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    reaperthecat290 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 4 months ago

    Chapter 3:

    Audrey’s POV

    One moment I was free falling into mist, the next I was on my feet in a small tulip garden in front of the school. My head swam with thoughts as I shakily looked around at my surroundings. Every few feet, beautiful girls were going daintily out of the ground a their luggage appeared beside them. I stood away from them, clutching my bags nervously as the girls began to chatter with each other. One girl with shoulder length curly black hair and a dark complexion spotted me, and walked over to me, smiling.
    “Hello. I’m Gabrielle.” She said, hand extended.
    I shook her hand.
    “I’m Audrey.”
    A felt something jab my hand and I looked down. A fairy was trying to wrestle my bag from my grip. I let go of my bag, and the fairy stumbled backwards before flying off with it. Seconds later, four fairies lifted Gabrielle and I from the ground.
    “Where are we going?” I asked.
    “To the castle of course. You don’t expect us to walk the whole way do you?” Responded Gabrielle.
    I nodded with understanding.
    The fairies whizzed us towards the castle and through the great glass double doors. Once on the other side, they set us on our feet. Nymphs then gave each of us scrolls of parchment with writing on it. I received mine from a yellow haired nymph.
    Excited, I opened mine up quickly. It read:
    Audrey of Woods Beyond
    GOOD, 1rst year
    Purity, Room# 29

    Beautification- Prof. Emma Anemone
    Princess Etiquette- Pollux
    Animal Communication- Princess Uma
    History of Heroism- To be announced
    Good Deeds- Dean Clarissa Dovey
    Surviving fairytales (forest group #7)- Yuba the gnome

    I exchanged my scroll with Gabrielle’s.
    “Yay! We have the same classes and we are rooming together!” she exclaimed, handing me back my scroll, “But please, from now on call me Gabby. Saying Gabrielle all the time can be a mouthful!”
    Together, Gabby and I walked up the pink glass staircase marked Purity, and walked down the hall.
    Room 12…Room 19…Room 25…Room 28…
    “A-ha!” I exclaimed, stopping abruptly in front of Room 29.
    On the door was a golden plaque bearing the School Crest, Tower, and the Room number. Below the plaque, 3 names were elegantly carved into the door.
    “Looks like it’s me, you, and Isabella.” said Gabby, hand on the doorknob.
    “Who’s Isabella?” I asked.
    “A Good girl from Sherwood forest. She’s more of an outdoorsy type, but still a princess.” explained Gabby.
    She opened the door and I stepped in besides her. The room contained three oak wood full sized beds with light pink and ivory colored sheets, silk curtains for privacy, three
    Oak wood nightstands, one window overlooking the lake and the clearing, and three doors leading to each girls closets. The walls were painted Magenta with different swirl patterns sprawled across them in white. The girl named Isabella, was already sitting cross-legged on her bed beside her uniform. I walked over to the two remaining beds. On each, was a sturdy wooden basket. The middle bed held a basket with my name on it. I removed the the contents from my basket onto my bed. There were my class books, my uniform, the official handbook, and my uniform. The uniform consisted of a sleeveless pink pinafore with a pair of skin tones tights for colder weather, pink heels, a lacey white cover up, and a bottle of Briar Rose’s Rosewater Perfume. I walked into my closet to change. I walked past Isabella on my way to the door.
    “Hello Isabella.” I said politely, “I’m Audrey.”
    “Hello.” She responded, “Nice to meet you.”
    Fully dressed, I left with Gabby and Isabella towards the welcoming.

    Hello Everyone, I am soo sorry that i didn’t have chapter three by Christmas, but I was busy. Since I’m still on break today and tomorrow, i should have some time to work on chapter 4. One of my goals for 2017 is to be able to have a chapter AT LEAST every week, if not, every two weeks. Also, let me know if you want to be tagged, so I don’t miss anyone.
    Happy New Year!
    -With Love,
    Audrey / @reaperthecat290

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        It’s okay. Love the chapter! 🙂

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        Good job, this is great! 🙂

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        Awesome chapter! Great job!

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        Love this!

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