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    reapercat28 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 months ago


    The nameless story. (Any suggestions out there?)
    Chapter two.

    Emerald knew all about the school for good and evil. He knew about the school master, he knew about the kidnappings. He didn’t want to go, but he knew he would be picked. He just knew. So when he fell into the lake at the good shore, he knew that he had been right all along. Even though his mother had told him that it wasn’t real, he still believed. When he was getting out of the good lake, following a group of kids, he saw someone fall in the school for evil sludge. It was the girl he hated most. The most cruel, rude, self-absorbed girl. Crystal. They had met in their town when they were eleven. Emerald just hated her from the start. She deserves evil, he had thought. Right now, he was sitting in his room with his roommates, Finn and Erik. They were nice enough, a little self absorbed, though not too much. Finn didn’t talk much, and Erik kept shooting glances at both of them. Emerald felt an urge to speak. “Um, hello.” He chimed awkwardly. Finn waved at him, hair dropped over his eyes. Erik smiled slightly. “Hello. What kingdom are you from?” He asked. Emerald plastered a smile on his face. “Rainbow gale. You?” Erik sat on his bed. “I’m from Gilikin.” He replied. “Finn is from Jaunt Jolie.” Finn nodded. Emerald nodded back. “Classes start tomorrow.” Erik reminded, eyes darting to Emerald’s schedule. “Uh-Huh.” Emerald murmured. “Dinner is in an hour. So, what do you guys want to do?” Erik asked, big green eyes glancing between Finn and Emerald. Finn shrugged. Emerald looked around the room. “We could…we could, uh, play truth or dare?” He suggested. “Ooh, okay. Good idea. Emerald, truth or dare.” Erik questioned. “Truth.” Answered Emerald. It was too risky to do a dare. “Okay….who is your least favorite person on earth?” Erik asked, eyes shining with happiness. Emerald answered without question. “Crystal.”

        geek replied 4 months ago

        Tag me, please! You’ll probably find the right name the more that you write.

          reapercat28 replied 4 months ago

          Thank you so much! Oh and sorry it didn’t make sense when I said they were a little self absorbed because emerald disn’t know them that well yet!

          reapercat28 replied 4 months ago

          I mean didn’t

        rylletezzy replied 4 months ago

        Nice! My suggestion, you can add a little detail about erik and finn… Like how do they look like… But so far, nice job!

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