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    reaperbethehero posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 4 months ago

    Hello. I have not been on here in forever and I have a habit of starting a story and stop writing it so im going to start a new one.

    Name: Reyna Chase (sorry pj fans i couldnt help myself XD)
    Age: 13
    Gender: Girl
    Height: 5 ft 3 in
    Birthday: July 31 (sorry hp fans again couldnt help it)
    Appearance: Short choppy brown hair, hazel eyes, athletic. Wears comfy or sporty clothes.
    School: Evil
    Hometown: she moved to Bloodbrook as a child (i had to use that because i couldn’t find where
    sleeping beauty took place
    Personality: Sassy, like persassy sassy (pj fans), sometimes sarcastic, funny when with friends
    (yes evil people can have friends), leader, VERY smart.
    Family lineage: Maleficent’s granddaughter.
    Finger glow: ranges from yellow to dark red making it look like fire
    Abilities: very powerful when comes to magic (fingerglow magic), can shapeshift into dragon
    (dark red spiky dragon), somewhat immune to fire (she can be in it for a little while then
    she starts to feel the heat. She is working on holding it longer), insanely good with 2
    daggers (holds them like Ahsoka from star wars holds her lightsabers), can convince
    people to do things (like piper from pj but uses it in an evil way), when fighting, she can
    find people’s weaknesses very quickly, she holds off from fighting for a little bit because
    she can talk people down and she likes to make bargains.
    Very short Backstory: She moved to Bloodbrook as a child (3 years) and was raised by her dad.
    She lives in a small cottage with her dad and 2 brothers (Luke and Charlie
    [couldn’t help myself again]).
    Hobbies: She loves reading (mostly magic books) and practicing using her daggers. She
    constantly works on her magical skills. When she is practicing, she is usually with her
    Flaws: tests people for if they are “worthy” to be her friend or not. She tends to go try-hard and
    that sometimes can be bad.

    Hope you like it this is the first story i’m writing based on a never so wish me luck (you don’t have to write “luck” in the comments). Say what needs to be added or improved. Say if you want to be tagged!!!

        cuteypie1mint replied 3 years, 4 months ago

        Aw, yeah, I remember you! You commented on some of my very first chapters 🙂 . Anywho, welcome back, and cool bio.

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