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    Okay here’s my story with Crystal and Emerald. I don’t know what to name it, so if anyone has ideas, can you please tell me them in the comments? Okay, here we go.

    The nameless story.
    Chapter one.

    Crystal was having a dream. A dream so realistic, it almost didn’t feel like a dream. She felt herself falling through clouds, the air brushing against her face. Her eyes slowly fluttered open and she yawned….until she realized where she was. In the sky. She tried to gasp, but she was falling too fast. Frantic thoughts rushed through her head. Why am I falling? Why aren’t I at home. Is this even real or am I just having a very, very, realistic dream! She saw ground close and she braced herself…only to splash in a river of sludge. The sludge burned her throat and she choked for air. Not a dream, she thought. Definitely not a dream. She suddenly felt a splash of sludge next to her and she saw more kids about her age plunging into the sludge as well. She doggy paddled up to the side of the river of sludge, gasping for breath. Her long hair was coated with with sweat. She saw other kids getting into a line behind a…it was a wolf. A real wolf. She blinked hard, but she wasn’t imagining it. What is this place? She thought. Something caught her eye. A plaque that read: School for evil.
    She recoiled in shock. It’s true! She thought excitedly. The tales her father had told her were true. She got in line with the kids. Then a thought struck her. How did I get here? Magic? The last thing she remembered before falling was a shadow on her stairs. It had been the eleventh day of the eleventh month and all her doors were locked, window’s closed. She had never believed in the school for good and evil until now. But why had the school master chosen her? And for evil! Well, sometimes she was rude, but that was only sometimes. And maybe she was a glass half empty kind of person, but not all the time. And maybe she had insulted her neighbor Brynley’s new hairstyle. But that didn’t particularly mean she was evil, did it? But the part that confused her most was that she wasn’t from an evil kingdom. She was from rainbow gale and she lived with her father in their small cottage. Surely the school master knew that. She followed the wolf into a dark hallway that read N-E-V-E-R on each column. She wondered what that meant, but since everyone was silent, she didn’t ask. When they got inside the school, the wolf handed her some books tied together with an eel. She flinched, but then noticed the other kid’s reactions to the eel and she pretended it wasn’t there. “Vice tower, room 44.” Growled the wolf. She nodded, books held tightly against her chest. After a lot of stairs she finally reached room 44. She slowly opened the door. “Hi. I’m Crystal.” She muttered not even looking at her roommates. “I’m Clove.” Grunted a girl with hair violently dyed red. “Thanks for asking.” Crystal didn’t look at her. “Any other people in here?” She asked. Clove shook her head. “It was all fine by myself, and then here you are leaving me with no peace, so you better not mess it up for me, new girl.” Clove told her, not answering her question. “Clove, are there any other people?” She tried again. Clove stuck her face right up to Crystal’s. “SEE!? ALREADY ANNOYING ME!” She shouted, spit flying. Crystal sighed. This was going to be a long year.

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        rylletezzy replied 4 months ago

        Oohhhh I wonder what’s going next! Her name’s like a good name but she’s evil. She’s like Sophie. And Clove’s like Hester!! Tag me pls!

          reapercat28 replied 4 months ago

          Ooh, didn’t think of that! Thanks!

        rylletezzy replied 4 months ago


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