATWICEKILL (creative name i get it from HoO)

    “No one can win every battle, but no man should fall without a struggle!” -Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

    “If there’s one thing i’ve learned over the eons, it’s that you can’t give up on your family, no matter how tempting they make it.” -Hermes (Sea of Monsters- Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

    “What’s comin’ will come and we’ll meet it when it does.” -Hagrid (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)


    This one is not actually from Dr Who:
    “When I find myself in times of trouble the 12th doctor comes to me speaking words of wisdom:
    ‘Don’t be lasagna’ “ – somewhere on tumblr

    OK BYEEEEE!!!! Say if you want to be tagged 🙂 or untagged 🙁 Feel free to ask questions??? I am going through my MARVEL phase bigger and better then ever so sorry non-marvel fans im probably going to do a lot more marvel ones. (Tom Holland specifically and Sebastian Stan)
    OKAY BYE (ps listening to dear evan hansen rn) BYEEEEEEEE

        fudgepop9 replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        Bye! Very good quotes!

        avivakeller replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        Bye! Nice quotes! SPIDERMAN ROCKS!!!!!

        with-seoul replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        Bye! Love this love this!

        t-q-yun replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        See ya! Love the quotes!! 😉

        wenteo replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        Bye!!! Great quotes!!! 😀

        goodandevel replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        Have fun at the big vacation 😀
        Bye 😉 good quotes

        srose2 replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        Like the don’t be lasagna one, I got extremely good advice from my good friend for summer: ‘And don’t fall into space.’
        I’m probably going to take a picture of myself falling into a black hold just to spite him LOL.

        sapphy replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        Love the quotes

        kittykitty336 replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        Great quotes, and glad to see you! :3
        That last one was pretty funny 🙂

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