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    The nameless story.
    Chapter three.

    Crystal thought she would hate the school for evil, but as the days passed, she began to like it more. It was a place where she could express herself. Let out her true feelings about other people without getting in trouble. As she sat in uglification, she thought about a boy back in rainbow gale. His name was Emerald. The first thing she had said to Emerald was, “Your ****!”. It was partly true because what boy has white hair at his age? She wondered what Emerald would do if he was put in evil. A smile spread across her face. I’d love to see him try to survive this place, she thought. But Emerald was in good. She couldn’t change that. “Crystal of…Rainbow Gale?” Professor Manley called, saying the kingdom with a confused tone. “Here.” Muttered Crystal.

    At lunch, Crystal sat with Clove and her friends Jolie and Blake. “Who’s your least favorite everboy Crystal?” Blake asked her, smirk on his face. Crystal smirked back. “Emerald of Rainbow Gale. Taken with me. Dumb as a doorknob, that kid.” Jolie’s mouth opened in amazement. “Wait, seriously? Crystal and Emerald? That’s so cool!” She gasped. Crystal shrugged. “I guess.” Clove shoved her gruel into her mouth. “Evers suck.” She laughed between bites. Blake laughed with her. “We know, Clove! It’s so obvious.” Jolie giggled. “The good ones are the weak ones.” The whole table laughed. This is awesome! Thought Crystal. I don’t have to worry about fitting in now that I have friends! “Your being too loud!” Shouted a neverboy named Marco. “Shut up!” Clove replied. “Your the one shouting!” The table laughed again. Jolie was red in the face with laughter. “Stop…Clove….I can’t stop…laughing!” She managed to say between laughter. “Your acting like an ever Marco!” Crystal yelled, bringing more laughter. Marco reddened and went back to eating his gruel. “Everboy!” Blake teased, pointing at him. “St-stop!” Marco cried. “That nickname is gonna stick.” Chuckled Clove. Crystal smiled ear to ear. “Everboy!” She yelled at Marco.

        reapercat28 replied 4 months ago

        The stars mean U.G.L.Y

        geek replied 4 months ago


          lovedove4565 replied 3 months, 4 weeks ago

          Yeah. Could you make crystal and emerald fall in love? that would be a great twist.

        merqueen23 replied 3 months, 4 weeks ago

        Can you tag me?

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