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    reaperbethehero posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 4 months ago

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    POV of Reyna Chase

    Wow. Life just got real. Ok, so I walk into the castle and the walls are sold black stone, the ceiling is black tinted glass, and the floor is black/dark grey tile. “It’s beautiful.” Ya heck no. That was what I was hearing from every other person in the school. I hated the color black (i’m such an original never). It’s so dark and I can’t see anything in it. I like the color dark to blood red. That’s why i’m planning to get red tips or red streaks in my hair (based off of my role model Hester who graduated 4 years ago). (((((AN// sophie is not the school master i don’t know who is I might establish that later))))) Then all of a sudden a gnome came up to me, pushed a schedule in my hands and growled,
    “Get moving kid. Get to your dorm!”
    That’s when I realised that I was the only person in the hall now. I glance at my schedule and see:

    Reyna of Bloodbrook
    Malice tower 56

    1: Henchman training: Castor
    2: Uglification: Prof. Bilious Manley
    3: History of Villainy: Prof. Hort (((((AN// Hort is still the teacher)))))
    4: Curses and Death traps: Lady Lesso ((((((AN// Not dead!))))
    5: LUNCH
    6: Special Talents: Prof. Sheeba Sheeks
    7: Surviving Fairy Tales: Yuba the Gnome
    (Forest Group #3)

    As I am heading towards my dorm, I read my schedule and make comments under my breath like, “ohh fun.” “great way to start the day” “death and destruction is my forte” and “the fabled group #3. Of course.”
    When I reach Malice tower room #56, I walk in and YAY! Blood red walls, black tile, and three beds. The only open bed was the one in the middle underneath the a window. The other two beds were unoccupied but there was trunks on them. It was a circular-ish room. Off to the right Over each bed is a window and a dresser.
    “Ya ‘cause im going to put my clothes inside of something with cobwebs and spiders. Gross.” I hate spiders. And everything with more than 2 legs.
    I put my suitcase that was magically transported here with everything I need (convenient!) onto my bed. Just then someone with very light blonde hair, grey eyes, and the most albino skin you could possibly imagine, walked into the room. She got a foot into the room then stopped, turned towards me, locked eyes with me for the most awkward 15 seconds in my life, then ran over to me and slowly inspected me. Making the eye lock the second most awkward and this the first awkward. When she was done inspecting my toes she jumped up from the ground and said,
    “You are the most peculiar human being my 20/20 eyes have ever seen. What’s your given name? Supposing you didn’t change it.”
    “Reyna Chase. Your’s?”
    “Sabrina Addington Frost. Descendant of Jack Frost. Friends call me Saf.” Sabrina knowingly said.
    “I see you took the rightmost bed” I didn’t know what i’m doing now. I just knew I had to keep a conversation going for some reason.
    “Good use of your eyes. I see you aren’t blind.”
    “Well i’m going to unpack now. I suggest you do the same.” I turn around to unzip my bag but she said something that shocked me.
    “You aren’t a Never. Why are you here?”

        toffee replied 3 years, 4 months ago

        Nice ending

        pearliam replied 3 years, 4 months ago

        Is the last name, Chase, from Percy Jackson, Annebeth Chase, and Magnuson Chase, Annebeth’s cousin?

          pearliam replied 3 years, 4 months ago

          Magnus, I mean

          reaperbethehero replied 3 years, 3 months ago

          Annabeth from PJ/HoO. Reyna is from Reyna from HoH

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